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Alyx Vance/Quotes/Half-Life 2: Episode One - Citadel (inside)

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The following is a list of quotes from Alyx Vance, from inside the Citadel in Half-Life 2: Episode One.

Location: sound/vo/episode_1/citadel

Filename(s) Quote
al_advisor_breen01 Breen!?
al_advisor_breen02 But how...
al_advisor_console Maybe this console has some useful information.
al_advisor_findmap01 Ugh....
al_advisor_findmap02 Let me see if we can find a map.
al_advisor_getaway Get away from there!
al_advisor_gonenow01 Oh...
al_advisor_gonenow02 Whatever that's gone now...
al_advisor_oldrecording Oh...thank's just an old recording.
al_advisor_outofhere Let's get out of here!
al_advisor_outofthere Come on, get out of there!
al_advisor_pain01 *pain*
al_advisor_pinpath Let me see if I can pin down a path to the core.
al_advisor_podthings What the hell are those things?
al_advisor_shaking01 Oh...
al_advisor_shaking02 I'm still shaking...
al_advisor_wasthatthing What the hell was that thing?
al_advisor_weirdpain01 That was the weirdest pain I've ever felt...
al_advisor_weirdpain02 Thank God it's over.
al_advisor_weneedtotogetout Come on we have to get out of here.
al_advisor_whathell What the hell?
al_advisor_whatisthisplace What is this place?
al_advisor_whatwenton What went on in here?
al_apartatseams This place is coming apart at the seams.
al_backtrack Huh...looks like we'll have to backtrack.
al_backtrack01 Ugh...
al_backtrack02 Looks like we'll have to backtrack.
al_beenthisway Uhm, haven't we been this way before?
al_berightthere I'll be right there.
al_bettercapture I'd better capture this. Maybe we can find out what they know about our operations.
al_betterthancargo Damn, there's a guard on the platform. I was hoping they'd have cleared out by now.
al_block_canyoumovethat Can you move that stuff Gordon? We've gotta get through here.
al_block_comeon Come on.
al_block_getthru We've gotta get through here.
al_block_movedebris See if you can move some of that debris.
al_block_onlypath This was the only path I could find.
al_boughtmorehours We've only bought ourselves a little more time.
al_bridgeout Looks like the bridge is out of power.
al_bridge_company We got company!
al_bridge_getacross We need to get across here.
al_bridge_nicethinking Nice thinking.
al_bridge_noidea Oh man, these guys have no idea what they're in for...
al_bridge_pupil01 Hey, that was a good idea.
al_bridge_pupil02 No wonder you were one of Dr. Kleiner's prize pupils.
al_bridge_sneak So much for sneaking in.
al_bridge_soldiers Soldiers!
al_cantwait I can't wait to see what Dad and Dr. Kleiner make of all the data I got.
al_cantwastetime We can't waste any time.
al_carefulgord Careful, Gordon.
al_cargoplat Now, there's a cargo platform up ahead. Our best bet is to catch an express train out of the city.
al_carlooksempty This car looks empty. Nothing but cargo.
al_cavein Oh great. There's some kind of cave-in up ahead.
al_citvista_coredownthere The core reactor should be down there somewhere.
al_citvista_glad I'm glad we're doing this together.
al_citvista_lasttime Last time through here, I couldn't see a thing.
al_citvista_lasttime01 Last time through here, I couldn't see a thing.
al_citvista_lasttime02 I was in one of those pods.
al_citvista_noidea This is unbelievable...
al_citvista_noidea01 This is unbelievable...
al_citvista_noidea02 I had no idea.
al_citvista_whatdrop Huh, what a drop.
al_cit_blocked How are we gonna get through that?
al_cit_wishformap01 We've got to find a way down to the core.
al_cit_wishformap02 Huh, I wish we had a map.
al_comingapart_01 Whoa – this place is really coming apart...
al_comingapart_02 We need to get the hell outta here.
al_control_heresyourelevator01 Well...
al_control_heresyourelevator02 Here's your elevator.
