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Alyx Vance/Quotes/Half-Life 2: Episode Two

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The following is a list of quotes from Alyx Vance, from Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

The Outlands[edit]

Victory Mine - first[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_01/intro

Filename(s) Quote
al_rbed_aportalstorm Portal storm!
al_rbed_areyouok Are you okay?
al_rbed_callinggordon04 Gordon!
al_rbed_checkin Now, to check in.
al_rbed_commctr01 Okay – a communication center.
al_rbed_commctr02 Let's see if we can get out a message to my Dad.
al_rbed_didntseeyou01 When I couldn't find you I got...
al_rbed_didntseeyou02 I know, I know – I shouldn't have worried.
al_rbed_didtrick That did the trick.
al_rbed_didtrick02 Thanks.
al_rbed_didyouhear Did you hear that?
al_rbed_gatenags01 Go on, Gordon. Open the gate.
al_rbed_gatenags02 As long as they're doing aerial sweeps, we should make our way into the mines.
al_rbed_gatenags03 Maybe you can find a way to get this gate open.
al_rbed_gatenags04 Looks like we can get into the mines through here. If we could just get this gate open.
al_rbed_gatenags05 Do you see a gate control in there, Gordon?
al_rbed_gatenags06 Open the gate up, Gordon!
al_rbed_giveupnow01 Well, we should keep moving.
al_rbed_giveupnow02 I'm sure the Combine haven't forgotten about us.
al_rbed_gravgunkick Wow – I forgot what a kick this thing has.
al_rbed_gravgunstillworks Let's hope this still works
al_rbed_haven Well, safe haven it ain't.
al_rbed_heardvorts01 I heard vortigaunts a few minutes ago. Maybe they're still around.
al_rbed_heardvorts02 We've got a long way to go to find my Dad. It would be nice to have some extra help.
al_rbed_help Help!
al_rbed_heregoes Here goes.
al_rbed_holdonsec_alt Hold on a sec – I'll get you out of there.
al_rbed_hopewedont01 and al_rbed_hopewedont02 It's like the First Days all over again. I hope we don't get many more.
al_rbed_hunter_breathing05 [pained breathing]
al_rbed_hunter_collapse04 [pain sounds]
al_rbed_hunter_collapse08 [pain sounds]Help me...
al_rbed_hunter_collapse09 [pain sounds]Gordon...
al_rbed_hunter_pain01 [pain sounds]
al_rbed_insight Hey, if you have any blinding insights into how to fix this, go for it.
al_rbed_lookbridge Look – the bridge!
al_rbed_mess What a mess. This could take a while.
al_rbed_mindplug Would you mind plugging it in?
al_rbed_notalone Shh. Quiet! We're not alone
al_rbed_notsurehow Not sure what I just did ...but it worked.
al_rbed_omg Oh my God!
al_rbed_omgcitadel01 Oh my God – the Citadel!
al_rbed_omgcitadel02 What the hell is happening?
al_rbed_plugitin See the cord, Gordon? You want to plug it in?
al_rbed_plususe01 I'm glad to see you too.
al_rbed_plususe03 Mm-hm, we should head out.
al_rbed_plususe04 Amazing we survived, isn't it?
al_rbed_rebel I wouldn't be surprised if the rebels used this place.
al_rbed_rocksshifted01 I hadn't noticed this before.
al_rbed_seesgravgun01 Ah!
al_rbed_snooping Gordon – there's something snooping around out here.
al_rbed_standback Stand back.
al_rbed_takegravgun01 Here – you take the gravity gun.
al_rbed_takegravgun02 You're better with it than I am.
al_rbed_whatnow01 Damn.
al_rbed_whatnow02 What now.
al_rbed_whatsthat What's that?
al_rbed_whatthat What was that?
al_rbed_whoa Whoa!
al_rbed_workingagain Let me see if I can get it working again.
al_rbed_yourokay Oh Gordon, thank God you're all right.
al_rbed_zombies02 Zombies! I got 'em!
al_rbed_zombies03 Or you do...
al_transmit_ahno Ah no!
al_transmit_bearings We have to get our bearings, but we can definitely...
al_transmit_bldgs01 Those buildings look like they've seen some use recently.
al_transmit_bldgs02 We should find a way out there.
al_transmit_breakingup01 Dad?
al_transmit_breakingup02 Dad!
al_transmit_breakingup05 You're breaking up – come in.
al_transmit_breakingup06 Dad – are you there?
al_transmit_breakingup07 Dad!
al_transmit_carefulupthere02 Careful up there.
al_transmit_carefulupthere03 I'll keep watch out here.
al_transmit_comein01 White Forest...
al_transmit_comein02 White Forest – this is Alyx Vance. Do you read?
al_transmit_comein03 White Forest, come in.
al_transmit_comein04 White Forest, are you there?
al_transmit_comeon01 White Forest, come in, this is Alyx Vance, do you read?
al_transmit_download01 I downloaded the whole packet.
al_transmit_download02 They've been chasing us ever since.
al_transmit_feedingdata01 In the control room...
al_transmit_feedingdata02 They were feeding huge volumes of data directly into the core destruction sequence.
al_transmit_gordontoo Yes, and Gordon too. We're okay – we made it out of City Seventeen.
al_transmit_grabbed01 My God.
al_transmit_grabbed02 Gordon...
al_transmit_grabbed03 What if that's why they were sending so much data from the Citadel?
al_transmit_grabbed04 So that...
al_transmit_huh Huh.
al_transmit_ifiwereto If I were to... hm.
al_transmit_oldrocket01 Doctor Magnusson has an old rocket up at White Forest.
al_transmit_oldrocket02 He's been hoping for the day when he could launch a satellite, to tap into the old array they set up at Black Mesa.
al_transmit_oldrocket03 But getting a launch off while the Combine was intact – there was just no way.
al_transmit_oldrocket04 I'm not sure how they'll use the satellite to shut down that portal but...
al_transmit_oldrocket05 I guess we'll find out when we get there.
al_transmit_opengate Hey, can you figure out a way to get this gate open?
al_transmit_railcar Whoa.
al_transmit_strangecore01 Don't worry, Dad – we're fine.
al_transmit_strangecore02 But something really strange is happening with the Citadel.
al_transmit_thatdidtrick Nice, That did the trick.
al_transmit_thatworked That worked.
al_transmit_tracking01 They're still tracking us.
al_transmit_tracking02 We need to keep moving.
al_transmit_upnorth01 Doctor Kleiner and my Dad are up north at an old missile base.
al_transmit_upnorth02 I hope they're still using this frequency.
al_transmit_upnorth03 They're trying to help launch a...
al_transmit_upnorth04 Ah – here we go.
al_transmit_waythrough I can always count on you to find a way through.

