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Citizen/Quotes/Half-Life 2: Episode Two

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The following is a list of quotes from the Citizens, from Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

Hunter-Chopper battle at Station 21[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_08/chopper

Filename(s) Quote
cit_welderplususe_01 Hey, don't worry about us. See this car? We're fixing it up and getting the hell outta here. Driving to Hawaii! Beaches, babes and waves. Tell you what, if you ever get sick of this rebel crap, you know who to talk to.
cit_welder_bottle Hey, I was drinking that!
reb1_cannon_thanks Thanks for clearing out the yard, Freeman! Heck of a job!
reb1_chop_alyxinside01 Hey Doc, she's in there.
reb1_chop_alyxinside02 The car's ready, Freeman. Alyx is waiting inside.
reb1_chop_alyxinside03 Alyx is right in there, Dr. Freeman.
reb1_chop_chopper_hint01 Our guns aren't cutting it.
reb1_chop_chopper_hint03 These mines are killing us.
reb1_chop_chopper_hint04 Freeman, clear out those mines!
reb1_chop_chopper_hint05 Damn these mines!
reb1_chop_chopper_hint06 Let Freeman handle the mines!
reb1_chop_chopper_hint08 Doc, can that grav gun help us?
reb1_chop_goodgoing Good going!
reb2_chop_chopper_hint09 Hey, Freeman, try throwing those mines back at the chopper!
rebc_chop_hit01 Return to sender.
rebc_chop_hit02 That's gonna leave a mark.
rebc_chop_hit03 Doc, you're really puttin on a clinic.
rebc_chop_hit04 How do you like a taste of your own medicine?
rebc_chop_shipdown02 I give the Combine a lot of credit, though. They're tough competitors, a real class act.
reb_chop_autogun01, reb_chop_autogun02 and reb_chop_autogun03 Well that could be a problem. You hear that autogun going off out there? We normally run supplies out to the White Forest base, but a few days ago the Combine cut off access.
reb_chop_boyfriend So, that your boyfriend?
reb_chop_favor01 Hey! In here!
reb_chop_favor02 Since you brought that chopper in on your tail, you wanna maybe help us take it down?
reb_chop_goodluck01 Good luck taking out that autogun!
reb_chop_nothankyou No need to thank me.
reb_chop_radarintro01 Special, this week only.
reb_chop_radarintro02 It's like an on-board radar for you guys. Picks up little beacon jobbers like this one here.
reb_chop_radarintro03 We've hidden a bunch of these things out there in the field to signal emergency stashes.
reb_chop_radarintro04 So keep an eye out!
reb_chop_radarintro05 When you see your dashboard light up, you're gonna want to stop and investigate.
reb_chop_shipdown03 Shut up!
reb_chop_shop Tools? We've got a whole shop over here. Come on, we'll get you set up.
reb_chop_trapdoor01 We have a trap door up here where I can let you over to the other side.
reb_chop_trapdoor02 That way you'll get to see the gun before it sees you.
reb_chop_useadrink01 That was amazing the way you threw their mines right back at em.
reb_chop_useadrink02 Well, I could sure use a drink. Who's with me?
reb_chop_zombies01 All the fresh zombies coming out of City 17 have kept 'em pinned down, but it's just a matter of time till the troops start pushing this way.
reb_chop_zombies02 If you think you're up to it, we'll let you out there.

Dog vs. the Strider and White Forest - entrance[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_11/dogfight

Filename(s) Quote
reb1_str_dogcheers01 Yeah!
reb1_str_dogcheers02 Wow!
reb1_str_dogcheers03 Go, Dog!
reb1_str_dogcheers04 Woo hoo!
reb1_str_upriver We've been waiting for you. Just follow the stream, then head up the other side. White Forest is right there. You can't miss it!
reb1_str_youallright You all right down there? Is Dog okay?

White Forest - Pre rocket launch[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_11a/silo

Filename(s) Quote
reb1_calmplususe_01 No time now, Doc.
reb1_calmplususe_02 Hey, Doc, time for that later.
reb1_calmplususe_03 Hey, come on.
reb1_calmplususe_04 Little busy right now, Doc.
reb1_idles01 So...what now?
reb1_idles02 So what happens next?
reb1_idles03 I knew it would end like this.
reb1_idles04 Here's where we turn it all around, eh, Freeman?
reb1_idles05 I can handle the truth, Doc. Should I be worried?
reb1_idles06 Next portal I see, I'm jumping through it. Anywhere's gotta be better than this.
reb1_idles07 Let's take the fight to the Combine, Doc. Straight to their universe. Whaddaya say?
reb1_idles13 Magnusson said whatever you say, goes.
reb1_silo_extrahands extra pair of hands.
reb1_silo_letemthru Yo! Let em through!
reb1_silo_magsentyou Magnusson must've sent you, eh?
reb1_silo_thruhere Right through here.
reb2_silo_heretheycome Here they come! It's Alyx and Gordon Freeman!
reb2_silo_youwereclose We had a feeling you were close when we saw Dog take off like that.
reb_tvwatching_01 Hey, I was watching that!
reb_tvwatching_02 Thanks, Freeman.
reb_tvwatching_03 [Groan...]
reb_tvwatching_04 I hate my life.

