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Alyx Vance/Quotes/Half-Life 2: Episode One - City 17

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The following is a list of quotes from Alyx Vance, from the City 17 area in Half-Life 2: Episode One.

Location: sound/vo/episode_1/c17

Filename(s) Quote
alyx_npc_comp Look at them all...
al_50broke Whoof... I think we just broke about fifty Combine regulations.
al_50list01 No eye contact with Combine soldiers.
al_50list02 Don't damage Combine property.
al_50list03 Don't kill the Combine representatives.
al_50list04 Have your papers out and available.
al_50list05 No loud noises after six o'clock...
al_50list06 Or before six for that matter.
al_airductstory01 Hey – an airduct.
al_airductstory02 I've heard stories about you and airducts.
al_airductstory03 Doctor Kleiner says whenever he locked himself out of his office
al_airductstory04 you and Barney used to compete to see who could get in fastest without using a key.
al_alert_zombies01 Oh God, I hate zombies.
al_alert_zombies02 Oh no...zombies.
al_alert_zombies03 Damn zombies.
al_alert_zombies04 I really hate zombies.
al_alert_zombies05 What a surprise...zombies.
al_alert_zombies06 Ugh... that smell can only mean zombies.
al_alert_zombies07 What's with that smell?
al_anelevator01 Hey – an elevator!
al_anelevator02 I'd have settled for stairs.
al_anothergunship Another gunship!
al_anotherway01 I'd like to find another way around these buildings,
al_anotherway02 But we really don't have time.
al_antguard An antlion guard!
al_antguard_victory Yeah!
al_antlionshere01 Antlions, here?
al_antlionshere02 The Combine's defense field must have collapsed.
al_antlionshere03 Makes sense if it was powered by the Citadel.
al_antlionstrapped Those antlions are trapped back there...good thing, too.
al_antlions_cantgetoutnow They can't get out of there now.
al_antlions_cominguphere Uh oh—the antlions are coming up here!
al_antlions_cutsupply How are we going to cut off the antlion supply?
al_antlions_firstsight Antlions!
al_antlions_goodidea Good idea, Gordon!
al_antlions_goodwork Good work, Gordon!
al_antlions_holycrap Holy crap, Antlions!
al_antlions_keepcontrol We've gotta keep the antlions in control!
al_antlions_pluganyhole Yeah, it's probably a good idea to plug any hole an antlion could squeeze through.
al_antlions_plugthatway I wouldn't have thought you could plug up the burrow that way.
al_antlions_runoutbullets We're gonna run out of bullets before this burrow runs out of antlions!
al_ant_block01 Block up the antlion burrows.
al_ant_block02 Stop up the opening, Gordon!
al_ant_block03 Cover that spot where the antlions are coming through.
al_ant_block04 Block off the hole the antlions are using.
al_ant_block05 Come on, Gordon, block the hole or they'll never stop coming!
al_ant_block06 Block off the antlion burrow!
al_ant_block07 If we could block these antlion holes, it might slow them down.
al_ant_block08 Cover the burrows, Gordon!
al_ant_block09 Good job sealing the burrows.
al_ant_flip I can get a better shot if you knock them over, Gordon.
al_ant_uncovered01 Oh no, they're coming out again!
al_ant_uncovered02 There are some more coming out over there!
al_ant_uncovered03 Over there!
al_ant_uncovered04 More are coming!
al_awayfromdoors Get away from the doors!
al_backsosoon Oh, back so soon?
al_barnacle_lightup Ugh...a barnacle. Light it up for me, Gordon.
al_barnacle_morearound Be careful...there might be more of those things around.
al_barnacle_walkedinto You walked into a barnacle! Keep your light on it, Gordon!
al_barneyoverhere Barney! Over here!
al_barn_bye Bye Barney!
al_barn_seeyouatstn We'll see you at the train station.
al_betterchance We'll have a better chance.
al_breenbust Doctor Breen — ugh — I hope we've seen the last of him.
al_breenshrine Looks like a shrine to Dr. Breen.
al_byebarney Bye, Barney! Good luck!
al_carefulzombies Careful! Zombies!
al_citnag_evac01 What are you doing in here? You need to clear out of the city.
al_citnag_evac02 Get out of the City! The Citadel's going to blow!
al_citnag_evac03 Haven't you heard? The Citadel's gonna blow! Get out of City 17!
al_citnag_evac04 Come on, people, head for the train stations! Get out of the city while you can!
al_cit_getoutofhere You should get out of here.
al_cit_goodshot01 Nice shot.
al_cit_goodshot02 Hey — nice shooting!
al_cit_goodshot03 Way to go!
al_cit_goodshot04 Good going!
al_cit_heythanks Hey thanks!
al_cit_join01 Let's join up with those people.
al_cit_join02 Let's go help those people.
al_cit_join03 Let's team up with them.
al_cit_keepmoving You're gonna want to keep moving.
al_cit_niceshooting Nice shooting!
al_claustro We've gotta get out of here. I can't stand being shut in these places.
al_comeon Come on, we'll help you if we can.
al_coverstreet I'll cover the street while you figure this out.