al_control_levels01 These readings are off the chart.
al_control_levels02 I hope it's not too late to reengage the containment field.
al_control_levels03 Good thing you know what you're doing.
al_coreahead The core control room is just ahead. Careful.
al_core_blowreactor01 It looks like they were deliberately trying to blow the reactor.
al_core_blowreactor02 but why?
al_core_cantgetclear01 Damn – I can't get it any clearer.
al_core_cantgetclear02 I'll try to grab everything I can while you're in there.
al_core_cantgetclear03 We can analyze it later.
al_core_controlcrazy01 Weird...
al_core_controlcrazy02 The control system is going crazy. Looks like they're compressing a huge packet of data.
al_core_controlcrazy03 I wonder what the –
al_core_couldbeit01 This could be it, Gordon.
al_core_couldbeit02 Careful.
al_core_fargone01 Oh my god.
al_core_fargone02 It looks pretty far gone.
al_core_fargone03 I hope Doctor Kleiner was right about this.
al_core_hellitsjudith01 What the hell...
al_core_hellitsjudith02 It's Judith!
al_core_herecomeslift01 Well...
al_core_herecomeslift02 Here's your elevator
al_core_herecomeslift03 I wish there was something else I could do to help.
al_core_inthrucontrolroom Let's see if we can find a way through the control room.
al_core_letsgo After you.
al_core_liftlocked The elevator's down in the core entry. Let me see if I can call it back to this level.
al_core_parting Hurry back.
al_core_saybye01 Gordon, I...
al_core_saybye02 I'm not saying good-bye.
al_creep Let me shut this field down so we can get the hell out.
al_crumbling Come on, Gordon, this whole place is crumbling...we've got to get to the core.
al_damn01 Damn.
al_dampenereffect Okay, dampener in effect. I can lock out all the stalkers now.
al_deadend Looks like we should be able to...damn. Dead end.
al_deadoffeasy01 Dead...heh.
al_deadoffeasy02 You got off easy.
al_doorhacks01a One second...
al_doorhacks01b Got it!
al_doorhacks02a Hang on...
al_doorhacks02b There we go!
al_doorhacks03a Damn it! I can't unlock this one because—
al_doorhacks03b Oops, my mistake, I got it.
al_dropship_didyouseethat Did you see that?
al_dropship_getback01 Gordon.
al_dropship_getback02 Look out!
al_dropship_getback03 A dropship!
al_dropship_getback04 Watch out!
al_dropship_getback05 A dropship!
al_dropship_getback06 Whoa!
al_dropship_getback07 Get back!
al_dropship_whoa Whoa!
al_eliteposts Huh, I wonder why only the Elite guard are holding their posts?
al_everythingsame Where the hell are we now? Everything looks the same.
al_excelletsgo Excellent.
al_exhale01 [Exhaling] Hmm...
al_findterminal Let's find a terminal I can hack into and chart a path to the core.
al_firststage Okay...that's the first stage stabilized. Good. They're bringing in more stalkers. I can't do much to help you till you shut the next stage down.
al_getbarrier Let me get this barrier and we'll deal with him.
al_getstarted You'd better get started, Gordon. I'll be fine here.
al_getthruhere01 I think we can get through...
al_getthruhere02 Here...
al_gettocoresoon01 If we don't get to the core soon
al_gettocoresoon02 We'll have no time to shut it down.
al_givemeroller Give me another roller to hack.
al_gointocore You're going to have to go in and stabilize the core yourself, Gordon. The stalkers might try and prevent you, but you can't let them. We don't have much time.
al_goodletsgo01 Ah good.
al_goodletsgo02 Let's go.
al_goodluck Well, good luck.
al_goodthinking01 Good thinking!
al_gottocross We need to get across here. We've gotta find a way to power up this bridge.
al_gottogettocore >We've got to get to the core!
al_gotwhatineeded Well...
al_gotwhatineeded01 I think I got what I needed.
al_gotwhatineeded02 Let's keep moving.
al_grabroll01 Hey – bring that rollermine to me.
