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Aperture Science Discouragement Field

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Aperture Science Discouragement Field
General information

Aperture Science


Incandescent Laser Field

Used by

The Aperture Science Discouragement Field,[1] also known as the Aperture Science Laser Field,[2] is a testing element featured in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. Non-canonically, first appearing in Portal: Still Alive, it was introduced proper in Portal 2 in Wheatley's twelfth Test Chamber.


The Discouragement Field is comprised of dozens of low-intensity lasers which prevent Test Subjects from passing through. Any contact with the lasers will result in instant death. However, the field allows objects to pass through without harm, thus acting as the exact opposite of the Material Emancipation Grid.

The field's two emitters, appearing curved and with a red stripe, dispense five of the two-linked lasers. They are marked with a bright red attention sign on each side. Discouragement Redirection Cubes are unable to redirect any of the lasers.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The Discouragement Field appears to originate from a similar device seen in Portal: The Flash Version, remade for Portal as Portal: The Flash Version MapPack. In Portal: Still Alive, which uses some maps from The Flash Version MapPack, the Discouragement Field was originally named "red wall" as seen on the sign texture found in the game's files.


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