al_crabpod_findaway Let's find another way up.
al_crabpod_getaway Get away from there, Gordon!
al_crabpod_omg Oh my God!
al_crabpod_wthell What the hell!
al_cramped01 I hate these cramped spaces...
al_cramped02 Stuff around every corner...
al_crank1_gettotrain Okay – let's get to the trainyard before the Citadel blows.
al_crank2_didntforget You didn't forget the crank, did you?
al_crank2_done01 Nicely done
al_crank2_done02 Let's head upstairs.
al_crank2_fireout01 It's working.
al_crank2_fireout02 the fire's going out!
al_crank2_onecrank Don't tell me there's only one crank in this whole neighborhood.
al_crank_crankit Come on, Gordon, crank that thing!
al_crank_evac Haven't you heard you're supposed to evacuate?
al_crank_found That's it!
al_crank_gone The handle's broken off. I wonder if it's still around someplace.
al_crank_holdon01 Hold on. There must be some way to open this gate.
al_crank_holdon02 Look around, Gordon!
al_crank_lookslike Looks like there used to be a crank that fit in here. I wonder if it's still around here somewhere.
al_crank_seeifworks See if the crank still works.
al_crank_working It's working.
al_darkinhere I can't see a thing in here.
al_dark_almostdone_01 Almost done...
al_dark_doorlocked_01 We need to get through that door....
al_dark_doorlocked_02 Give me some light so I can check out the lock.
al_dark_findpowerbox_01 Okay, we're in luck, the door just needs power. You've got the flashlight; see if you can find the powerbox.
al_dark_findpowerbox_02 Keep your light on the powerbox. I'll get a charge going through it.
al_dark_findpowerbox_03 Another locked door? Find the powerbox and I'll get it open.
al_dark_findpowerbox_04 If you can find a powerbox, I can get the door open.
al_dark_foundpowerbox_01 There it is.
al_dark_holdlightsteady_01 Hold that light steady...
al_dark_needlight_01 I need light over here.
al_dark_needlight_02 Shine your flashlight on the powerbox so I can work on it.
al_dark_success_01 There! Got it!
al_defensedown01 Look at them all...
al_defensedown02 the city's defenses are definitely down.
al_defensedown03 They'd have been coming through years ago otherwise.
al_distractstrider We'll distract the strider so you can get this train out of here.
al_dontfall Careful, Gordon, they're swarming down there!
al_dontseehow How are we gonna get through this?
al_elev_actual I don't believe it, an actual elevator! I would have settled for stairs.
al_elev_almosthere The elevator's almost here...we just gotta hold out a little bit longer.
al_elev_anyminute It should be here any minute.
al_elev_anyminute_loud It should be here any minute.
al_elev_anytime Any time now...
al_elev_anytime_loud Any time now...
al_elev_cantcall Damn. We can't call the elevator cause the power is out.
al_elev_closer It's getting close...
al_elev_comeon Come on, come on...make it, make it...
al_elev_crapnopower Oh crap. No power.
al_elev_fewsec Just another few seconds.
al_elev_getin Get in, Gordon!
al_elev_getingetin Get in! Get in!
al_elev_geton Get on!
al_elev_godnotagain Oh God...not again...
al_elev_hearsomething01 Hey, did you hear something?
al_elev_hearsomething02 Let's get the power back on and get the hell outta here.
al_elev_hearthat Hear that? Sounds like the elevator's moving again.
al_elev_herecomes Here she comes.
al_elev_heyihear Hey, I hear the elevator—it's moving again.
al_elev_hopelight I hope it's still light out.
al_elev_isthatlight Is that light I can see up there?
al_elev_itshere It's here!
al_elev_itslight Light! Do you see it? It's light!
al_elev_kidding You've got to be kidding...
al_elev_letsgetout Let's get out of here!
al_elev_letsgo Let's go!
al_elev_letsgo_new Let's go!
al_elev_lookshaft Look! An elevator shaft!
al_elev_movingagain Sounds like the elevator's moving again.
al_elev_nomore No more...we've gotta get out of here.
al_elev_ok Okay!
al_elev_phew Phew.
al_elev_pleasewayout Oh please, let this be the way out.
al_elev_powersupply I've worked with electricity a time or two, and I'm pretty sure this sparking wire must be connected to a power supply.
al_elev_power_loud_nag01 Any luck figuring out how to get the power back on?
al_elev_power_loud_nag02 Any thoughts about getting the power back on?
al_elev_power_loud_nag03 Sorry I haven't been more help getting the power back on.
al_elev_relief [Huge sigh of relief]
al_elev_seethetop Can you see the top?
al_elev_somejuice Let me see if I can get some juice going here.
al_elev_soundscloser Sounds like it's getting closer.
al_elev_spark01 Let's check out where that sparking wire leads.
al_elev_spark02 That wire is sparking, it must lead to the fuse box.
al_elev_thatwasclose01 Whew!
al_elev_thatwasclose02 That...
al_elev_thatwasclose03 was close.
al_elev_thoughtwenever Oh...I thought we'd never get out of there.
al_elev_tooclose [out of breath] That was a little too close.
