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The following is a list of quotes from Barney Calhoun, from Half-Life 2.

City 17 Trainstation[edit]

Location: sound/vo/trainyard

Filename(s) Quote
ba_inhere01 Get in here.
ba_goon Go on!
ba_move01 I said 'move!'
ba_youcomewith You, Citizen! Come with me.
ba_backup Back up!
ba_getin Get in!
ba_noimgood No, I'm good.
ba_privacy Yeah, I'm gonna need me some privacy for this!
ba_thatbeer01 and ba_thatbeer02 Now... about that beer I owed ya.
ba_rememberme It's me, Gordon! Barney from Black Mesa.
ba_sorryscare Hey, sorry for the scare. I had to put on a show for the cameras.
ba_undercover I've been working undercover with Civil Protection. I can't take too long or they'll get suspicious. I'm way behind on my beating quota.
ba_lookwho Sorry, Doc, but look who's here.
ba_tellme01 Yeah, you and me both, Doc.
ba_tellme02 He was about to board the Express to Nova Prospekt.
ba_thinking01 I'm thinking, I'm thinking.
ba_checkpoints Well, as long as he stays away from checkpoints we should be okay.
ba_gottago Listen, I gotta go, Doc. We're taking enough chances as it is.
ba_ownway Okay, Gordon you're gonna have to make your own way to Dr. Kleiner's lab.
ba_blowcover Oh man, that's what I was afraid of. Get in here, Gordon, before you blow my cover.
ba_blowcover_b Pile up some stuff to get through that window, and keep going 'til you're in the plaza.
ba_meetyoulater01 I'll meet up with you later.
ba_exitnag01 There's no time to waste here, Gordon. Get a move on!
ba_exitnag02 They're right outside, get going!
ba_exitnag03 Hey, move it now, will you?
ba_exitnag04 Will you get going?
ba_exitnag05 Move it along!
ba_exitnag06 Get going, Gordon!
ba_exitnag07 Hurry up!

Kleiner's Lab[edit]

Location: sound/vo/k_lab


Filename(s) Quote
ba_cantkeephim01 We can't keep him here long, Doc.
ba_cantkeephim02 It'll jeopardize everything we've worked for.
ba_cantlook I can't look.
ba_careful01 Careful!
ba_careful02 Be careful!
ba_dontblameyou Okay, I don't blame you for hesitating, but if we're gonna do this thing, then let's just get through it.
ba_dontworry01 Don't worry, Gordon, we'll-
ba_forgetthatthing Forget about that thing!
ba_geethanks Gee, thanks.
ba_getamoveon Gordon, get a move on.
ba_getitoff01 Damn it!
ba_getitoff02 Get it off me!
ba_getoutofsight01 Get down outta sight!
ba_getoutofsight02 I'll come find you!
ba_getsuiton Get your suit on, Gordon.
ba_goodluck02 Good luck out there, Gordon.
ba_guh Ugh!
ba_headhumper01 It's your pet, the freakin' head-humper!
ba_headhumper02 Look out!
ba_hearthosesirens Man, Gordon! You stirred up the hive.
ba_hesback01 Hey, hey, he's back!
ba_hesback02 I'm getting him outta there!
ba_ishehere Well, is he here?
ba_itsworking01 to ba_itsworking04 You mean it's working? For real this time? BecauseI still have nightmares about that cat.
ba_juicedup At least get that suit juiced up, Gordon.
ba_longer Yeah, longer if we're lucky.
ba_myshift01 Ha, I've gotta get back on my shift.
ba_myshift02 But okay.
ba_notime Doc, we don't have time for this!
ba_notimetofool01 Come on, Gordon.
ba_notimetofool02 We don't have time to fool around. Get your suit on.
ba_nottoosoon01 And not a moment too soon.
ba_outcivvies Doc, since he's not taking the streets, you might as well get him out of his civvies.
ba_pissinmeoff You're pissin' me off, Gordon.
ba_pushinit You're pushin' it Gordon.
ba_saidlasttime That's what you said last time.
ba_sarcastic01 Good job, Gordon.
ba_sarcastic02 Throwing that switch and all?
ba_sarcastic03 I can see your M.I.T. education really pays for itself.
ba_suitup Time to suit up, Gordon.
ba_thatpest I thought you got rid of that pest!
ba_thereheis There he is!
ba_thereyouare There you are!
ba_thingaway01 Here we go...
ba_thingaway02 Aaah!
ba_thingaway03 Get that thing away from me!
ba_thisway This way, Gordon.
ba_whatthehell What the hell?
ba_whoops Whoops!