Victory Mine - Alyx healed[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_02/junction

Filename(s) Quote
al_junc_ahhuh01 [Mumbling, unconscious moaning]
al_junc_beenout01 Ah...
al_junc_beenout03 How long have I been out?
al_junc_expectingus01 We have to get to White Forest.
al_junc_expectingus02 It's vital.
al_junc_gettowhiteforest01 Hurry, Gordon.
al_junc_gettowhiteforest02 We've got to get to White Forest.
al_junc_ineedto01 But...
al_junc_luckytobehere01 Whoa...
al_junc_luckytobehere02 I don't know what you did,
al_junc_luckytobehere03 but I have a feeling I'm lucky to be here.
al_junc_nexttome01 Come on, Gordon.
al_junc_nexttome02 Next to me.
al_junc_notwithoutyou01 Come on Gordon, get in.
al_junc_notwithoutyou02 We're not leaving without you.
al_junc_ohgod Oh god...
al_junc_soweak01 Hours?
al_junc_soweak02 Ah...
al_junc_soweak03 We've got to get moving!
al_junc_thatsg Yeah, that's Gordon...
al_junc_thoughtdead01 Oh my God.
al_junc_thoughtdead02 I thought...
al_junc_thoughtdead04 I though [sic; "thought"] for sure I was dead.
al_junc_vomit01 [Mumbling]
al_junc_vomit14 Oh... (No text data)
al_junc_whattheywere01 A Hunter!
al_junc_whattheywere02 So that's what it was!

Victory Mine - canyon[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_05/canyon

Filename(s) Quote
al_canyon_army Oh my god. The Combine's on the move
al_canyon_defenseless01 North?
al_canyon_defenseless02 White Forest!
al_canyon_defenseless03 We have to get there ahead of them!
al_canyon_eggs01 You messed with its eggs?
al_canyon_eggs02 No wonder it's mad.
al_canyon_heaven I know I'm not in heaven.
al_canyon_pissitoff01 Whoa!
al_canyon_pissitoff02 That was a guardian!
al_canyon_pissitoff03 Somebody must have done something to piss it off!
al_canyon_sawincit01 So, that's what we saw in the Citadel.
al_canyon_sawincit02 They're sure in a hurry.
al_canyon_thinkcomb You think the Combine found them?
al_canyon_waiting What are we waiting for?
al_canyon_walkonmyown01 I think I can walk on my own now...
al_canyon_walkonmyown02 Let me give it a shot.
al_canyon_walkonmyown03 Yeah... ...stiff, but...
al_canyon_walkonmyown04 I think I'm okay.
al_guard_keepmoving01 Let's keep moving.
al_guard_keepmoving02 Head for the next thumper!
al_guard_keepmoving03 Make a break for the thumper, Gordon. I'll follow you!
al_guard_keepmoving04 Gordon, go on! I'll follow when I can!
al_guard_keepmoving05 I'm still a little weak, but I'll catch up!
al_guard_keepmoving06 I'll cover you from here.
al_guard_nevergetpast We'll never get past those things. We have to get rid of them.
al_guard_nicework Nice work, Gordon. Sorry I couldn't be more help. I'm still a little weak.
al_guard_stucklift01 Looks like the elevator's stuck up there.
al_guard_takecareguardians We're gonna have to take out those guards, Gordon.
al_guard_thanksg Thanks, Gordon!

