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The following is a list of quotes from Caroline.

Portal 2[edit]

Location: sound/vo/cavejohnson
Only subtitles for caroline_cave_responses25, 27, 31, 36 and 43 are available.

Filename(s) Quote
caroline_cave_responses08 Yes sir! (No text data)
caroline_cave_responses12 'Goodbye Caroline.' (No text data)
caroline_cave_responses15 [laughing] Oh, Mr. Johnson! (No text data)
caroline_cave_responses25 I am!
caroline_cave_responses27 Yes sir, Mr. Johnson!
caroline_cave_responses29 Mr. Johnson! (No text data)
caroline_cave_responses30 [laughing] Mr. Johnson!
caroline_cave_responses31 'Goodbye, Caroline.'
caroline_cave_responses36 Sir, the testing?
caroline_cave_responses39 Yes, Mr. Johnson (No text data)
caroline_cave_responses41 We're still doing science, sir. (No text data)
caroline_cave_responses43 Yes sir, Mister Johnson.
caroline_cave_responses46 We're still doing science, sir. (No text data)
caroline_cave_responses51 Sir! (No text data)
caroline_cave_responses54 Mr. Johnson... (No text data)
caroline_cave_responses56 Mr. Johnson, I don't want this! (No text data)
caroline_cave_responses63 I don't want this! (No text data)
caroline_cave_responses66 I am! (No text data)
caroline_cave_responses80 Sir, the test? (No text data)
caroline_cave_responses82 No, listen to me, sir, I do not want this! (No text data)