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Barney Calhoun/Quotes/Half-Life 2 pre-release

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The following is a list of quotes from Barney Calhoun, from Half-Life 2’s development.


Location: sound/vo/e3_street/barney_test

Quotes from the E3 2003 demonstration "Barricade", involving a street battle between Gordon Freeman, Barney Calhoun, Rebels and Civil Protection at a Combine Barricade, followed by a Combine Gunship attack.

Filename(s) Quote
ambush I smell an ambush. (reference to Half-Life)
badfeeling I have a bad feeling about this. (reference to Half-Life)
bringiton Bring it on!
changeplans Okay, change of plans.
closecall Hoo, that was close. (reference to Half-Life)
coverme01 Cover me, Gordon!
dontlike I don't like the looks of this.
getdown01 Get down!
helpingus Hey, they're helpin' us.
littlehelp A little help here, Gordon!
manoscience You're in pretty good shape for a man of science.
mytouch I haven't lost my touch.
ohyeah01 Oh, yeah!
oldtimes Just like old times, eh, Gordon?
oneforbooks That's one for the books. (unofficial transcription)
oneforbooks02 That's one for the books!
openfire01 Open fire, Gordon!
poorbastard Poor bastard.
psst Hey. Hey, Gordon. Psst. Over here. Gordon, quick. Get over here. (unofficial transcription)
quiet01 Quiet!
rememberbm Remember when we thought Black Mesa was as bad as it could get?
whistle01 *whistles*
whistle02 *whistles*
whistle03 *whistles*

Teleportation to Kraken Base[edit]

Kleiner's workshop[edit]

Location: sound/vo/kleiner_workshop

Filename(s) Quote
barney_01 Hey, Doc? Doctor Kleiner? Look who's here.
barney_04 Doc. Someone here to meet you.
barney_07 Heh heh, I thought that would get your attention.
barney_09 It's okay, Doc. Relax. So far, we haven't set off any alarms…though we should keep moving.
barney_11 Don't mind him, Gordon, we've all been on edge.
barney_14 Just get him in his suit and I can get him off to Eli's.
barney_16 And how's that supposed to work, exactly?
barney_18 Eli's place is a hell of a lot closer. But I'm not taking Gordon out in his civvies.
barney_22 Knock it off, Doc.
barney_24 You are an odd duck.
barney_25 Here we go - Yaaah! Hey, get that thing away from me!
barney_27 I thought you got rid of that pest!
barney_29 I don't know how you can stand to keep that thing around. After what it did to your partners.
barney_31 Hoo oo ah wah.
barney_33 Damn it! Get it off me!
barney_36 Maybe I can convince her to stay longer.
barney_41 It's time to suit up, Gordon.
barney_42 Get your suit on, Gordon.
barney_43 I'm with Dr. Kleiner on this one, Gordon. We don't have time to fool around. Get your suit on.
barney_46 So always look for the Combine label.
barney_54 Okay, gang. Time's a-wasting. I'm gonna need to send word out to Eli and smooth the way for Gordon to get out of town.
barney_56 Look, Doc, I don't tell you how to conduct your experiments, so don't you tell me how to run my operation.

Teleport chamber[edit]

Location: sound/vo/kleiner_teleport (unofficial transcription)

Filename(s) Quote
barney_02 Mossman's just gonna tell you what I've been saying. Get him to Eli's place, and Eli can take it from there.
barney_11 Tell her I'll smuggle him out to Eli's place.
barney_13 Your man?
barney_18 What?
barney_23 You're not serious.
barney_25 But Doc, the last time you tried this.
barney_29 I'm telling you, we should be heading for Eli's.
barney_31 Sometimes the old ways are the best.
barney_33 All right, all right, Doc, but I've got to tell you, I got a bad feeling about this.
barney_37 Careful with that thing.
barney_40 We're not outta the woods yet.
barney_44 I don't blame you for hesitating, but if we're gonna do this thing, then let's just get through it.
barney_45 Gordon, get a move on.
barney_50 Yeah, except for this gnawing certainty of doom.
barney_52 Uh, nine nine seven three seven nine three point thirty seven. Are you writing this down?
barney_54 That's what you said last time, to that poor cat.
barney_57 I didn't tell Gordon about the cat, maybe I should have.
barney_59 I can't bear to look.
barney_60 I'll be damned.
barney_62 I had to turn the cat right side out again, Gordon, to make sure it was a cat.
barney_64 It's all you, Doc.
barney_66 What the hell?
barney_68 That damn thing! Look out! No!

