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Alyx Vance/Quotes/Half-Life 2: Episode One - Citadel (outside)

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The following is a list of quotes from Alyx Vance, from the area outside the Citadel at the start of Half-Life 2: Episode One.

Location: sound/vo/episode_1/intro

Filename(s) Quote
al_accessbridge Let's get to that access bridge.
al_accessbridges I think I see an access bridge up ahead.
al_alittleclose01 Dog... really... that was a little close.
al_alittleclose02 What's gotten into you, huh?
al_alittleclose03 How exactly is this supposed to help us?
al_allrightdog All right, all right.
al_allsostrange It's all so strange...
al_allsostrange_new It's all so strange...
al_antenna01 Okay...
al_antenna02 Little to the right...
al_antenna03 Move it around till the signal clears.
al_antenna04 There we go. Hold it there!
al_antenna05 We got it.
al_backintocitadel You mean we have to go back into the Citadel?
al_backintocitadel01 Direct intervention?
al_backintocitadel02 You mean...going in?
al_bettergetoutofhere Uh oh. We'd better get out of here.
al_betterluck Any luck over there, Dog?
al_bettersuggestion Well, Gordon...unless you have a better suggestion... He is a robot. He's done the math.
al_bettersuggestion01 Well, Gordon...unless you have a better suggestion...
al_bettersuggestion02 He is a robot. He's done the math.
al_butdad But Dad...
al_callingdog01 Dog...Dog....
al_cantbelieveit I can't believe it!
al_careful Careful!
al_carefulboy Careful, boy. I'll be close.
al_carefulholdon Careful...hold on...
al_cellar_stilldunno01 I still don't know how we got out of there.
al_cellar_stilldunno02 The last thing I remember is...
al_cellar_stilldunno03 Breen falling,
al_cellar_stilldunno04 A huge explosion... and then...
al_cellar_stilldunno05 I heard vortigaunts.
al_cellar_stilldunno06 Next thing I knew, Dog was digging me out of the rubble.
al_changemind01 Okay, Dog, let's do it.
al_changemind02 Before I change my—
al_changemind03 Okay!
al_chasm_dogallright Oh, thank God!
al_chasm_dogideas01 Well, Dog,
al_chasm_dogideas02 What do you think?
al_chasm_dogideas03 Any ideas?
al_chasm_forgetpacking01 Dog!
al_chasm_forgetpacking02 Forget about packing up – let's just get out of here.
al_chasm_getbackin I cannot believe we're trying to get back in that place.
al_chasm_noteasy This isn't going to be easy.
al_chasm_nothelpful01 All right, Dog,
al_chasm_nothelpful02 That's not too helpful.
al_chasm_scanner01 Hey, a scanner!
al_chasm_scanner02 I haven't seen one of those all day.
al_chasm_scaredhell You scared the hell out of me.
al_chasm_staywithus01 Now stay with us...
al_chasm_staywithus02 and help us find a way over.
al_chasm_vertigo01 Whoa!. [sic]
al_chasm_vertigo02 What a drop...
al_chasm_whatstakinghim Why's Dog taking so long?
al_chasm_wheredog01 What about...
al_chasm_wheredog02 Dog?
al_chasm_wheredog03 Dog, where are you going?
al_chuckle01 [Chuckle]
al_clearapath Clear the path here, Dog.
al_cliff_afteryou01 Whoa...
al_cliff_afteryou02 After you, Gordon.
al_cliff_careful Careful.
al_comeondog Come on, Dog.
al_comingdog Are you coming, Dog?
al_dadiloveyou01 Dad, please...
al_dadiloveyou02 I love you.
al_dadwassure He was so sure I wouldn't find you here.
al_dadyouthere Dad? Are you there?
al_dadyouthere01 Dad?
al_dadyouthere02 Dad?
al_dadyouthere03 Are you there?
al_dad_monitor01 Dad?
al_dad_monitor02 Dad?!
al_damn Damn.
al_diddothemath [under her voice] You did do the math, right?
al_dogareyou Are you?
al_dogcouldhavekilledus Dog! You could've killed us. What has gotten into you?
al_doggivehand Hey, Dog. Give me a hand with this.
al_doggivemehand Hey, Dog. Give me a hand over here.
al_doglittlehelp Hmmm. Dog? A little help please?
al_dogmonitorsetup Okay, Dog, let's get the monitor setup so we can check in. My Dad must be worried sick about us.