al_grabroll02 Maybe we can use it against the sniper.
al_grabroll03 Hey – grab that rollermine.
al_grabroll04 Maybe we can use it against the sniper.
al_gravcharge_anotherconsole01 Hmm.
al_gravcharge_anotherconsole02 Let me just check our location.
al_gravcharge_explo Ungh!
al_gravcharge_keepmoving Okay. We'd better keep moving.
al_gravcharge_onourpath I don't remember seeing anything like this on the map.
al_gravcharge_thing What the hell is that?
al_gravgunlosingpower It's losing power. Damn. Would've been handy to keep it charged up for awhile. I guess it was feeding on the runaway core.
al_gravgunlosingpower01 It's losing power
al_gravgunlosingpower02 Damn.
al_gravgunlosingpower03 Would have been handy to keep it charged up for a while.
al_gravgunlosingpower04 I guess it was feeding on the runaway core.
al_gravgunpowerdown Uh oh...look at that. The gravity gun is settling down.
al_gravgun_backfire I'd say their security device backfired.
al_gravgun_doingsomething Hey, it's doing something to the gravity gun.
al_gravgun_handy It'll sure come in handy if it stays that way.
al_gravgun_lookatthat Look at that...
al_gravgun_supercharge It looks like it did in Breen's portal reactor.
al_harness It's powered up again, it was in Breen's reactor. That can only help where we're going...
al_harness01 It looks powered up again, Gordon...
al_harness02 Like it was in Breen's reactor.
al_harness03 Heh, good thing. We need all the help we can get.
al_hatetothink Oh, I hate to think what could have lived comfortably in that thing.
al_heatupsoon Dr. Kleiner said it would all heat up again soon.
al_hereslift Here's the lift. Get going.
al_holdingotherside He's keeping it shut from the other side.
al_hoponlift Hop on the lift over there, Gordon, and I'll lower you into the core.
al_hurrygord01 Hurry up, Gordon, we've gotta keep moving.
al_idontgetit I don't get it. Why are they hanging around here?
al_idontgetit01 I don't get it
al_idontgetit02 Why are they hanging around here?
al_ifonlybridgepower If there were only some way to power up this bridge...
al_ihearturrets Careful - I hear turrets.
al_illfigurethisout You need to go take care of the core, I'll try and figure this out.
al_itsgone It's gone now. Did you get a look at it?
al_itsjudith Hey, it's Judith. It looks like the Combine intercepted a message. I'm going to grab this—and whatever else I can.
al_itsthisway It's this way.
al_itsthiswaygordon It's this way, Gordon.
al_itsus Look! It's us!
al_itsworking I'm not sure what you're doing in there, but it's working.
al_keytounlock There's just so much of it...this is amazing...
al_kickintohall Gordon, kick it into the hall.
al_lemmethink Let me think a
al_letmegetaccess All right, let me get access for you.
al_letsfigureout Let's figure this out.
al_letsgo01 Let's go.
al_letstrythisway Let's try this way.
al_lift_close That was close...
al_lift_exposed We're too exposed out here! Come on!
al_lift_getitgoing Let's get it going.
al_lift_getmoving We have to get this thing moving.
al_lift_getoff Here's where we get off.
al_lift_great Hey, great! Good idea, Gordon!
al_lift_great01 Great!
al_lift_herewego Here we go!
al_lift_laststop I think we're coming to the last stop.
al_lift_last_lookout01 Look out!
al_lift_last_lookout02 Run!
al_lift_last_lookup01 Look up!
al_lift_last_lookup02 Run!
al_lift_last_upthere01 Up there!
al_lift_last_upthere02 Run!
al_lift_letsgetoff I think I see a stop down below. Let's get off there and see where it leads.
al_lift_moving We're really moving now...
al_lift_nearmiss01 Whoa!
al_lift_nearmiss02 Watch it!
al_lift_nearmiss03 Careful!
al_lift_nearmiss04 Oh, that was close!
al_lift_nearmiss05 Shit!