Victory Mine - Muscle Car bridge[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_06/bridge

Filename(s) Quote
al_bridge_almostcar01 Good work! You're almost to the car!
al_bridge_almostcar02 You're almost there!
al_bridge_better Hey, I'm feeling a lot better.
al_bridge_bye01 Stay safe.
al_bridge_careful Careful now.
al_bridge_found01 Oh God.
al_bridge_found02 The combine found them all right.
al_bridge_gooddrive Great driving, Gordon.
al_bridge_gotback I got your back, Gordon!
al_bridge_hopeokay Well, Gordon. I guess it's all up to you.
al_bridge_iseeyou There you are!
al_bridge_jumpback Well, if they got it over there, maybe we can jump it back to this side.
al_bridge_keeplookout We'll keep on the lookout.
al_bridge_lookcar01 Hey, look!
al_bridge_lookcar02 Out on that bridge...
al_bridge_lookcar03 I think I see the car you were talking about.
al_bridge_openthisdoor Can you find a way to open this door?
al_bridge_openway02 Here, I'll get this field down.
al_bridge_openway03 Good luck, Gordon.
al_bridge_openway04 If we're going to beat the Combine to White Forest, you'd better hurry.
al_bridge_seecaryet Gordon! Can you see the car yet?
al_bridge_shotgun Shotgun!
al_bridge_startcar01 Hop in, Gordon!
al_bridge_startcar02 Let's hit the road!
al_bridge_tanks02 Watch this! Yeah!
al_bridge_thankful I can't tell you how grateful I am.
al_bridge_unlessyou Oh...unless you want it.
al_bridge_vortcharge01 Hey, we got the rifle charged up!
al_bridge_wescored01, al_bridge_wescored03, al_bridge_wescored02, al_bridge_wescored04 (missing) Oh my God... Look at this car! We scored! (File number 03 is played before 02; the subtitles also include a fourth sentence with no sound file, "We'll be driving to White Forest in style.".)

Radio Tower settlement[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_06a/radio

Filename(s) Quote
al_rad_1stpowernowtrans01 Lets go find out what we just powered up. I sure hope it was a transmitter.
al_rad_allofem01 I think that's all of them.
al_rad_allofem02 I hope so, anyway.
al_rad_another There's another one.
al_rad_coverdoor01 The door!
al_rad_crap Crap.
al_rad_detour01 Uh...isn't this the way back to the bridge?
al_rad_detour02 We should go back through the compound and see where the road goes.
al_rad_getpoweron02 We'd better try to get power to the transmitter, Gordon.
al_rad_getready No, not us. The Combine! You have to get ready!
al_rad_headingyourway Yes, I know! But the Combine, they're heading your way!
al_rad_herecomes Here it comes.
al_rad_hereitis01 Here it is.
al_rad_hereitis02 Okay...
al_rad_hereletme Here, let me open the gate.
al_rad_hideinhere Gordon, hide.
al_rad_killedit We killed it! We killed it!
al_rad_lookforradio01 There's got to be a transmitter around here, Gordon.
al_rad_lookforradio02 Let's see if there's a transmitter around here.
al_rad_lookforradio03 Let's look for a transmitter room.
al_rad_lookout I'll keep a lookout while you poke around inside.
al_rad_musthavetrans They must have a transmitter in one of these buildings.
al_rad_nobody01 Nobody's home.
al_rad_nobody02 Wonder how long it's been deserted.
al_rad_notthistime_loud Not this time!
al_rad_now Now!
al_rad_offagain Hey! It's off again! What'd you do?
al_rad_offguard They're not gonna catch me off guard again.
al_rad_omgc17 Oh my god.
al_rad_omgc17a The portal's getting bigger.
al_rad_omgc17b I hope we still have time to shut it down.
al_rad_onroof02 It's on the roof.
al_rad_onuphere Okay! Power's on up here!
al_rad_pickuproad Let's keep going, see if we can pick up the road somewhere ahead.
al_rad_posthunters01 Let's try the transmitter before any more show up.
al_rad_postkill07 We should get our warning out and then keep moving.
al_rad_powerlines Hey, those power lines are coming from this building.
al_rad_powerout01 Well, here's the transmitter.
al_rad_powerout02 Mm. No power though.
al_rad_powerout03 Let's see if we can get some electricity going.
al_rad_readyforyou I'm ready for you.
al_rad_roadsout Should have known it wouldn't be as easy as just driving down the road. Looks like we'll have to take a detour.
al_rad_seestower01 to al_rad_seestower03 A radio tower. If it's working, we need to send a warning to White Forest. They've got no idea the Combine's heading their way.
al_rad_setback We had a bit of a set-back.
al_rad_sh Shh.
al_rad_signweak01 The signal's really weak...
al_rad_signweak02 Well, let's give it a try.
al_rad_takethese Gordon we can take these.
al_rad_theyreback02 Hunters...
al_rad_theyreback03 They're out there.
al_rad_thick01 That was probably a scouting party.
al_rad_thisis This is...
al_rad_timetogo01 We should get moving. They need us at White Forest.
al_rad_timetogo02 Let's get driving, Gordon.
al_rad_twomore Oh, crap. More?
al_rad_use_findtrans01 We need to find the transmitter room, so we can contact White Forest and warn them the Combine are coming their way.
al_rad_use_findtrans02 Nobody at White Forest has any idea the Combine are coming. We have to warn them!
al_rad_use_powertotrans01 We need to restore power to the transmitter.
al_rad_use_powertotrans02 We need to get the transmitter powered up.
al_rad_usecar We've got to take the car if we want to beat the Combine to White Forest.
al_rad_wecandothis We can do this!
al_rad_wfcomein01 White Forest, come in.
al_rad_wfcomein02 White Forest, do you read?
al_rad_wfcomein03 White Forest, do you read?
al_rad_wonder01 I wonder if he got any of that.
al_rad_wonder02 Let's get back on the road.