al_elev_trouble [Hearing zombies] And here comes trouble.
al_elev_waysurface Please let there be a way to the surface.
al_elev_whatstakingsolong What's taking so long?
al_elev_whereselev Where's that elevator?
al_elev_wonderwire I wonder if this wire leads to the fuse box.
al_elev_youseelight Do you see light somewhere up there, Gordon?
al_elev_zombiesurprise AIEEE!
al_escape_rideswaiting Gordon! Our ride's waiting!
al_escape_trainsallset The train's all set. Hop on and I'll get us going.
al_escape_trainsready Okay, Gordon, the train's ready to go!
al_evac_advisor01 What was that?
al_evac_advisor02 Did you see that?
al_evac_aimstrider Aim for the strider!
al_evac_allaboard They're all aboard now.
al_evac_byebarney01 Go on, Barney! They're not after you.
al_evac_byebarney02 Gordon and I will draw their attention while you get the others away from here.
al_evac_byebarney03 We can grab another train once you're clear.
al_evac_citadel_lit The citadel is really lit up. We don't have much time!
al_evac_cits01 Hurry up, people!
al_evac_cits02 Keep your heads down!
al_evac_cits03 We've got you covered!
al_evac_cits04 You just worry about getting on that train.
al_evac_congrat01 Doing good!
al_evac_congrat02 Keep 'em coming!
al_evac_congrat03 You're doing great!
al_evac_congrat04 Nice going!
al_evac_eventually01 Sorry to keep you waiting.
al_evac_eventually02 The Combine's on our tail.
al_evac_eventually03 What's the plan?
al_evac_findbarney Let's find Barney
al_evac_freetrain As soon as they're out of here, we'll free up the next train.
al_evac_freetrain_alt Come on, Gordon, as soon as they're out of here, let's free up the next train.
al_evac_good Good!
al_evac_goodjob Good job!
al_evac_gostrider Go for the strider!
al_evac_gothim01 Got him!
al_evac_gothim02 Ha, you did it!
al_evac_gunship A gunship?
al_evac_headout Let's head out.
al_evac_headstart01 I'll get a head start on the next train.
al_evac_headstart02 No time to lose.
al_evac_keepthemoff That should keep them off our backs for a while.
al_evac_leaveittoyou I'll leave it to you.
al_evac_leaveyoutoit I'll leave you to it.
al_evac_lookrpg Look out! Rocket launcher.
al_evac_madeit We made it!
al_evac_nag_apc01 Find a way to get rid of that APC.
al_evac_nag_apc02 Take out the APC.
al_evac_nag_gunship01 Kill the gunship!
al_evac_nag_gunship02 Gordon, go for that gunship!
al_evac_nag_rpg01 Come on, we can't let one soldier with a rocket launcher stop us.
al_evac_nag_rpg02 Get that soldier! The one with the rocket launcher!
al_evac_nextarea Let's head for the next area.
al_evac_nextgroup01 Okay, they're safe, go for another group.
al_evac_nextgroup02 Bring another group of citizens, Gordon!
al_evac_nextgroup03 Go get more citizens, Gordon.
al_evac_nextgroup04 We're ready for another group of citizens.
al_evac_nextgroup05 Go back to Barney and get another group.
al_evac_nexttrack Here, let's open up this next track.
al_evac_notsohard01 Well, that wasn't so hard.
al_evac_notsohard02 We should have brought everyone over at once.
al_evac_notsohard03 Go get the next batch, Gordon.
al_evac_nowstrider Oh, now what? A Strider? What next?
al_evac_ontous01 Oh boy...they're onto us.
al_evac_ontous02 Better find Barney and get moving.
al_evac_protect01 We've got to keep these people safe.
al_evac_protect02 Careful! They're counting on us!
al_evac_protect03 Pay attention—these people need us!
al_evac_protect04 These people have no one else to look out for them.
al_evac_protect05 We have to protect them!
al_evac_remind01 Let's find that train.
al_evac_remind02 Let's get to the train.
al_evac_remind03 Come on, the train's waiting.
al_evac_remind04 Let's get these folks to a train.
al_evac_ridsniper Get rid of that sniper.
al_evac_shotgundrop Damn. This thing is jammed. I hate to leave it.
al_evac_sniper Sniper!
al_evac_soundsgood01 Sounds good.
al_evac_soundsgood02 Send out the first group!
al_evac_takestand Go back and get another group. I'll stay here and guard the gate.
al_evac_thatsright That's right!
al_evac_trainfilling01 They're getting aboard! Let's keep it up!
al_evac_trainfilling02 The train's filling up—good job!
al_evac_watchsniper Watch out for the sniper.
al_evac_wemadeit We made it.
al_evac_werehere Ah – we're here.
al_evac_yes Yes! The trainstation!
al_excuseminute Uh…could you excuse me for a minute?
al_figureaway Gordon and I will figure a way out…catch a Combine train or something.
al_finale_allaboard All aboard.
al_finale_gettrain Quick, now…let's get the train moving.
al_finale_goingout Oh my God…the transmission's going out.
al_finale_herewego Here we go.