Teleport chamber (failure and aftermath)[edit]

Location: sound/vo/kraken_teleport (No text data)

Filename(s) Quote
barney_06 He's back!
barney_08 I'm gettin' him outta there!
barney_14 Don't worry, Gordon. We're...
barney_18 I see him, cut the juice! Gordon, stand back! I'm gonna try to break out this window.
barney_26 See if you can climb out through there, and hurry! We sorta blew our cover.
barney_28 For the last time, forget about that thing!
barney_30 Holy crap! Dr. Kleiner!
barney_31 Ah, Doc! You poor sap!
barney_32 Well, we're not gonna do anyone good hanging around here. Let's get out before the roof caves in. Follow me. Looks like we're going the long way after all.
barney_33 Come on, Gordon, no kidding! Follow me!
barney_34 Gordon! Come on!
barney_35 Now!
barney_36 Let's go!
barney_use_01 You should be listening to Kleiner. (Upon being prompted with the Use key between tasks)
barney_use_02 Get serious, Gordon. (Upon being prompted with the Use key between tasks)
barney_use_03 This is for real, Gordon. We got to get you outta here. (Upon being prompted with the Use key between tasks)


City 17 Trainstation[edit]

Location: sound/vo/trainyard

Filename(s) Quote
ba_againstwall Get against the wall. (No text data)
ba_allmine Nope, this one's all mine.
ba_alwayslast01 It would have been nice if someone told me you were coming today.
ba_alwayslast02 Geeze.
ba_alwayslast03 Always the last to find out.
ba_awayfrom Get away from there! (No text data)
ba_awaywindow Get away from that window, Gordon. We don't want anyone seeing you in here. (No text data)
ba_backoff Back off! (No text data)
ba_backup Backup.
ba_cantstay01 We can't stay here long, it'd look suspicious. We've got to get you out of circulation.
ba_cantstay02 Luckily I spotted you before the system had a chance to do a full analysis. But I couldn't entirely stop it.
ba_cantstay03 Sooner or later a red flag's gonna go up.
ba_comeonletsgo Now come on. Let's go.
ba_farasigo Go on through. This is as far as I go.
ba_getalook Okay, get a look at this.
ba_getin Get in. (No text data)
ba_getupthere Get up there. (No text data)
ba_goodluck Hey Gordon, good luck!
ba_goon Go on. (No text data)
ba_goonup Go on up. (No text data)
ba_gotaguy01 Okay, let me think.
ba_gotaguy02 I've got a scout, let me signal him.
ba_gotfriends I've got friends out there, I'll let them know you're coming.
ba_gottacall Hold on a minute, I gotta call the Doc.
ba_gottago I gotta go, Doc. We're taking enough chances as it is.
ba_handoff01 Obviously I can't be seen leaving here with you.
ba_handoff02 I'm gonna have to hand you off to someone we trust, and meet up with you later at Doctor Kleiner's laboratory.
ba_holdtight Hold tight out there and I'll send someone to help you.
ba_hurryitup Hurry it up.
ba_inhere In here, let's go. (No text data)
ba_inhere01 Get in here. (No text data)
ba_itsme It's me, Barney, from Black Mesa.
ba_ivechanged I've changed a lot more than you have.
ba_keepmoving Keep moving. (No text data)
ba_letsgo Let's go.
ba_lookhere Look here, Gordon.
ba_lookwho Sorry, Doc, but, look who's here.
ba_lovetotalk I'd love to talk about old times, Gordon, but that's gonna have to wait.
ba_meetyoulater01 I'll meet up with you later.
ba_move Move! (No text data)
ba_move01 I said move! (No text data)
ba_myguy01 You stay with my guy. He'll meet you out in the plaza and get you to Kleiner's lab.
ba_myguy02 I assume you know what to do after that.
ba_notsurprised Yeah, I'm not surprised if it took you a minute.
ba_notthere Not in there. (No text data)
ba_notyouhim Not you. Him.
ba_outofway Out of the way. (No text data)
ba_overhere Over here. (No text data)
ba_privacy Yeah. I'm gonna need some privacy for this. (No text data)
ba_quick Quick, Gordon!
ba_rememberme Heh heh, it's me, Gordon! Remember? Barney from Black Mesa?
ba_scanbooth01 Gordon? You've got nerve walking in there!
ba_scanbooth02 Look, I'd send someone to help you, but things are getting jittery here.
ba_scanbooth03 You'll have to get to Kleiner's lab on your own.
ba_scanbooth04 See if you can find a way up to the skybridge where the prowl cars—uh oh, gotta go.
ba_scout01 You can't be caught in here.
ba_scout02 I'm gonna let you out on the plaza and our scout will find you.
ba_scout03 Keep your head down, do what he says, and you'll be fine.
ba_scout04 Got it? Good.
ba_seethatguy01 There he is, okay?
ba_seethatguy02 See that guy?
ba_seethatguy03 He's gonna get you to Kleiner's lab.
ba_seethatguy04 Just do what he says.
ba_sorry01 Gordon, sorry about this, really.
ba_sorry02 It's great to see you, and I wish we had time to catch up, but... (No text data)
ba_sorryscare Sorry for the scare. I had to put on a show for the cameras.
ba_talkingyou Yeah I'm talking to you. Come on.
ba_talktothem01 Talk to them and they'll help you on your way.
ba_talktothem02 Whatever you do, keep away from the hacks.
ba_talktothem03 Anyone who looks like me, right?
ba_talktothem04 Listen, just keep a low profile. (No text data)
ba_tellme01 Hey, you and me both.
ba_tellme02 He was about to board the express to Nova Prospekt.
ba_terminalplaza01 That's the Terminal Plaza.
ba_terminalplaza02 Look for citizens wearing a lambda.
ba_thatbeer01 and ba_thatbeer02 Now... about that beer I owed ya.
ba_thatsit Yeah, that's it. (No text data)
ba_theywait Come on now, they're waiting for you.
ba_thinking01 I'm thinking, I'm thinking.
ba_thinking02 Okay.
ba_thinking03 You want him in your lab, right?
ba_twoway Careful, Gordon! That's a two-way monitor. (No text data)
ba_undercover I've been working under cover as a, as a hack.
ba_uphere Get up here! (No text data)
ba_upthere Get up there! (No text data)
ba_verify01 He's not in the Human Index. Once that registers with the system, there's going to be trouble.
ba_verify02 But for now he's transparent.
ba_verify03 Listen, I'll do what I can to get him to your place.
ba_whathell01 Gordon, it's me.
ba_whathell02 From Black Mesa.
ba_whathell03 What the hell are you doing here?
ba_whattookyou Now, what the hell took you so long, Gordon?
ba_youcomewith You citizen. Come with me. (No text data)