Barn Advisor[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_07/barn

Filename(s) Quote
al_barn_adv_didyouseeituhoh01, al_barn_adv_didyouseeituhoh01, al_barn_adv_didyouseeituhoh03, al_barn_friends02, al_barn_soldiers01 That thing was hurt. Did you see it? I can only imagine what it would have done if... Uh oh. Sounds like it called its friends. Soldiers!
al_barn_adv_panting01 <sfx><norepeat:20>[out of breath]
al_barn_adv_panting02 <sfx><norepeat:20>[out of breath]
al_barn_adv_panting03 <sfx><norepeat:20>[out of breath]
al_barn_adv_panting05 <sfx><norepeat:20>[out of breath]
al_barn_adv_struggles02 <sfx><norepeat:10>[struggling]
al_barn_adv_struggles05 <sfx><norepeat:10>[struggling]
al_barn_adv_thankallright01 Gordon...
al_barn_adv_thankallright02 Thank God you're all right...
al_barn_agh02 Agh!
al_barn_aghno Ah, no!
al_barn_body02 Looks like we weren't the first to find this place.
al_barn_explode02 Oh my god!
al_barn_foundadvisor01 I think we found our Advisor.
al_barn_foundadvisor02 The vort said we should kill them before they hatch.
al_barn_getcar Lets get to the car.
al_barn_lifesupport01 Ah...
al_barn_lifesupport02 life support.
al_barn_noplug01 Hm...
al_barn_noplug02 Maybe I can get this open...
al_barn_ohmygod Oh my god.
al_barn_oof Oof!
al_barn_overtoyou Over to you, Gordon.
al_barn_podslaunched04 There's an Advisor around here someplace.
al_barn_pullplug01 What do you say, Gordon?
al_barn_pullplug02 Shall we pull the plug?
al_barn_pulsewhat Uh...what...what was that?
al_barn_putusdown01 Whoa!
al_barn_soldiers02 We gotta get outta here!
al_barn_sorry01 Sorry about this.
al_barn_sorry02 [Oomph!]
al_barn_struggle01 <sfx><norepeat:10>[sounds of struggle]
al_barn_struggle04 <sfx><norepeat:10>[sounds of struggle]
al_barn_struggle06 <sfx><norepeat:10>[sounds of struggle]
al_barn_struggle07 <sfx><norepeat:10>[sounds of struggle]
al_barn_struggle08 <sfx><norepeat:10>[sounds of struggle]
al_barn_thereitisagain There it is again...
al_barn_therewego There we go.

Hunter-Chopper battle at Station 21[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_08/chopper

Filename(s) Quote
al_chop_alwaysgame01 Oh, he's always up for it.
al_chop_alwaysgame02 Right, Gordon?
al_chop_anytools01 We need to get back on the road, but our engine's shot to hell.
al_chop_anytools02 I don't suppose you've got any tools for working on cars?
al_chop_bonus Not only did they help me fix the car, they threw in a bonus.
al_chop_cache01 Gordon! 
al_chop_cache02 I found a first aid cache!
al_chop_carready01 Hey, Gordon.
al_chop_carready02 Car's ready.
al_chop_carready03 Come on back and we'll get going.
al_chop_clearup01 Hm.
al_chop_clearup02 What do you think, Gordon?
al_chop_clearup03 Maybe while I'm getting the car fixed up, you can see about clearing up that roadblock?
al_chop_craptheengine02 We may have to ditch the car!
al_chop_enginefire02 Oh crap!
al_chop_findmedkits01 It's not safe here.
al_chop_findmedkits02 If you wanna start chipping away at that chopper, I'll poke around and see if i can find any medkits.
al_chop_gladguys Boy, are we glad to see you guys.
al_chop_inhere Gordon! In here!
al_chop_nagdoor01 Go ahead. Gordon, we really need to get moving.
al_chop_nagdoor02 He said the trap door was up there.
al_chop_nags01 Go on, Gordon.
al_chop_nags02 Someone's got to bring down that chopper...
al_chop_nags03 Get the chopper, Gordon!
al_chop_nokidding01 [Laugh]
al_chop_nokidding02 You weren't kidding!
al_chop_nokidding03 We'll be back on the road in no time.
al_chop_pleasure Oh, with pleasure.
al_chop_thanksguys01 I'll fill you in on the road, Gordon.
al_chop_thanksguys02 Thanks again, you guys!