al_finale_holdingit I'm holding it for you…get aboard.
al_finale_jumpon Jump on, Gordon. I'm right behind you.
al_finale_lasttrain Last train.
al_finale_otherside01 Whatever's in that transmission packet,
al_finale_otherside02 They'll have it on the other side soon.
al_finale_otherside_loud01 Whatever's in that transmission packet,
al_finale_otherside_loud02 They'll have it on the other side soon.
al_finale_seeingdad We'll be seeing my Dad before long.
al_finale_wediditg01 Here we go.
al_finale_wediditg02 We did it, Gordon.
al_firefight01 Looks like a firefight down there.
al_firefight02 If I know Barney, he's in the middle of it.
al_flares_first Hey, flares! We could use these!
al_flares_goingout That flare's about to go out!
al_flares01 Flares! Bet these last longer than your flashlight!
al_flares02 Grab one of those flares!
al_flares03 These flares could be useful.
al_flood_floodroom01 to


Ugh…|al_flood_floodroom01}} You're lucky you've got that hazard suit. This water's nasty. Got room for two in there?
al_foundplace We must've found the place where they make these things.
al_garage_hearthink That's better…I can hear myself think.
al_garage_stragglers01 That's the last burrow.
al_garage_stragglers02 Now we just gotta mop up the stragglers!
al_garrison_getin Okay, let's get in. Come on.
al_garrison_omgcitadel01 Oh my god…
al_garrison_omgcitadel02 Look at the Citadel.
al_garrison_omgcitadel03 The containment field must have failed.
al_garrison_phew Phew – glad that's over.
al_garrison_stillhavetogetthru We still have this garrison to get through.
al_gate_anyluckyet Any luck yet?
al_gate_cantbelieve I can't believe this.
al_gate_canthearus They can't hear us, I guess.
al_gate_checkside I'll check this side.
al_gate_doestrick Good. Let's see if this does the trick.
al_gate_goodletsgo Thank God. Now let's get out of here.
al_gate_heyupthere Hey, up there! Hello! Can you let us out of here? Hello!
al_gate_lookaround Look around. Maybe the opener is still around somewhere.
al_gate_noitslocked No, no, no… it's locked.
al_gate_ohgodno [defeated] Oh god no…
al_gate_seeanyway Can you see any way to get this open?
al_gate_slotforcrank There's some kind of slot for a crank or a handle here.
al_gate_spotwheel Oh! This wheel should do the trick. See if you can pull it off, Gordon.
al_gate_stillday Thank God—it's still day! Let's get out of here.
al_getacrosshow We've gotta get across here—but how?
al_getawayfromdoors Get away from the doors!
al_getbusy Uh, is Dr. Kleiner really telling everyone to … 'get busy' ?
al_getthemmoving If there's anyone who hasn't evacuated yet, we've got to get them moving.
al_giftshop01 Look at all these Breen busts.
al_giftshop02 It's like we stumbled into the Citadel gift shop.
al_goodmeat I wonder if there's any good meat on this thing.
al_goodthink Good thinking.
al_goonbarney You go on without us, Barney. Those people aren't going to make it without your help.
al_gotyourback I've got your back, Gordon.
al_gship_againagain Here we go again…again!
al_gship_cool Gordon, you know what'd be cool? Actually, I can't think of anything cooler than what just happened.
al_gship_crowbar01 Think it's dead? Maybe you should whack it with the crowbar just in case.
al_gship_crowbar02 Well, it sure looks dead. Maybe you should whack it with the crowbar just in case.
al_gship_holyterror01 Wow…
al_gship_holyterror02 I mean, holy…
al_gship_holyterror03 That was…
al_gship_holyterror04 Jesus, Gordon,
al_gship_holyterror05 you're a real terror.
al_gship_mess Boy, we made a real mess up here.
al_gship_nuts Well, that was pretty nuts.
al_happykleiner I've never been happier to see Dr. Kleiner!
al_heretheycome Here they come.
al_hiding01 People must have been hiding down here…
al_hiding02 I don't think there was anywhere safe.
al_hiding03 I wonder how things are outside the city.
al_holdingback Uh oh…that was the only thing holding the antlions back.
al_holesblocked_getoffstreet01 Nice work blocking those burrows.
al_holesblocked_getoffstreet02 How 'bout we get off the street for a while.
al_hospital_afteryou After you…
al_hospital_didallright I see you did all right without me.
al_hospital_electro What kind of hospital is this?
al_hospital_fallthru01 Oh no!
al_hospital_fallthru02 Gordon!
al_hospital_fallthru03 Are you okay?
al_hospital_foundshotgun01 So much for medical supplies
al_hospital_foundshotgun02 I found a shotgun!
al_hospital_heretheycome Here they come!
al_hospital_illgetthis I'll get this."
al_hospital_letsgo Okay, let's go.
al_hospital_medsupplies Hey, a hospital! Keep an eye out for medical supplies.
al_hospital_morezombies Oh God! More zombies!
al_hospital_oneatatime One at a time, boys.
al_hospital_roomsweeper A room sweeper like this might be useful in here.
al_hospital_shallwego Shall we go?