al_lift_powerout Hm...why isn't it moving? The power must be out.
al_lift_righttrack Yeah, we must be on the right track.
al_lift_run Run! Hurry!
al_lift_stalkerdoing01 Look—a stalker.
al_lift_stalkerdoing02 What's it doing?
al_lift_stalkertough That stalker is making things tough.
al_lift_stall01 Oh no...not again.
al_lift_stall02 We've stalled out again.
al_lift_stall03 Why are we stopping here?
al_lift_stall04 Is this elevator going to stop at every floor?
al_lift_stall05 Agh, looks like we're stuck on the milk run.
al_lift_stalled We've stalled out—see if you can get us going again.
al_lift_startagain Start her up again, Gordon. Do what you did last time.
al_lift_stop Here comes our stop! Get ready!
al_lift_tocore Looks like this could be a transport elevator to the core.
al_lift_tocore_new Looks like this could be a transport elevator to the core.
al_lift_tryagain Try again.
al_lift_tryagaingord Oh, no...try again, Gordon.
al_lift_vulnerable We're vulnerable out here, Gordon—let's get this thing going.
al_lift_warns01 Look up! Watch out!
al_lift_warns02 Knock that stuff out of the way before it hits us!
al_lift_warns03 Knock that stuff out of the air, Gordon!
al_lift_warns04 Keep it from hitting us!
al_lift_warns05 Here comes more!
al_lift_warns06 Look out!
al_lift_warns07 Up there!
al_lift_warns08 Heads up!
al_lift_warns09 Keep it away!
al_lift_warns10 Here comes a big one!
al_lift_warns11 Another's coming!
al_lift_warns12 One more!
al_lift_warns13 Oh no...look up!
al_lift_warns14 Oh my God!
al_lift_watchout Watch out!
al_lift_whatsgoingon What's going on?
al_lift_whatswrong01 What's wrong with this lift?
al_lift_whatswrong02 Can you get it going again?
al_lookatgravgun Look at the gravity gun! What the hell is it doing?
al_lookatsize Look at the size of this place.
al_lookatthem Look at them, Gordon. I wonder if they're trying to escape, or if they just don't know what's happening.
al_morerollers Let's throw some more rollermines in there.
al_moretime That should give us all a little more time to get out of the city. And I've got a big chunk of information for my Dad and Dr. Kleiner to work with.
al_mostwanted Oh, my Father! This must be the Combine's Most Wanted list...
al_mustbeit This must be it.
al_nag_keepmoving01 Come on, Gordon, keep moving.
al_nag_keepmoving02 We've got to keep moving.
al_nag_keepmoving03 We've got to hurry.
al_nag_stalkcar01 Get in, Gordon.
al_nag_stalkcar02 Come on.
al_noelevator >There's supposed to be an elevator right through here.... Damn. Well, we'll have to find another way around.
al_noelevator01 There's supposed to be an elevator right through here....
al_noelevator02 Damn.
al_noelevator03 Well, we'll have to find another way around.
al_nothangaround Good job, Gordon. Let's not hang around in here. Dr. Kleiner said it would all heat up again soon.
al_nothangaround01 Good job, Gordon.
al_nothangaround02 Let's not hang around in here.
al_notimetodealwiththis01 We don't have time to deal with this.
al_notimetodealwiththis02 We've gotta get to the reactor.
al_offscale Whoa...these readings are off the scale...
al_okletsgo01 Ok, let's go!
al_onfoot Looks like we're going on foot from here.
al_onlywayiknow01 We've gotta get through here.
al_onlywayiknow02 it's the only way I know to the reactor core.
al_onlywaytocore We have to get across. This is the only way to the core.
al_outcontact We could be out of contact while you're least until you shut it down.
al_outofbullets Oh – they're out of bullets.
al_placecomingapart01 My God. This place is really coming apart.
al_placecomingapart02 We need to hurry.
al_platform_coast Coast is clear.
al_platform_comeon Come on, come on!
al_platform_company Company...
al_platform_getaway Well that was a nice clean getaway.