White Forest Inn[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_10/old-inne

Filename(s) Quote
al_ambush_console02 Let me see if I can disable the shields, and get you closer to the reactor.
al_ambush_datapack01 They're talking about us!
al_ambush_datapack02 They're still after the data packet!
al_ambush_deathtrap This place is a deathtrap-let's get out of here!
al_ambush_deserted Seems deserted.
al_ambush_findpower Let's find the power supply for this forcefield.
al_ambush_fried01 Eh, sorry, Gordon. This thing's fried.
al_ambush_fried02 Since I can't help you in there, why don't I stand outside while you disable the power cell?
al_ambush_fried03 We've had enough surprises for one day.
al_ambush_handiwork01 This could be Combine handiwork...
al_ambush_handiwork02 hard to be sure.
al_ambush_handiwork03 There are so many ways to die out here.
al_ambush_heyow01 Hey!
al_ambush_holdemoff We can hold 'em off!
al_ambush_howlong I wonder how long it's been since anyone stayed here.
al_ambush_howyoudoing Gordon, how you doing?
al_ambush_hunterstough God, these hunters are tough!
al_ambush_jump02 Look out below!
al_ambush_linesight Don't let em get line of sight!
al_ambush_listen Listen!
al_ambush_morecoming More of 'em coming!
al_ambush_niceonce This place must have been nice once.
al_ambush_nomore Let's hope there's no more Combine between here and White Forest.
al_ambush_openthem01 Okay It looks like I can open them from here but I won't be able to come in with you.
al_ambush_openthem02 Here goes...
al_ambush_power There's the power source for the shield.
al_ambush_seefielddown That should have done it. Let's go see if the forcefield's down.
al_ambush_sheds Let's check those sheds at the top of the hill.
al_ambush_skimp Heh. They haven't skimped on security either.
al_ambush_soclose01 White Forest is so close, I hate to waste any more time.
al_ambush_soclose02 Let's keep going.
al_ambush_threeatatime01 Three at a time...
al_ambush_threeatatime02 it's too much.
al_ambush_threeatatime03 Let's get moving before they send more.
al_ambush_turretnag01 Take that turret down, Gordon.
al_ambush_turretnag02 I can't go in there till the turret's out of commission.
al_ambush_turretnag03 Disable that turret, then I can work on shutting down the forcefield.
al_ambush_weresurrounded We're surrounded!
al_ambush_wireuphill01 The wire runs back up the hill to those buildings.
al_inn_getinside Gordon, come on. Get inside!
al_inn_trap It's a trap!
al_inn_wayouthere Now why would the Combine put a roadblock way out here?

Dog vs. the Strider and the Muscle Car[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_11/dogfight

Filename(s) Quote
al_str_almosthadme You had me worried there.
al_str_carnag01 Come on, Gordon, get the car and we'll challenge Dog to a race.
al_str_carnag02 We should bring the car, Gordon.
al_str_carnag03 Mind getting the car, Gordon?
al_str_dogfallen01 Dog!
al_str_dogfallen02 Dog!
al_str_dogfallen03 Are you all right?
al_str_dogokay Dog...
al_str_dropship01 to


Whoa! A Dropship! That must have been the crash we heard. White Forest sentries are doing their job.
al_str_fine01 We're fine!
al_str_fine02 Thanks for your help!
al_str_gasp [Gasp]
al_str_getclear Get clear!
al_str_gettobase Ok, let's go.
al_str_good Good.
al_str_goodboy Good boy.
al_str_gordonoverhere Gordon, over here!
al_str_helpagain Looks like we need your help again.
al_str_ohnodog Oh no!
al_str_ohnodog02 Oh no!
al_str_ohshistrid A strider!
al_str_omg Oh my god!
al_str_onfoot Well, we're close enough to make it the rest of the way on foot if we have to.
al_str_overhere Over here, Gordon.
al_str_overheregordon Over here, Gordon!
al_str_raceyou01 Okay, Dog.
al_str_raceyou02 Race you to the base!
al_str_seeantenna01 Over there!
al_str_seeantenna02 I see an antenna!
al_str_seeantenna03 I think that's White Forest!
al_str_soundgood That...doesn't sound good.
al_str_soundslikedog01 Wait!
al_str_soundslikedog02 That sounds like...
al_str_steponit Step on it, Gordon!
al_str_thanksagain01 All right,
al_str_thanksagain02 thanks!
al_str_uhoh Uh oh.
al_str_wakeupdog01 Wake up, Dog.
al_str_wakeupdog02 Please...
al_str_waytogo Way to go, boy!
al_str_whatthehell What the hell?
al_str_working Everything working all right?
al_str_wouldyoumind Would you mind...
al_str_yeah01 Yeah!
al_str_youareok01 [Laugh]
al_str_youareok02 You're all right!