al_hospital_swamped01 Sorry about leaving you alone down there, Gordon.
al_hospital_swamped02 I got a bit swamped.
al_hospital_thrudoor They're through the door!
al_hospital_zombiefall Look out!
al_ifwedont If we don't take that strider down, no one's getting out of here.
al_illtakestairs Uh – I think I'll take the stairs.
al_incidentalinjury Are you okay?
al_isthatkleiner Is that Doctor Kleiner?
al_keepaneye I'll keep an eye on things.
al_kleinercast Wow. I've never been so glad to see Dr. Kleiner.
al_lasttrains The last trains are leaving…get everyone aboard and we'll hold off the Combine.
al_lasttrain_alltoourselves It looks like we're gonna have this train all to ourselves.
al_lasttrain_bringupanother01 Let me bring up another train.
al_lasttrain_bringupanother02 Maybe we can pick up some more passengers once we're outside the city.
al_lasttrain_citadel The Citadel!
al_lasttrain_findswitch Come on, Gordon. Let's go find the power switch.
al_lasttrain_getthistrainmoving01 If that's all of them we should get this train moving.
al_lasttrain_getthistrainmoving02 We'll go throw the power switch, Barney.
al_lasttrain_gettingaway Good – they're getting away.
al_lasttrain_gordon Gordon!
al_lasttrain_herewego Here we go.
al_lasttrain_missedthatone Uh oh, we missed that one.
al_lasttrain_needanothertrain Uh-oh, looks like we're gonna need another train.
al_lasttrain_next I'll bring up the next train.
al_lasttrain_notgoing This train's not going anywhere until we get the power on.
al_lasttrain_ohno Oh no!
al_lasttrain_ohnogordon Oh no, Gordon.
al_lasttrain_omg Oh my god…
al_lasttrain_oneforus01 Give me a second.
al_lasttrain_oneforus02 I'm going to line up another train for us.
al_lasttrain_prompt01 Go ahead Gordon – jump on.
al_lasttrain_prompt02 Hop on.
al_lasttrain_prompt03 Get on the back of the train.
al_lasttrain_pulling It's pulling everything in!
al_lasttrain_slowing The train's slowing down.
al_lasttrain_thisisit This is it, Gordon.
al_lasttrain_thisisswitch This is the switch. Let me get this going.
al_lasttrain_toodangerous01 It's getting too dangerous here, Barney.
al_lasttrain_toodangerous02 You stay with the passengers. We'll get this train moving.
al_letsgo01 Let's go.
al_letsgo03 Let's go!
al_letthemfight01 Let them fight it out, Gordon!
al_lookslikeundercontrol Looks like you've got things under control.
al_looktarget_payphone Those phones haven't worked in years.
al_lowerbridge Okay, what now?
al_madedamnthings This must be where they made those damn things.
al_makejump Can you make that jump?
al_meltdown01 Oh God…
al_meltdown02 Looks like the reactor's back on track for a meltdown.
al_meltdown03 That transmission's going out after all.
al_movecar Move that white car out of the way so we can get through!
al_moveouttogether Let's move out together.
al_museum01 Someone must have been keeping a secret museum here, Gordon. These are treasures of human history.
al_museum02 Huh, well, now they're just history.
al_nag_station01 Get on the train! Hurry!
al_nag_station02 The last train's leaving! Get aboard!
al_nag_station03 We'll hold them off! You've got to get out of the city, now!
al_nag_station04 Come on, people! It's your last chance!
al_needtokeepmoving Come on, Gordon, we need to keep moving.
al_nextfloor Looks like there might be a way out of here on the next floor down.
al_nicestrider Hey, good job with the strider
al_nostairs I wouldn't recommend using the stairs right now.
al_notanymore Not anymore.
al_notellingtime There's no telling how much time we have left; it can't be that much farther to the trainstation.
al_offyourback Barney! We kept them off your back as long as we could.
al_ohnoapc Oh no, an APC.
al_okdownthere You okay down there?
al_onedeadstrider Right! One dead strider coming up!
al_openseason Ha ha. Good thing it's open season on gunships.
al_outofbullets Oh – they're out of bullets.
al_overtoyou Over to you, Gordon.
al_pb1_afterall Looks like we're going to need your flashlight after all.
al_pb1_guessthatwasntit I guess that wasn't it…
al_pb1_hm Hm....
al_pb1_isee Okay, I see what's going on. I think I can just, hm…
al_pb1_lettherebelight01 Let there be…
al_pb1_lettherebelight02 Light! [shocked shout]
al_pb1_morelight Can I get a little more light here, Gordon?
al_pb1_nicenottorely It'd be nice to not have to rely on that flashlight.
al_pb1_noreasonicant If I can get this box working again, there's no reason I can't get the lights on in this whole sector. Then the doors will just work.
al_pb1_oh Oh!
al_pb1_ohgreat Oh great.
al_pb1_ready Ready?
al_pb1_therewego There we go.
al_pb1_thisinstead Let's try this instead.
al_pb1_toomuchpower Eh, I fed it a little bit too much power that time…
al_pb1_whatididwrong Ah…I see what I did wrong. We won't have light, but at least I can get the door open now.