HEV suit

Filename(s) Quote


Filename(s) Quote

Leaving Kleiner's lab

Filename(s) Quote
ba_heygordon Hey, Gordon!
ba_citadel02 The Citadel's on full alert! I've never seen it lit up like that.
ba_getoutfast Get out of City 17 as fast as you can, Gordon!
ba_oldcanals Take the old canals, right? They'll get you to Eli's lab. It's a dangerous route, but there's a whole network of refugees and they'll help you if they can.
ba_lookafterdoc I'd come with you, but I've got to look after Dr. Kleiner.
ba_crowbar01 and ba_crowbar02 Oh, and before I forget. I think you dropped this back in Black Mesa.
ba_goodluck01 and ba_goodluck02 Good luck out there, buddy. You're gonna need it.

Kleiner's Lab 2[edit]

Location: sound/vo/k_lab2

Filename(s) Quote
ba_getgoing Go on, get going!
ba_goodnews Well man, that's good news.
ba_goodnews_b I almost gave you guys up for lost!
ba_goodnews_c I'll take all the help I can get.
ba_goodnews_d We're planning to set up a staging area for attacking the Citadel.
ba_heydoc01 Hey, Doc? Are you there?
ba_heydoc02 Doc, come in, are you there?
ba_incoming Oh crap! Incoming!

Overwatch Sniper[edit]

Location: sound/vo/streetwar/sniper

Filename(s) Quote
ba_cantmove Gordon, I can't move. These snipers got me pinned down.
ba_gateclearance Let me get this gate. My Civil Protection status still gives me limited clearance.
ba_goodtohavehelp It's good to see ya, Gordon. It'll be good to have your help goin' into the nexus up ahead.
ba_hauntsme That damn thing haunts me.
ba_headhumpersgordon Watch the headhumpers, Gordon.
ba_hearcat Did you hear a cat just now?
ba_heycomeon Hey, come on!
ba_letsclearout All right, thanks, Gordon. Now let's clear outta here.
ba_letsgetgoing Let's get going.
ba_nag_grenade01 The grenades, Gordon!
ba_nag_grenade02 Hey, look at the grenades, would ya?
ba_nag_grenade03 How about a grenade, Gordon?
ba_nag_grenade04 Gordon, lob a couple grenades, that'll clear 'em out.
ba_nag_grenade05 Gordon! Grenades!
ba_onedownonetogo That's one down, one to go, buddy!
ba_overhere Over here!
ba_returnhero You're quite the returning hero these days, Gordon.
ba_takeoutsnipers Gordon, take out these snipers, would ya?!

Overwatch Nexus[edit]