White Forest[edit]

Pre rocket launch[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_11a/silo

Filename(s) Quote
al_silo_anotheralarm Another alarm?
al_silo_anysooner01 I'm sorry we couldn't get here any sooner, Dad.
al_silo_areyouok Dad? Are you okay?
al_silo_basesecure01 Yes, he's fine.
al_silo_basesecure02 And thanks to him, the base is secure
al_silo_borealisreal01 What?
al_silo_borealisreal02 The Borealis? It's real?
al_silo_catchup Catch up with us when you're done.
al_silo_dad Dad!
al_silo_dadshock01 Dad!
al_silo_dadtransmission Dad.
al_silo_dogslowpoke Better luck next time, slowpoke!
al_silo_dogwins Well, you won this time, Dog.
al_silo_dontgiveup01 Don't give up now, Gordon.
al_silo_dontgiveup02 Let's go in.
al_silo_doyouneed01 Ok.
al_silo_doyouneed02 Do you need anything?
al_silo_everythingok Is everything all right?
al_silo_gladtobeback I'm glad to be back.
al_silo_gladtobehere01 Heya!
al_silo_gladtobehere02 Boy, are we glad to be here.
al_silo_goodteam01 Yeah.
al_silo_goodteam02 We make a pretty good team.
al_silo_gordonthankgoodness01 Gordon...
al_silo_gordonthankgoodness02 Thank goodness you're okay.
al_silo_gordonthankgoodness04 We couldn't get in till you sealed off the silo and the blast doors opened up
al_silo_greetrebs04 Let us in!
al_silo_hereyougo01 Here you go.
al_silo_hopegothere01 And what about the Combine?
al_silo_hopegothere02 Will we be able to launch before they attack?
al_silo_howlongactive01 Do we have any idea how long until the superportal's active?
al_silo_illcatchup I'll catch up with you in a bit.
al_silo_imfine01 Dad, it's not what it looks like. I'm fine.
al_silo_imfine02 Really, I'm fine.
al_silo_inseparable Oh, they're inseparable.
al_silo_intercomdad Dad?
al_silo_judithnorth Doctor Kleiner told me that Judith headed north in a helicopter right after they got here but he wouldn't tell me why.
al_silo_keepeye01 I'll be right back.
al_silo_keepeye02 Gordon, keep an eye on him?
al_silo_leanintome01 Okay...
al_silo_leanintome02 It's okay.
al_silo_leanintome03 Just lean into me.
al_silo_leanintome05 Let's get you off your feet.
al_silo_letdadknow I better let my Dad know you're all right.
al_silo_listentokleiner01 Listen to Dr. Kleiner, Dad.
al_silo_listentokleiner02 Gordon and I are more than able to handle this.
al_silo_listentokleiner03 We'll get her back.
al_silo_meetincontrolroom We'll meet you up in the control room when you're done.
al_silo_message Do you mean the message didn't get through?
al_silo_neversoglad01 I was never so glad to see him, believe me.
al_silo_notatall01 Not at all.
al_silo_notatall02 You heard him, Dog.
al_silo_notatall03 I'm going to go see Dad.
al_silo_notatall04 I'll catch up to you later.
al_silo_notatall05 Take care of yourself.
al_silo_ohyou [wordless exasperation]
al_silo_omgdad Dad...
al_silo_prepare01 Dad...
al_silo_prepare02 Prepare for unforeseen consequences...
al_silo_rightheredoc01 It's right here, Dr. Kleiner.
al_silo_rightheredoc02 We've got a ton of data.
al_silo_rightheredoc03 The strange thing is, it was all attached to a transmission from Judith.
al_silo_safeatlastg01 Well, Gordon.
al_silo_safeatlastg02 White Forest.
al_silo_safeatlastg03 We made it. Safe at last.
al_silo_sameold01 Same old Doctor Magnusson.
al_silo_seedad01 Come on,
al_silo_seedad02 I can't wait to see Dad!
al_silo_seemag We'd better hurry up. Magnusson will lose it if he thinks we were fooling around.
al_silo_soafraid I was so afraid I wouldn't see you again.
al_silo_somethings Some things never change.
al_silo_starting Oh no, what's that?
al_silo_surething01 Sure thing.
al_silo_surething02 Better now!
al_silo_thankreb Thanks.
al_silo_thereitis01 [Inhalation]
al_silo_thereitis02 Wow.
al_silo_wellheadover01 We'll head right over.
al_silo_wemadeit01 This is it!
al_silo_whatif Did you ever---
al_silo_whereskleiner01 Um, where's Dr. Kleiner?
al_silo_whereskleiner02 We should get this data to him right away.
al_silo_wow Wow.
al_silo_youshouldhelp Gordon, I guess you should help Dr. Magnusson.