al_pb1_whatsthis What's this?
al_pbox_nicejobandgun01 Nice job!
al_pbox_nicejobandgun02 Hey, and you found a gun!
al_pbox_padlock01 Excellent!
al_pbox_padlock02 Wow, you really killed the hell out of that padlock.
al_pb_anotherlock Oh man…another powered lock…
al_pb_antlions01 I can't do this when those antlions keep coming after us! Isn't there any way to stop them?
al_pb_antlions02 If we could just stop those antlions from swarming in here.
al_pb_antlions03 I'll never get this done if those antlions keep swarming us.
al_pb_awayout Good—a way out of this place.
al_pb_buildcharge Wait a sec…gotta build a charge on my end.
al_pb_chargetofull You might want to charge your flashlight to full first.
al_pb_crossfingers Cross your fingers.
al_pb_cycleup Have to let this cycle up.
al_pb_damnpowerlock01 Damn…it's got a powered lock.
al_pb_damnpowerlock02 How are we gonna get this open?
al_pb_didit Hah, that did it!
al_pb_findapb Let's see if we can find a powerbox.
al_pb_followcable Follow that electrical cable. See where it leads.
al_pb_gettingbetter I think I'm getting better at this.
al_pb_givemelight Give me some light and I'll see what I can do.
al_pb_gottabekidding You've got to be kidding… another powered lock.
al_pb_hatetosay I hate to say this, Gordon, but it looks like we've got to find another powerbox.
al_pb_herewego Here we go…
al_pb_heyimgood Hey! I'm good!
al_pb_knowthedrill You know the drill.
al_pb_messtakelonger Uh oh…this one's a mess…could take a bit longer.
al_pb_mightgivejolt Huh. Looks like I might be able to give it a jolt—enough to get the door open anyway.
al_pb_mightwork This…might work.
al_pb_notbad Not bad, not bad.
al_pb_readyforjolt Get ready for a jolt.
al_pb_reminders01 Let's charge up the powerbox and get out of here.
al_pb_reminders02 Let's find the powerbox so we can get out of here.
al_pb_reminders03 We're not done with that powerbox, Gordon.
al_pb_reminders04 Let's finish up with that powerbox now!
al_pb_reminders05 I've still gotta get that powerbox going!
al_pb_sofarsogood Okay, so far so good.
al_pb_sorry01 Sorry about that thing with the lights, Gordon.
al_pb_sorry02 Uh…I'd really like to apologize for blowing out the lights.
al_pb_sorry03 Did I mention I am sorry about the lights?
al_pb_startagain01 I have to start again.
al_pb_startagain02 Damn, I have to start again.
al_pb_startagain03 Here we go again.
al_pb_startagain04 It's back to zero.
al_pb_thereitis There it is.
al_peoplelistening I hope people are listening…
al_peopletohelp Those people could use our help!
al_plantbounce Try planting some of these bouncebombs…
al_plaza_view01 to al_plaza_view03 Finally, fresh air… Oh my God… Striders really tore the hell out of this place…
al_pushcarback Put the car back. Maybe it'll slow them down.
al_pzombie_covered That one's covered in stinkin' venom crabs!
al_pzombie_hate Ugh! Venom crabs — I hate those things.
al_pzombie_ohno Oh no…not one of those!
al_rappel_alert01 They're coming from above!
al_rappel_alert02 They're coming from the rooftops!
al_rappel_alert03 Look up there!
al_rappel_hearthat Hear that?
al_rappel_hearthat_loud Hear that?
al_rappel_hoping I was hoping we'd get a bit farther before they noticed us again.
al_rappel_looking01 They're looking for something…
al_rappel_looking02 Probably us.
al_rappel_rooftops From the rooftops!
al_rappel_scanners Scanners!
al_rappel_spotted We've been spotted!
al_rattrap Oh my god…they died like rats in a trap.
al_rearguard Looks like they left a rear guard behind.
al_roller_holdingoff I'm holding it off Gordon – grab it if you can.
al_safehouse_clearout What are you still doing here? Everyone should clear out of the city.
al_safehouse_figureitout01 When we figure it out I'll let you know.
al_safehouse_figureitout02 What're you doing up here?
al_safehouse_illgetthis I'll get this.
al_safehouse_million Heh – that's the million dollar question. How are you, Barney?
al_safehouse_separate01 If Gordon and I took a separate route, we could draw the Combine away from you.
al_safehouse_separate02 That'd give you a chance to get the trains filled up before we get there.
al_safehouse_soundgood Sounds good. Let's go.
al_safehouse_stoleinfo01 We stole some information from the Citadel on our way out.
al_safehouse_stoleinfo02 I don't know what it is yet,
al_safehouse_stoleinfo03 But it's important enough that they've been hounding us the whole way here.
al_safehouse_takeus Can you take us there?
al_safehouse_tellus Just tell us where you want us.
al_safehouse_vorthand01 We're not exactly sure.
al_safehouse_vorthand02 The vortigaunts had a hand in it,
al_safehouse_vorthand03 Is all I know.