Location: sound/vo/streetwar/nexus

Filename(s) Quote
ba_alldown That's it! They're all down.
ba_comingfromroof They'll be coming from the roof.
ba_done Done.
ba_firstgetin First, we gotta get into the Nexus building.
ba_gateintro There's that gate I was telling you about. We'll have to come back here after we get it open. If we get it open.
ba_headforroof Let's head for the roof now, Gordon.
ba_ifcitscomethru If any more citizens come through, I'll send them up to find you.
ba_illopenthis Great, I'll open this up.
ba_keepgate I'm gonna stay here and keep these gates open long enough to make a difference.
ba_lasers_goforit Wow. With that much security, there must be something good in there. Go for it, Doc. I'll wait here till you shut it down. Be careful.
ba_lastone One generator to go.
ba_nexusahead There's an old building up ahead, a bank or museum or something like that. Whatever the hell it used to be, now it's a nexus for Overwatch in City Seventeen. It's the main source of pain for this part of town, thanks to a huge suppression device that's raining down hell from the roof of the place.
ba_ourgate There's our gate. Let me just get it open.
ba_ownsroof Oh man. Overwatch owns the roof, and that's where we're headed.
ba_prisoners Prisoners! Let 'em out, Gordon. We could use their help.
ba_rollgrenade Roll a grenade in there if you've got one. That oughtta do it.
ba_roofaccess Roof access is this way.
ba_seeyou See you when I see you, Gordon.
ba_settraps Set some traps for them, Gordon.
ba_shieldlobby If we want to get through these shields, we'll have to take out the generators one at a time.
ba_skybreinf Go on up and connect the skybridge. We need to let reinforcements come through from every possible direction.
ba_spotted So much for stealth. We've been spotted!
ba_supp_nothurt You're not gonna hurt that thing from down here, Gordon. We'll have to shut it down from inside.
ba_suppressordown That'll shut down the suppressor on the roof as well.
ba_surrounded We're surrounded!
ba_thenletsgo Then let's go!
ba_threegen We've got three generators to disable. Might as well start with this one.
ba_totheroof To the roof, Gordon!
ba_turretsyoudeal Uh-oh. Turrets. You've got the HEV Suit, you deal with them. Then I'll work the security console.
ba_twotogo Okay, two more generators to go.
ba_uhohdropships Uh oh. Dropships!
ba_usehoppers Try using the Hoppers against 'em.
ba_vista01 There it is. The Overwatch Nexus. Looks like they're mobilizing, big-time. You can sort of see the gate from here. I'll show you when we get to streetlevel.
ba_vista02 We'll have to get in that building to open the gate. Even then, the suppression device will, uh, suppress anyone coming through unless we shut it down.
ba_yougotgravgun Hey, you've got Eli's gravity gun! Try giving those shields a jolt and see if you can shake 'em up a bit.

Citadel's foot[edit]

Location: sound/vo/streetwar/rubble

Filename(s) Quote
ba_comebackdog Here boy, Dog! Come back here, Dog!
ba_damnitall Damn it all!
ba_dogwantsyou I think he wants you to go through, Gordon. You'd better hurry.
ba_gordon Gordon!
ba_helpmeout Hey! Help me out here!
ba_illbedamned Well, I'll be damned.
ba_lookingforalyx Dog came crashing through the plaza, knocking over walls and... I think he's looking for Alyx. He seems to have it set in his head that she's in the Citadel.
ba_nag_wall01 Go on through, Gordon.
ba_nag_wall02 Better get going, Gordon.
ba_nag_wall03 I'll hold 'em off. You'd better get going.
ba_nag_wall04 Go on!
ba_nag_wall05 Hey, go!
ba_nottheredog Hey, Dog! Not there! You can't get through that way!
ba_tellbreen And if you see Dr. Breen, tell him I said, 'Fu----ou!' (Censored in-game by the sound of the Combine Barricade being dropped by Dog.)
ba_trystoppinghim I figured Alyx wouldn't want him getting any deeper in trouble, but... Hell, you try stopping him!


Location: sound/vo/npc/barney

Filename(s) Quote
ba_bringiton Bring it on!
ba_covermegord Cover me, Gordon.
ba_damnit Damn it!
ba_danger02 I don't like the looks of this.
ba_downyougo Down you go.
ba_duck Duck!
ba_followme01 This way, Gordon.
ba_followme02 Come on!
ba_followme03 Come on, Gordon!
ba_followme05 Follow me.
ba_getaway Get away from there.
ba_getdown Get down!
ba_getoutofway Hey, get out of the way!
ba_goingdown You're going down!
ba_gordonhelp Gordon! Help!
ba_gotone Got one! (Originally used in Half-Life)
ba_grenade01 Grenade!
ba_grenade02 Grenade!
ba_headhumpers Headhumpers!
ba_hereitcomes Here it comes!
ba_heretheycome01 Here they come!
ba_heretheycome02 Here they come!
ba_hurryup Hurry up.
ba_imwithyou I'm with ya, buddy.
ba_laugh01 Haha!
ba_laugh02 Hahaha ha ha!
ba_laugh03 He-yeah-he-heah!
ba_laugh04 Hahaha ha haa!
ba_letsdoit Let's do it.
ba_letsgo Let's go!
ba_littlehelphere Little help here, Gordon?
ba_lookout Look out!
ba_losttouch I haven't lost my touch!
ba_no01 No!
ba_no02 No!
ba_ohshit03 Oh shit!
ba_ohyeah Oh yeah!
ba_oldtimes Just like old times, eh, Gordon?
ba_openfiregord Open fire, Gordon!
ba_soldiers Soldiers!
ba_turret Turret!
ba_uhohheretheycome Uh oh, here they come!
ba_wounded01 I'm hurtin', Gordon.
ba_wounded02 I need to get patched up.
ba_wounded03 I'm hurt pretty bad...
ba_yell Yeah!