Rocket launch and finale[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_12a/launch

Filename(s) Quote
al_launch_allyours It's all yours, Gordon.
al_launch_attackstart01 Gordon!
al_launch_attackstart02 Help!
al_launch_aw Dad...
al_launch_beallright Don't worry, Dad. We'll be all right.
al_launch_breath02 <sfx><norepeat:10>[struggle sounds.]
al_launch_breath03 <sfx><norepeat:10>[struggle sounds.]
al_launch_breath06 <sfx><norepeat:10>[struggle sounds.]
al_launch_breath14 <sfx><norepeat:10>[struggle sounds.]
al_launch_bringherback01 It's okay, Dad.
al_launch_bringherback02 Well find Judith and bring her back,
al_launch_bringherback03 Come on, Gordon.
al_launch_bringherback04 The chopper's waiting for us.
al_launch_comeonportal Come on!
al_launch_dadcry Dad!
al_launch_daddad01 Dad!
al_launch_daddad02 Dad!
al_launch_dadgetaway01 Dad!
al_launch_dadgetaway02 Get away!  
al_launch_dadimnot01 Dad---
al_launch_dadimnot02 Don't---
al_launch_damnit God damn it, let go of him!
al_launch_dogspot01 Ah!
al_launch_dogspot02 Dog!
al_launch_finalstage The launch is in its final stages.
al_launch_findus01 Okay, I'll hold you to that.
al_launch_findus02 You, too, Dr. Magnusson.
al_launch_gassedup Well, there she is...gassed up and ready to go...
al_launch_gethug Wow, for a minute there I thought you were gonna get a hug.
al_launch_gonnamissit Where are you two? You're gonna miss it!
al_launch_gonnawork It's going to work, right?
al_launch_hailingfreq01 I think so.
al_launch_hailingfreq02 Dr. Kleiner gave us the Borealis coordinates.
al_launch_hailingfreq03 We'll keep the hailing frequency open on the chopper radio, in case Judith tries to reach us again.
al_launch_heydog01 Dog?
al_launch_heydog02 Hey! Where are you---
al_launch_iloveyoudad I love you, Dad!
al_launch_impaling01_alt2 Oh my God, no!
al_launch_lift01 we are again.
al_launch_lookout01 Dad! Look out!
al_launch_moveitnag03a Let's go to the control room.
al_launch_moveitnag03b We can get a great view of the launch from there.
al_launch_moving01 Well, you gonna push the button?
al_launch_no01 No!
al_launch_no02a No!
al_launch_nodad01 Dad!
al_launch_noooo Noooo!
al_launch_ohgord Gordon...
al_launch_ohnodad01 Oh no.
al_launch_ohnodad02 Dad!
al_launch_pieta01a Oh God!
al_launch_pieta01b Dad.
al_launch_pieta01c Dad, please. Dad!
al_launch_pieta01d Oh my God!
al_launch_pieta01j No...
al_launch_pieta01q Oh my God!
al_launch_pieta01r No.
al_launch_pieta01s No...don't leave me.
al_launch_pieta01u Dad.
al_launch_pieta01v [sobbing]
al_launch_portalclose The portal's close to opening, but Dr. Magnusson's sure we'll be in time to stop it.
al_launch_portalwhoa01 Whoa!
al_launch_portalwhoa02 Yes! Yes!
al_launch_portalwhoa03 Oh!
al_launch_push Push the button, Gordon.
al_launch_seeusoff Aren't you gonna see us off?
al_launch_struggle03 <sfx><norepeat:10>[struggle sounds.]
al_launch_struggle05 <sfx><norepeat:10>[struggle sounds.]
al_launch_struggle06 <sfx><norepeat:10>[struggle sounds.]
al_launch_struggle08 <sfx><norepeat:10>[struggle sounds.]
al_launch_struggle09 <sfx><norepeat:10>[struggle sounds.]
al_launch_struggle12 <sfx><norepeat:10>[struggle sounds.]
al_launch_struggle21 <sfx><norepeat:10>[struggle sounds.]
al_launch_struggle22 <sfx><norepeat:10>[struggle sounds.]
al_launch_struggle25 <sfx><norepeat:10>[struggle sounds.]
al_launch_theredog Dog! There you are!
al_launch_thing01 It's all yours.
al_launch_thing02 Launch that thing.
al_launch_toohappy I'll bet the Combine aren't too happy right now.
al_launch_upsetnut01 What a nut.
al_launch_upsetnut02 Don't go too far!
al_launch_wedidit01 We did it, Gordon!
al_launch_wedidit02 We did it!
al_launch_wereback We're back!
al_launch_whatdoing Oh my god!
al_launch_wow Whoa...
al_launch_wowgord Wow, Gordon. You were amazing out there.