al_platform_getin Come on, Gordon-get in!
al_platform_getingordon Get in, Gordon!
al_platform_getready Get ready.
al_platform_heretheycome Here they come!
al_platform_hurry Hurry! They're not going to let us alone.
al_platform_lookatem Look at em go!
al_platform_rollers Rollermines!
al_platform_slowthem01 That'll slow them down,
al_platform_slowthem02 But not for long.
al_platform_taketrain01 This is our train.
al_platform_taketrain02 Let's get in.
al_platform_theyknow01 They know where we are.
al_platform_theyknow02 We gotta hurry.
al_platform_wontexpect They won't be expecting this.
al_podpull_01 It's moving.
al_podpull_02 That's it – keep pulling.
al_podpull_03 Pull it off, Gordon.
al_pod_lookout Look out!
al_postcore_atwindow01 Oh! (No text data)
al_postcore_atwindow02 Gordon!
al_postcore_atwindow03 You did it!
al_postcore_atwindow04 The containment system's back in place.
al_postcore_atwindow05 It won't last forever,
al_postcore_atwindow06 but at least we've bought a little time.
al_postcore_atwindow_new02 Gordon!
al_postcore_atwindow_new03 You did it!
al_postcore_atwindow_new04 The containment system's back in place.
al_postcore_atwindow_new05 It won't last forever, but at least we've bought a little time.
al_postcore_downloaddone01 The packet's done copying.
al_postcore_downloaddone02 I've got it right here.
al_postcore_downloaddone03 Now let's get the hell outa here.
al_postcore_exitelev01 I've secured an exit elevator.
al_postcore_exitelev02 It's this way!
al_postcore_exitelev03 Come on!
al_postcore_feltthat01 Uh oh...
al_postcore_feltthat02 I think they felt that!
al_postcore_feltthat03 They really don't want us to have this.
al_postcore_follow This way.
al_postcore_getin Get in!
al_postcore_gravgun01 Hey, the gravity gun's back to normal.
al_postcore_gravgun02 was nice while it lasted.
al_postcore_hardpartover Well – the hard part's over.
al_postcore_hitch01 This lift will take us to a train platform.
al_postcore_hitch02 If we can hitch a ride it should take us straight out of the city.
al_postcore_hurry01 Hurry, Gordon!
al_postcore_hurry02 Over here!
al_postcore_hurry03 This way!
al_postcore_hurry04 Run!
al_postcore_mail Something tells me they don't want us reading their mail.
al_postcore_meanwhile There's something else.
al_postcore_route I mapped out our escape route.
al_postcore_sideeffect01 While you were in there, I did some poking around in the control data.
al_postcore_sideeffect02 They were trying to start a chain reaction, all right...
al_postcore_sideeffect03 But destroying the Citadel is just a side effect.
al_postcore_sideeffect04 Since we took out Breen's reactor, this is the only way they have to send a transmission packet back to wherever they came from.
al_postcore_sideeffect05 I can't tell what the packet contains, but it's important enough that they're willing to sacrifice the whole Citadel to send it off.
al_postcore_sideeffect06 We need to get it to my Dad and Dr. Kleiner at the outpost right away.
al_postcore_sideeffect07 I've been pulling down a copy.
al_postcore_sideeffect08 Whatever it is,
al_postcore_sideeffect09 I have a feeling it's bad news for all of us.
al_postcore_something Something tells me they don't want us to know what's in this transmission.
al_postcore_takealook01 It's Judith.
al_postcore_takealook02 Take a look.
al_postcore_trainrunning01 If the Citadel trains are still running, there's a chance they might take us right out of the City.
al_postcore_trainrunning02 I doubt we'd want to follow them to the end of the line, but it'll be good to put some distance between us and...
al_postcore_trouble01 She's in serious trouble.
al_postcore_trouble02 We need to get this and the transmission packet to my Dad.
al_postcore_trouble03 He'll know what to do with it.
al_postcore_whereisshe Where the hell is she?
al_powerball01 Good shot!