Kleiner's Lab[edit]

Location: sound/vo/k_lab

Filename(s) Quote
ba_cantkeephim01 We can't keep him here long, Doc.
ba_cantkeephim02 It'll jeopardize everything you've worked for.
ba_cantlook I can't look. (No text data)
ba_consideringlasttime Considering what happened the last time you guys worked together, maybe that's a good thing. (No text data)
ba_didtopartners01 I don't know how you can stand to keep that thing around.
ba_didtopartners02 After what it did to your partners...
ba_doctorate What, don't I need a doctorate or something for this? (No text data)
ba_dontblameyou Okay, I don't blame you for hesitating, but if we're gonna do this thing, then let's just get through it. (No text data)
ba_dontworry01 Don't worry, Gordon. We'll... (No text data)
ba_dontworry02 Get you outta there! (No text data)
ba_forgetthatthing Forget about that thing! (No text data)
ba_geethanks Gee, thanks. (No text data)
ba_getamoveon Gordon! Get a move on! (No text data)
ba_getitoff01 Damn it!
ba_getitoff02 Get it off me!
ba_getoutofsight01 Get down outta sight! (Unofficial transcript, incorrectly captioned "Run!")
ba_getoutofsight02 I'll come find you! (Unofficial transcript, incorrectly captioned "Run!")
ba_getsuiton Get your suit on, Gordon. (No text data)
ba_goodluck02 Good luck out there, Gordon. (No text data)
ba_headhumper01 It's your pet, the freaking headhumper! (No text data)
ba_headhumper02 Look out! (No text data)
ba_hearthosesirens Man, Gordon! You hear those sirens out there? You stirred up the hive. (shortened in retail)
ba_hesback01 Hey, hey, he's back! (No text data)
ba_hesback02 I'm getting him outta there. (No text data)
ba_ishehere Well, is he here?
ba_itsworking01 to ba_itsworking04 You mean it's working? For real this time? Because I still have nightmares about that cat.
ba_juicedup At least get that suit juiced up, Gordon. (No text data)
ba_longer Yeah, longer if we're lucky.
ba_myshift01 I've got to get back on my shift.
ba_myshift02 But okay.
ba_needmyhelp You need my help with anything? (No text data)
ba_notime Doc. We don't have time for this.
ba_notimetofool01 Come on, Gordon. (No text data)
ba_notimetofool02 We don't have time to fool around. Get your suit on. (No text data)
ba_nottoosoon01 And not a moment too soon. (No text data)
ba_nottoosoon02 Could they be detectin' this? (No text data)
ba_outcivvies Doc, since he's not taking the streets, you might as well get him out of his civvies.
ba_saidlasttime That's what you said last time.
ba_sarcastic01 Good job, Gordon. (No text data)
ba_sarcastic02 Throwin' that switch and all. (No text data)
ba_sarcastic03 I can see your MIT education really pays for itself. (No text data)
ba_sarcastic04 And your work with the extension cord. Man! (No text data)
ba_sarcastic05 Beautiful stuff! (No text data)
ba_suitup Time to suit up, Gordon. (No text data)
ba_thatpest I thought you got rid of that pest!
ba_thereheis There he is. (No text data)
ba_thereyouare There you are!
ba_thingaway01 Here we go.
ba_thingaway02 Aaah!
ba_thingaway03 Get that thing away from me!
ba_troublealone01 Really?
ba_troublealone02 I thought you had enough trouble getting through alone.
ba_whatthehell What the hell? (No text data)
ba_woodsyet We ain't outta the woods yet. (No text data)