Unused quotes[edit]

City 17 Trainstation[edit]

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
ba_rooftops There's supposed to be a high route over the rooftops, but... I've never been that way myself.

City 17 streets[edit]

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
ba_allclearthxgordon It's all clear, thanks to Gordon.
ba_onedown One down!
ba_onemorenow All right! One more now! Come on, Gordon!

Overwatch Nexus[edit]

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
ba_armory Hey, it's an armory.
ba_bypass Now we can cut through the square, bypass the Nexus and push straight on toward the Citadel.
ba_comingdown They're coming down.
ba_dayswork All in a day's work, right?
ba_dontbeseen Don't let it see you!
ba_dontstandstill Don't let it catch you standing still!
ba_drawpowerfrominside It draws power from inside the building so that's where we've got to go.
ba_exitsigns Look for the exit signs.
ba_followme01 This way, Gordon.
ba_followme02 Come on!
ba_followme03 Come on, Gordon.
ba_followme05 Follow me.
ba_getthisopen Get this thing open, Gordon.
ba_goodjob Good job, Gordon.
ba_goonnow Go on now.
ba_gottagetskybopen We've gotta get the skybridge open.
ba_greatwork Great work, Doc, you've still got the touch.
ba_letthemout Let them out!
ba_nag_connectskyb01 Good. Now, get the skybridge connected.
ba_nag_connectskyb02 Gordon, extend the skybridge.
ba_ontheroof They're on the roof!
ba_seeyouonground Good job, Gordon. I'll see you on the ground.
ba_shieldgen Check out those shield generators. I've got nothing to deal with those. What we need here is some kind of action at a distance.
ba_stockup Stock up!
ba_supp_spotted It spotted us!
ba_suppdownroofnow he suppressor's down, so you can get to the roof now.
ba_uhohcompany Uh oh. Company.
ba_wisheli I wish Eli were here. Maybe he'd have some advice for us.

Citadel's foot[edit]

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
ba_youhurryon Uh oh. I'll stay here. You hurry on. Good luck up there, Gordon!


Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
ba_allclear All clear!
ba_catchmybreath Let me catch my breath.
ba_clearfornow Clear for now.
ba_comehere01 Come here.
ba_comehere02 Come here.
ba_danger01 I smell an ambush.
ba_danger03 I have a bad feeling about this.
ba_danger04 Hey, remember when we thought Black Mesa was as bad as it could get?
ba_danger05 Hard to believe we made it this far with all our parts.
ba_gurgle01 Gah!
ba_gurgle02 Ugh!
ba_gurgle03 Ooh!
ba_haletsdoit Let's do it!
ba_headcrabs01 Ew! Headcrabs!
ba_headcrabs02 Headcrabs!
ba_healed01 Yeah, that's better.
ba_healed02 Okay, I'm good.
ba_healed03 Much better.
ba_healed04 Hey, thanks.
ba_healme01 Hey, patch me up.
ba_healme02 Help me out.
ba_healme03 Can I get a little medical attention here?
ba_hurry01 Hurry.
ba_hurry02 Hurry!
ba_hurry03 Hurry!
ba_ohshit01 Oh shit!
ba_ohshit02 Oh shit!
ba_overhere01 Over here!
ba_overhere02 Over here!
ba_regroup Regroup!
ba_thatwasclose01 That was close!
ba_thatwasclose02 That was close!
ba_thisisbad01 This is bad.
ba_thisisbad02 Okay, this is bad.