al_safehouse_vortsomething01 We're not exactly sure.
al_safehouse_vortsomething02 All I know is the vortigaunts had something to do with it.
al_safehouse_whataboutyou But what about you, Barney?
al_safehouse_yeah Yeah.
al_sameaslasttime Same as last time, Gordon. Let's get this bridge down.
al_seats Looks like we'll be fighting over seats on that train.
al_shortwork Those overhead turrets should make short work of them.
al_shouldevac What are you doing here? You should have evacuated by now.
al_slugourway Looks like we're gonna have to slug our way through here… the longer we take finding the trainstation, the more dangerous it gets.
al_sniper_bringroller Bring me a rollermine.
al_sniper_cantcomewith I can't come with you until that sniper's out of the picture.
al_sniper_cantgetthru We can't get through here while that sniper's covering the street.
al_sniper_cantgoout I can't go out in that.
al_sniper_cantgoout2 I can't go out there while that sniper's covering the street.
al_sniper_climbup Let me climb up and take a look at what we're walking into.
al_sniper_dontrunout Gordon — hold up a second.
al_sniper_dontwasteroller01 Don't waste those rollermines.
al_sniper_dontwasteroller02 Bring one over here.
al_sniper_fort Uh oh…they've got the street fortified up ahead.
al_sniper_grabroller01 Hey – bring that rollermine to me.
al_sniper_grabroller02 Maybe we can use it against the sniper.
al_sniper_grabroller03 Hey – grab that rollermine.
al_sniper_grabroller04 Maybe we can use it against the sniper.
al_sniper_headoff01 Nice toss, Gordon.
al_sniper_headoff02 That sniper almost took my head off.
al_sniper_holdback Hold back – grab me one of those rollermines.
al_sniper_lobroller Try lobbing a rollermine up there.
al_sniper_minesonourside Let's get some rollermines on our side.
al_sniper_mounted I can't move this mounted gun. I'll cover you from up here.
al_sniper_pinned We're pinned down. We need some way to take out those gunners.
al_sniper_runpoint There's a Combine garrison at the end of this street. You run point, and then I'll follow as soon as I see you've made it through.
al_sniper_runpoint_new01 You run point, okay?
al_sniper_runpoint_new02 I'll cover you from up here till you reach the far end.
al_sniper_runpoint_new03 When the coast is clear, I'll catch up.
al_sniper_runpoint_new04 Sound good?
al_sniper_takeoutsniper Take out that sniper, Gordon!
al_snipe_close01 [Sigh] That was close.
al_snipe_close02 Let's go through here.
al_snipe_gunner I can't get a clear sight on that gunner…can you open up a line of fire for me?
al_snipe_ladder01 Okay, looks like I can let that ladder down to you. Let me shoot out the latch.
al_snipe_ladder02 I might be a little bit rusty with this rifle…
al_snipe_ladder03 Hah! Nope, guess I'm not.
al_snipe_lure01 Lure them into the open, Gordon!
al_snipe_lure02 Bring them out where I can get a clear shot!
al_snipe_lure03 I need a clear shot, Gordon!
al_snipe_lure04 I'll get that for you.
al_snipe_openandcover01 Open the gate!
al_snipe_openandcover02 Okay, cover me while I catch up.
al_snipe_post Okay, Gordon, I'll take the sniper's post and cover you for now.
al_snipe_rollers More rollermines! Come on, Gordon, let's put them to work.
al_snipe_runforit01 See that barricade up ahead?
al_snipe_runforit02 Why don't you make a run for it.
al_snipe_runforit03 I'll cover you from up here, then you can open the gate and cover me while I catch up.
al_snipe_toss Toss one into the sniper's nest!
al_someonefiring Someone's firing!
al_startingtoflarehurry It looks like the citadel is starting to flare up again. We'd better hurry.
al_stillcrank I hope you've still got that crank.
al_strider_again 'Again!
al_strider_another Hit it with another one, Gordon!
al_strider_berightback I'll be right back, Gordon.
al_strider_cantleave We can't leave till that strider's taken care of…
al_strider_careful Gordon, be careful!
al_strider_fantastic Fantastic job, Gordon!
al_strider_getdown Get down!
al_strider_hurting01 Ah! It's hurting, Gordon!
al_strider_hurting02 One more like that!
al_strider_keephammering Okay, Gordon, I won't be much help against the strider, but I can find us a way out of here. Hold on and keep hammering at that thing. I'll be back as soon as I can.
al_strider_myhero My hero!
al_strider_mynewhero You're my new hero!
al_strider_omg Oh my God…Strider!
al_strider_overhere Over here!
al_strider_pummel01 Good shot!
al_strider_pummel02 Keep pummeling it!
al_strider_scratch I don't have a weapon that'll even scratch that strider. It's up to you.
al_strider_watchout Watch out!
al_strider_yes Yes!
al_strider_youdidit You did it!
al_sublevelcut Looks like the combine cut straight though the sublevel city…I wonder how far down we are…
al_subwaymap01 Hey – a map.
al_subwaymap02 hmm
al_subwaymap03 The stalker train took us further than I thought.