al_powerball02 Great shot!
al_powertobridge We need to get power to the bridge generator. But how?
al_pushitout Push it out through the forcefield.
al_random01 Ugh...
al_random02 Well, that was random...
al_remindsmeofnp01 This looks like the teleport in Nova Prospekt.
al_remindsmeofnp02 I wonder what they were bringing through here.
al_right Right.
al_rolleragain Huh, there's more of them down there. Looks like they had designs on this train.
al_roller_cantinterrupt01 Give me a sec!
al_roller_cantinterrupt02 Hold on!
al_roller_cantinterrupt03 Wait a second.
al_roller_cantinterrupt04 Let me finish this.
al_roller_cantinterrupt05 Hold on a sec.
al_roll_bring Bring me a rollermine, Gordon.
al_roll_getthisopen Let me disable this field.
al_roll_grab01 Grab one of those rollermines, Gordon.
al_roll_gravgun Pick it up with your gravity gun.
al_roll_guardoutthere Hey – there's a guard holding it in place.
al_roll_holdout01 Hold it out where I can get at it.
al_roll_holdout02 Hold it out to me.
al_roll_icanhack I can hack it to go after Combine targets and leave us alone.
al_roll_letgo01 Okay, let it loose.
al_roll_letssee Let's see if we can take him out from over here.
al_roll_shortlive I've messed with its circuits so much, it'll burn out pretty quick. But it should be able to do some damage first.
al_roll_steady01 There we go. Good. Hold it steady.
al_roll_thinking Hmm.
al_safeforme Okay, you did it. Should be safe for me to come in now.
al_safeforme01 Okay, you did it.
al_safeforme02 Should be safe for me to come in now.
al_safetillheats It should be safe for me to come in least till it heats up again.
al_sameaslast_bridge Okay, Gordon, same as last time...get this bridge humming again.
al_sameideaasus Looks like they had the same idea we had.
al_seewhaticanget Oh, here, let's see what I can get out of this.
al_shallwe Shall we?
al_shotathacking While you're working in there, I'm going to take a shot at hacking their network.
al_shutitoff All right, now I can shut this off.
al_soldiersbusy Ah, soldiers! Looks like they're too busy trying to get out of here to worry about us.
al_stabilize You're going to have to stabilize the reactor one level at a time.
al_stalk1_alloversoon Well, it'll all be over soon.
al_stalk1_keepmoving We should keep moving.
al_stalk1_omg Oh my god – stalkers.
al_stalk1_poorsouls Poor souls.
al_stalkcar_download01 I don't know what's in this copy we made, but they're not thrilled about us having it.
al_stalkcar_download02 That alone should interest Dad.
al_stalkcar_download03 You know, all things considered,
al_stalkcar_download04 We're not doing too...
al_stalkcar_yougoahead You go ahead.
al_stalkdestroy That stalker is destroying the energy balls.
al_stalkeromg Oh my god. Stalkers.
al_stalkersagain Stalkers again. What the hell are they up to?
al_stalkers_anotherway01 We don't have time to look for another way around.
al_stalkers_anotherway02 How are we going to get through here?
al_stalkers_disable01 Damn.
al_stalkers_disable02 I can't get this down.
al_stalkers_disable03 Something's...
al_stalkers_disable04 It's that stalker.
al_stalkers_disable05 He's holding it from the other side.
al_stalkers_fielddown01 Well, they shouldn't bother us if we leave them alone.
al_stalkers_fielddown02 I'll just disable this field, and....
al_stalkers_findmeone Think you can find me one, Gordon?
al_stalkers_findroller See if you can find a rollermine, Gordon.
al_stalkers_getthrunow01 Okay...
al_stalkers_getthrunow02 We can get through now.
al_stalkers_good01 Ah, you found one.
al_stalkers_good02 Good.
al_stalkers_hm01 Rollermines...
al_stalkers_hm02 They could help us get out of here.
al_stalkers_holditout Hold it out where I can work on it.
al_stalkers_idea01 Can you find where those rollermines are going?