al_dogmonitorsetup_alt1 Okay, Dog, let's get the monitor setup so we can check in. My Dad must be worried sick about us.
al_dogmonitorsetup_alt2 Okay, Dog, let's get the monitor setup so we can check in.
al_dogmonitorsetup01 Okay, Dog, go get the monitor set up so we can check in with my Dad.
al_dogmonitorsetup02 He must be worried sick about us.
al_dognotserious What? Wait a minute... Oh no. You're not serious?
al_dognotserious_alt What? Wait a minute... Oh no. You're not serious?
al_dognotserious01 What?
al_dognotserious02 Wait a minute...
al_dognotserious03 Oh no.
al_dognotserious04 You're not serious?
al_dogshappy There, Gordon. Dog's happy to see you... I can tell.
al_dogshappy01 There, Gordon.
al_dogshappy02 Dog's happy to see you...
al_dogshappy03 I can tell.
al_dogwatchit Hey, Dog! Watch it up there! Knock it off!
al_dogwatchsignal Dog, watch the signal.
al_dogwhatareyou Dog, what are you...
al_dogwhatareyoudoing Come on, Dog, what are you doing?
al_dogwhatyougot Hey, Dog, what have you got over there?
al_dogyoufoundhim Dog, you found him! Gordon!
al_dogyouseeanything Dog, do you see anything up there that can help us get across?
al_dontworry Don't worry...
al_dontworryaboutme Now don't worry about me. I'll see you soon.
al_dontworrydad Don't worry, Dad.
al_downtowire I don't want to give up, but we're down to the wire.
al_fewbolts01 Hm.
al_fewbolts02 I think Dog needs a few bolts tightened.
al_figureouthow We've got to figure out how to get over to the Citadel.
al_findanotherway We're going to have to find another way.
al_getinvan_nag01 Okay, Gordon, get in.
al_getinvan_nag02 Get in the passenger side, Gordon.
al_getinvan_nag03 Hurry up, before I lose my nerve.
al_getinvan_nag04 Come on, I can't do this alone.
al_goodboy Good boy...
al_gooddog01 Good.
al_goodthrow Uh, good throw, Dog!
al_goonboy Go on, boy, give it to Gordon.
al_goovertheredog Go over there, Dog. We'll meet you up ahead.
al_gordon Gordon!
al_gordonallright Gordon, you're all right.
al_gottahurrydog We've got to hurry, Dog. We're running out of time.
al_gravgunholdonto Hey, the gravity gun! Give it to him, Dog.
al_gravgunholdonto01 Hey, the gravity gun!
al_gravgunholdonto02 Go on, boy.
al_gravgunholdonto03 Give it to Gordon.
al_hastobearoundhere He has to be somewhere around here. We've got to be close...just gotta be!
al_hastobeawayacross01 There has to be a way to get across.
al_hastobeawayacross02 But how?
al_headingoutnow Well, actually, we're still at the citadel.
al_helpmedog Help me, Dog.
al_hesalive He's alive!
al_hesalivegethimout He's alive! Get him out, Dog!
al_holdasec Hold on a sec...there's so much interference.
al_holdon Hold on!
al_hopelessnoaccess This is hopeless. There's no access. No way to...
al_hopelessnoaccess01 This is hopeless. There's no access. No way to...
al_hopelessnoaccess02 Huh?
al_howcouldanyonelive How could anyone be alive in there?
al_howgetacross How are we ever going to get across?
al_hurrydog Hurry, Dog. Hurry.
al_hurrygordon01 Hurry up, Gordon, we've gotta keep moving.
al_ifwefoundaway01 [to Gordon] Well, you do have the Hazard Suit.
al_ifwefoundaway02 If we found a way into the Citadel, it's possible we could—
al_ipromise I promise.
al_ishe Is he?
al_isthisit Is this it? What do you hear?
al_itoldyoudad I told you I knew he was around here somewhere. Luckily, we picked up the HEV signal, and then it was just a matter of digging.
al_itoldyoudad01 I told you I knew he was around here somewhere.
al_itoldyoudad02 Luckily, we picked up the HEV signal, and then it was just a matter of digging.
al_itsmydad It's my dad.
al_itsmydad_new It's my Dad!
al_judithgotaway He and Judith got out ahead of us, in one of Dr. Breen's escape pods. They made it to a vortigaunt camp, way outside the city. Hopefully we still have time to make it there...
al_letsgetoff Hey, let's get off before the next ride starts.
al_lookout01 Look out!
al_lookoutforvan Look out!