Location: sound/vo/npc/alyx and sound/vo/outland_09

Filename(s) Quote
al_car_beenawhile Uh...guess it's been a while since you drove a car, huh?
al_car_callback01 Gordon, let's go!
al_car_callback02 Let's hit the road!
al_car_callback03 We should keep moving!
al_car_catchup01 Thanks for waiting.
al_car_catchup02 Don't wait on me or nothing.
al_car_catchup03 Going my way?
al_car_catchup04 If I didn't know better, I'd say you were trying to ditch me.
al_car_comments03 You know, it's a good thing I don't get carsick.
al_car_crash02 Careful!
al_car_crash04 [Impact sounds]
al_car_crash05 [Impact sounds]
al_car_crash06 [Impact sounds]
al_car_crash07 [Impact sounds]
al_car_crazy02 Gordon!
al_car_crazy04 Easy there!
al_car_crazy06 Wow!
al_car_crazy07 Whoa!
al_car_crazy08 Okay!
al_car_getgoing02 Hit it!
al_car_getgoing04 Let's go!
al_car_jumpyell05 Woohoo, yeah!
al_car_laughing06 [Laughter, shouts]
al_car_laughing08 [Laughter, shouts]
al_car_laughing10 [Laughter, shouts]
al_car_playerout02 I'll stay here.
al_car_playerout03 I'll watch the car.
al_car_playerout05 Careful out there!
al_car_playerout06 Wake me up when you get back.
al_car_rolled01a Whoa!
al_car_rolled01b Rollover!
al_car_rolled02 They made these things to last, didn't they?
al_car_rolled03 This car can sure take some abuse.
al_car_rolled04 Whoa...dizzy...
al_car_rolled05 Well, okay...
al_car_rolled06 Gordon - you notice anything wrong?
al_car_rolled07 Hey, Gordon... You're not gonna leave a girl hanging, are you?
al_car_runafter01 Gordon, wait!
al_car_runafter02 Wait for me!
al_car_runafter03 Hold on!
al_car_runafter04 Wait up!
al_car_runafter05 Gordon! Wait for me!
al_car_startle04 What the---!
al_car_stayincar01 I'll stay here.
al_car_stayincar02 I'll wait here.
al_car_stayincar03 I'm going to rest here.
al_car_stayincar04 Go ahead.
al_car_stayincar05 I'll stay with the car.
al_car_stayincar06 I'll watch the car.
al_car_stayincar07 You mind if I wait with the car? [Sic; in the car]
al_combat_grim_01 Nice shot!
al_combat_grim_02 Good shot!
al_combat_grim_03 Great shot!
al_combat_grim_04 Nice!
al_combat_grim_05 Yeah!
al_combat_grim_06 Nice shooting, Gordon!
al_combat_grim_09 Let's take em out!
al_combat_panic02 They're all over!
al_radar_building03 I'll keep watch out here if you want to look inside for the cache.
al_radar_getgoing01 Gordon, we should get going.
al_radar_getgoing02 Maybe we should just head out.
al_radar_getgoing03 You okay in there?
al_radar_hiddencache01 Hmm... we're getting a signal but I don't see anything.
al_radar_hiddencache02 What do you think, Gordon?
al_radar_launcherhandy Oh, rocket launcher! That'll come in handy!
al_radar_newdetect01 Hey-something on the radar.
al_radar_newdetect02 We're picking up something on the radar.
al_radar_newdetect03 Radar's going off, Gordon.
al_radar_newdetect04 There goes the radar.
al_radar_newdetect05 What's that? Something on the radar.
al_radar_plususe01 Maybe we should just head out. We need to get to White Forest.
al_radar_plususe02 I don't know. This is supposed to be your area of expertise.
al_radar_withoutbeacon We'd never have known this was here without the beacon.
al_radar_worthtrouble Oh well...I bet that stuff wasn't worth the trouble. Let's go.
al_radar_youfoundcache Ah, you found it.
al_radar_zombiestuff I think the zombies want their stuff back!
al_throwmed01 Gordon, catch!
al_throwmed02 Catch this, Gordon!
al_throwmed03 Medkit!
al_throwmed04 Gordon, here comes a medkit!
al_throwmed05 Here, Gordon, you could use this!
al_cache1_clearedup I guess you cleared up that little problem.
al_cache1_stopcar01 Stop the car, Gordon.
al_cache1_stopcar02 According to the radar, it looks like there's a supply cache here.
al_cache1_stopcar03 It must be this van.