al_stalkers_idea02 I've got an idea how to use one here.
al_stalkers_letitgo01 Let it go now.
al_stalkers_letitgo02 It'll do the rest.
al_stalkers_omg01 Oh my God...
al_stalkers_omg02 Stalkers.
al_stalkers_pitchit Go ahead and pitch it through the field.
al_stalkers_reason I hate to do this, but...
al_stalkers_thereitis There it is.
al_stalkers_trick01 Dad taught me how to reset the targeting system on these things.
al_stalkers_trick02 A little extra juice in the right spot
al_stalkers_trick03 And it's on our side.
al_stalkers_trick04 It's a lot more unstable, but it should last long enough to take out
al_stalkers_trick05 The Stalkers.
al_stalker_gasp Stalkers!
al_stalk_brace Brace yourself!
al_stalk_breath01 Panting
al_stalk_breath02 Panting
al_stalk_breath03 Panting
al_stalk_breath04 Panting
al_stalk_coveritup Ah, Gordon, please...cover it up.
al_stalk_crushed01 Hurry Gordon, I'm
al_stalk_crushed02 crushed
al_stalk_derail_omg Oh my god!
al_stalk_getemoff01 Gordon
al_stalk_getemoff02 Help!
al_stalk_getemoff04 Please...
al_stalk_getemoff05 Get it off me.
al_stalk_getemoff06 Oh god help.
al_stalk_getemoff07 Gordon help me – please!
al_stalk_getemoff08 Help – please!
al_stalk_getemoff09 Get it off me – get it off!
al_stalk_getemoff10 Get it off!
al_stalk_getemoff11 Gordon!
al_stalk_godogod01 Oh god oh god oh god...
al_stalk_godogod02 Oh god oh god...
al_stalk_hitit Hit it again.
al_stalk_hopeyoudontremember God, I hope you don't remember who you were.
al_stalk_itsmoving It's moving.
al_stalk_letsgetout Let's get out of here.
al_stalk_lookatthem01 to al_stalk_lookatthem03 and al_stalk_wrongplace Look at them. God damn the Combine. This is what happens to you if you resist. Or if you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
al_stalk_makestop01 No! Make it stop!
al_stalk_makestop02 Cover its eyes!
al_stalk_makestop03 Cover it up!
al_stalk_notalone Ah, I don't think I could stand to be in here alone.
al_stalk_ohno Oh no... Stalkers! I can't—we can't stay in this car.
al_stalk_ohnostalkercar01 Oh no...
al_stalk_ohnostalkercar02 It's a stalker car.
al_stalk_okclear Come on, let's get in.
al_stalk_okletsgetoutofhere01 Ah... (No text data)
al_stalk_okletsgetoutofhere02 Okay...
al_stalk_okletsgetoutofhere03 Let's go.
al_stalk_pleasestopscreaming01 Stop
al_stalk_pleasestopscreaming03 Stop, please
al_stalk_pleasestopscreaming04 Stop screaming
al_stalk_pleasestopscreaming05 No – please – stop screaming
al_stalk_pull Pull
al_stalk_savedourlives It looks like you've saved our lives again.
al_stalk_seewhereheaded01 All right
al_stalk_seewhereheaded02 Let's see where this train is headed.
al_stalk_seewhereheaded03 With any luck we should be well out of the city before it's too late.
al_stalk_story01 [Sigh]
al_stalk_story02 I'm sorry Gordon. I just can't face them.
al_stalk_story03 Every one of them was a person who resisted the Combine.
al_stalk_story04 Oh, I hope to God they can't remember what they were.
al_stalk_story05 They're me...
al_stalk_story06 If I ever let my guard down...
al_stalk_straightout01 Looks like we're on a good heading.
al_stalk_straightout02 Thank god we're not on foot.
al_stalk_straightout03 I doubt we'd have made it in time.
al_stalk_thanks Thank you.
al_stalk_thereitgoes There it goes.
al_stalk_train We'd better make sure we're on this train. There might not be any others.