al_missyoutoo I'll miss you too.
al_movejunk Move this junk out of the way first.
al_noseatbelts Uhm, brace yourself, Gordon!
al_notgonnawork Well, that's not going to work.
al_nottimetoplay This isn't the time to play!
al_notyourfault It's all right, Dad. It's not your fault.
al_nowgoboy Now go, boy! Go on! You'll be fine, just...
al_ohgordon Oh, Gordon!
al_omg01 Oh my God...
al_omg02 Oh my God...
al_omgdog01 Oh my God! Dog!
al_omgdog02 Dog!
al_omgdog03 Dog, are you all right?
al_onceacross Dog, once we're across I want you to get out of here. You won't be able to follow so I want you to go find Dad. That way, I'll know where to find you. Okay?
al_onceacross01 I want you to get out of here as fast as you can.
al_onceacross02 Go find Dad.
al_onceacross03 We'll catch up, don't worry.
al_onhistrail Well, not quite yet but—but listen, Dad, we found him!
al_packupdog Okay, boy. Pack up and meet us on the far side of this ridge.
al_putdown Put down whatever you're doing and help me over here.
al_putdown01 Dog, I think I found something.
al_putdown02 Drop what you're doing and help me over here...
al_putdown03 [gasp]
al_putdown04 Oh my god!
al_quitgoofing I'm trying to find a way in there, now quit goofing around.
al_seefindway Hmm... let's see if we can find a way into the Citadel from somewhere along the rim.
al_seeforyourself The Citadel's very unstable. We should have just enough time to make it out of here.
al_seeforyourself01 The citadel's really coming apart.
al_seeforyourself02 We should...
al_seeyousoon01 I'll see you soon.
al_seeyousoon02 Don't worry.
al_smashscanner01 Yeah, better safe than sorry.
al_smashscanner02 Heh, that'll teach him.
al_sogladtoseeyou I'm so glad to see you!
al_somethingisaid Was it something I said?
al_somewayacrossgap If only there was some way to get across the gap...
al_soworried I was so worried....
al_staycloseboy01 Ah, there you are... you scared me...
al_staycloseboy02 Stay close to us, boy.
al_stayclosedog01 Stay close to us, Dog.
al_stilldontknow All right, Dad. I still don't know how he got out of there in the first place.
al_stilldontknow01 All right, Dad.
al_stilldontknow02 I still don't know how he got out of there in the first place.
al_stillnotsure I'm still not sure how we got down from there. It's all mixed up in my head. Anyway, we gotta get moving.
al_stillnotsure01 I don't know how the hell we got out of there.
al_stillnotsure02 Hmm (No text data)
al_stillnotsure03 We should...
al_stopclowning Look, Dog, I told you to stop clowning around.
al_stopgoofing Careful what you're doing there, Dog...and stop goofing around!
al_thankgod Thank God...
al_thanksdog Thanks...
al_thankyou Thank you, thank you...
al_thattaboy Thatta boy...
al_thatwasclose01 Whoa.
al_thatwasclose02 That was close.
al_throwingstuff Dog, really, throwing stuff at the Citadel isn't going to get us anywhere!
al_tryingtoreachhim We've been trying to reach him for hours.
al_tryingtoreachhim_new We've been trying to reach him for hours.
al_understanddad I understand, Dad.
al_upforthisgordon It doesn't sound like we have any choice.
al_waitllhehears Wait'll he hears the great news.
al_waitllhehears_alt Wait'll he hears the great news.
al_waittillhehears Wait till he hears that we found you.
al_waittillhehears_new01 Wait'll he hears that we found you.
al_waittillhehears_new02 Come on!
al_watchdrop Come on, Gordon. Watch the drop
al_watchstep Watch your step, Gordon!
al_wecandothis We can do this, Dad.
al_wellbecareful We'll be careful, Dad.
al_whatareyoutwodoing What are you two doing?
al_whatintodog [Sigh] What are you into, Dog?
al_whatisitdog Hey, where are you going?
al_whatnow Uh oh. What now?
al_whatthistime What is it this time?
al_whatupto What is he up to?
al_wheredoeshethink Where the hell does he think he's going?
al_wherehegoing Where's he going now?
al_whew Whew.
al_whoa Whoa!
al_wontgobackthatway Well, we won't be going back that way.
al_yeah Yeah...
al_youfoundgordon Dog! You found Gordon!
al_youokaydog You okay up there, Dog?
al_yourealive You're alive!