al_subwaymap04 We've still got a hike ahead of us… but it could have been worse.
al_survivors Check for survivors, Gordon—anyone hiding.
al_thanksforcover Thanks for covering me, Gordon. Let's keep moving!
al_thatsoundagain Uh-oh… here we go again.
al_thereyouare There you are. I thought you might have forgotten about me.
al_tooksolong What took you so long?
al_tougherthanithought That was tougher than I thought.
al_tow_crank Now, where's that crank handle?
al_tow_doorstuck This way. Damn. The doors are stuck. See if you can find some way to pull them open.
al_tow_goodidea Hey! Good idea!
al_tow_great Great! Good thinking!
al_tow_tighter There's got to be some way to pull this cable tighter.
al_tow_tool Look around, Gordon. Maybe we can find some kind of tool…
al_train_bitofluck Looks like our first bit of luck. This train should pass near enough to where my father's holding out.
al_train_climbon Climb on, Gordon!
al_train_close Ah, that was close.
al_train_flare The flare.
al_train_gonnamakeit Ha, I don't believe it. I think we're actually gonna make it out of here…
al_train_gonnamiss Ah! Gordon! We're gonna miss our train!
al_train_gordon Gordon!
al_train_hereitgoes Here it goes.
al_train_herewego Okay…here we go....
al_train_holdon Hold on!
al_train_itsgoing It's going, Gordon.
al_train_jump Jump!
al_train_jumpon Jump on, Gordon!
al_train_letsgonow Let's go! Go! Now!
al_train_madeit01 We made it.
al_train_madeit02 I don't believe it.
al_train_madeit03 There's nothing else we can do now, I guess, except hope we can get far enough before it…
al_train_missedit We missed it, Gordon!
al_train_ohnomissed Oh no, we missed our train!
al_train_omg Oh my God…
al_train_onemore Ah! One more—over there! That one! Hurry!
al_train_overthere There's one over there! Let's go!
al_train_ride01 My Dad always talks about the Black Mesa train.
al_train_ride02 He says he took me on it once, but I don't remember.
al_train_stillcatch Maybe we can still catch that one. Come on!
al_train_thatone Hey, what about that one?
al_train_thereitgoes There it goes.
al_train_thisisit This is it…
al_train_thisway This way!
al_tunnel_catchbreath01 I uh…
al_tunnel_catchbreath02 I gotta catch my breath…
al_tunnel_holdup Hold up a sec…
al_tunnel_noteasy01 Okay…
al_tunnel_noteasy02 Well…
al_tunnel_noteasy03 This might not be as easy I thought.
al_tunnel_sameboat01 We're in the same boat as the other evacuees now.
al_tunnel_sameboat02 On foot to a train station.
al_tunnel_surface Let's head for the surface.
al_turrets Watch out—turrets!
al_turretsempty Damn, they're empty!
al_tvsmash05 You're right – we don't have time to watch TV.
al_uhohcomingthru Uh-oh – they're coming through.
al_ventskills Your vent-crawling skills seem to be in high demand today, Gordon.
al_watchdoor Could you watch the door for a minute? Make sure nobody comes in?
al_watchself Watch yourself, Gordon.
al_watch_barnacle Watch those barnacles.
al_welldowhatwecan We'll do what we can. Come on, Gordon.
al_whatimiss Okay, what did I miss?
al_whatsbeeping What's that beeping sound.
al_whatsound What's that sound?
al_whatwegonnado What're we gonna do?
al_wholecity The whole city's going to look like this soon…
al_whydefendgarrison Why are they defending this garrison when the whole city's about to blow.
al_whystickaround01 No!
al_whystickaround02 Why hadn't they left the city already?
al_whystickaround03 Why are people sticking around?
al_whythisway What now?
al_workingonit01 We're working on it.
al_workingonit02 Hurry up, Gordon!
al_youdonethisbefore You've done this before, haven't you.
al_youfinished Heh… we wondered when you were gonna be done in there.
al_youheardthem You heard them, Gordon! Get the burrows blocked.
al_zombieroom_gordon Gordon!
al_zombieroom_heavyhev How much does that suit weigh?
al_zombieroom_landlord Hey, you found the landlord's apartment.
al_zombieroom_lookout Look out! …
al_zombieroom_lookout02 Uh oh…
al_zombieroom_scenic Taking the scenic route, eh?
al_zombine_asif As if regular zombies weren't bad enough.
al_zombine_crap Crap!
al_zombine_everywhere Watch it, they're everywhere!
al_zombine_gothru Let's go through here. See where it puts us.
al_zombine_grenade Look out, it's got a grenade!
al_zombine_joke01 to al_zombine_joke04, al_zombine_getit01 and al_zombine_getit02 Hmmm. A Combine zombie. Zombie Combine. That's, that's like a…ah…a Zombine! Right? Heh… Zombine, get it?  Heh heh.   Heh. O————kay.
al_zombine_shinelight Ah, anyway…shine your light on the door over here and I'll get us out of here. Whatever you call it, I hope I don't ever see another one.
al_zombine_trooptrain Looks like we've found a troop train.
al_zombine_wth What the hell is that?