al_stalk_train01 Okay – here comes a train.
al_stalk_train02 Let's make sure we're on it.
al_stalk_train03 It might be the last one.
al_stalk_trygravgun01 I can't get it loose.
al_stalk_trygravgun02 Give it a jolt with the gravity gun.
al_stalk_volunteer01 Unlike the fucking soldiers - who volunteer for what they get...
al_stalk_volunteer02 These people didn't have a choice.
al_stalk_volunteer_mild01 Unlike the Combine soldiers who volunteer for what they get...
al_stalk_volunteer_mild02 these people didn't have a choice.
al_stalk_whatsthat What's that?
al_start_getgravgun01 Get the gravity gun, Gordon.
al_start_getgravgun02 Take the gravity gun, Gordon.
al_start_getgravgun03 Go ahead – take the gravity gun.
al_stillhurry Even more reason to hurry.
al_storingpods Looks like they were storing something in these pods. Some kind of offloading facility.
al_streaming I can't believe the stuff they're streaming...Dr. Kleiner's going to have a field day with this.
al_strider_berightback I'll be right back, Gordon.
al_strider_keephammering Okay, Gordon, I won't be much help against the strider, but I can find us a way out of here. Hold on and keep hammering at that thing. I'll be back as soon as I can.
al_strider_whoa Whoa!
al_strippedforparts01 Where are your friends now, huh?
al_strippedforparts02 Stripped you for parts and left you to die?
al_strippedforparts03 What did you expect?
al_strippedforparts04 They're no more human than you.
al_takeoutstalker Take out that stalker if you have to, we need to get moving.
al_takethemwithit At least when the Citadel goes up, it'll take them with it.
al_takeusoutcity It looks like this will take us out of the city.
al_terminalaround There's got to be a terminal around here somewhere.
al_terminalexplode Ah! Damn!
al_thankskeepmoving01 Thanks.
al_thankskeepmoving02 Let's keep moving.
al_thatwasclose That was close.
al_theregoesbridge There it goes!
al_theresone Ah! There's one!
al_theywontbother They won't bother us if we leave them alone.
al_thinkwecangetthru I think we can get through here.
al_thinkwegothisway I think we go this way.
al_thisway This way, Gordon!
al_timetomap01 There are probably other ways to the core
al_timetomap02 but I didn't have time to map anything but this one route.
al_tocommuter We're gonna have to make our way to the commuter train station, and fast. We can only pray they're still running
al_traitor Traitor!
al_traitor01 [Seething]
al_traitor02 Traitor.
al_tryanother All right, let's try another one, Gordon.
al_tryanotherroller Try another rollermine, Gordon.
al_ugh01 Ugh.
al_unstable01 Talk about unstable.
al_unstable02 I really don't think we should hang around.
al_uptoyou This is it. I can't go into the reactor room, so it's up to you to dampen the reaction. It's too late to reverse it even if we wanted to, but at least we can buy some time.
al_van_drops Oh was out of gas anyway.
al_vtex_behind I'll be right behind you.
al_vtex_imadeit We made it!
al_vtex_omgcross Holy crap...we've got to cross through that?
al_warmachine Look at this, Gordon—the whole Combine war machine is going on as if nothing's happened.
al_watchstep_citadel Watch your step.
al_weaponstripper01 Gordon!
al_weaponstripper02 What's going on in there!
al_weird Something weird up there...
al_whatswithgravgun Hey – what's happening to the gravity gun?
al_whatthisplace What is this place?
al_wherewegoing Let's find out exactly where we're going.
al_whereyougoing Where're you going?
al_whowasthat Who was that?
al_whystopping Why are we stopping?
al_wideopen It's weird, they're wide open. It's like they're just dumping everything. I'll catch what I can and—
al_wishyouwouldnt I wish you wouldn't do that, Gordon. The stalkers are no threat to us now.
al_worstover [Sigh] Let's hope the worst is over.
al_youknowwhat You know what to do, Gordon.
al_youreclear Okay, you're clear. Get into the lift and I'll send you in.