AR3 scene[edit]

Filename(s) Quote
reb_silo_reb_art1 So have you ever used an AR2 before?
reb_silo_reb_art2 AR2? Nooo... Now, an AR3, sure. Plenty of times.
reb_silo_reb_art3 There is no such thing as an AR3.
reb_silo_reb_art6 Well, see, in the city...the place was lousy with AR3s.
reb_silo_reb_art7 No it wasn't.
reb_silo_reb_art8 Yes it was.
reb_silo_reb_art9 No it——— So, do you know what the alternative fire method does on the AR2? It kills Hunters. How did you city folk kill Hunters?
reb_silo_reb_art10 We sure as hell didn't use guns. We would just wrestle Hunters to the ground with our bare hands. I used to kill ten-twenty a day, just using my fists.
reb_silo_reb_art11 So, when you're out in the field, you're going to be punching Hunters?
reb_silo_reb_art12 Out in the field? I'm not going out in the field. I'm a radio operator.
reb_silo_reb_art13 (groan) That's it. Leave. You don't need to be here and I'm not going to continue the lesson until you leave.
reb_silo_reb_art14 I'm staying right here.
reb_silo_reb_art15 I am serious, leave.
reb_silo_reb_art16 I'm not going to continue until you leave.

White Forest - field battle[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_12

Filename(s) Quote
cit_loudspeaker_01 Strider coming in from the cranes.
cit_loudspeaker_02 Strider at the sawmill.
cit_loudspeaker_03 Another Strider coming towards the sawmill.
cit_loudspeaker_04 A Strider has been spotted by the cranes.
cit_loudspeaker_05 Another Strider coming in towards what used to be the sawmill.
cit_loudspeaker_06 Now we have a Strider coming in from the water tower.
cit_loudspeaker_08 Another Strider from the water tower.
cit_loudspeaker_09 We have a Strider coming in from the cranes.
cit_loudspeaker_10 Now there's one at the sawmill.
cit_loudspeaker_11 They are coming from everywhere—Strider spotted at the water tower.
cit_loudspeaker_12 Heads up people, we aren't done yet. Another Strider was just spotted at the sawmill.
cit_loudspeaker_13 One more at the cranes!
cit_loudspeaker_atbase Strider at the silo! Strider at the base!
cit_loudspeaker_closetobase Alert! There's a Strider getting close to the base!
cit_loudspeaker_dropships Looks like that was the last one — Wait a minute! Get ready, everyone! We've spotted Dropships carrying even more Striders! We have about a minute before they hit, so gear up! This is going to get ugly before it's over.
cit_loudspeaker_failure06 Oh dear God nooo...
cit_loudspeaker_fewleft Keep up the good work! Only a few Striders left!
cit_loudspeaker_packs Keep an eye out. It looks like Hunters are traveling with the Striders. They're working in packs!
cit_loudspeaker_returntobase03 They're getting too close to the silo!
cit_loudspeaker_returntobase05 They're closing in on the silo! Hold them off!
cit_loudspeaker_victory Attention! Attention! The Striders have been defeated! All personnel return to base immediately. Repeat. All personnel return to base immediately.
cit_loudspeaker_wedidit We did it! We held them off! Good work everyone!
cpt_battle_comecloser02 Come closer!
cpt_battle_entrust01 So, they've sent me Freeman, have they? Good man.
cpt_battle_positions01 All right, people, this is it!
cpt_battle_positions02 Defensive positions! Go!
cpt_battle_sawmillhere02 We've counted a dozen Striders just north of us.
cpt_battle_sawmillhere03 Our job is to keep them from reaching the base to the south.
cpt_battle_sawmillhere04 If they get close enough for one good shot at the silo-
cpt_battle_sawmillhere05 the whole launch is a bust.
cpt_battle_sawmillhere06 And in case Striders aren't bad enough, recon indicates they're being escorted by packs of Hunters.
cpt_battle_sawmillhere08 Now what I want you to do—
reb1_ammocall02 Magnussons over here, Freeman!
reb1_battle_needyourcar01 You'll need that cool-ass car of yours, Freeman!
reb1_battle_needyourcar02 Don't forget your car, Freeman! As if anyone could!
reb1_battle_needyourcar03 Use your car, Freeman!
reb1_battle_needyourcar05 Why are you walkin, man? You got that car!
reb1_buildingexplo03 All right, now it's personal!
reb1_buildingexplo04 Jeez, that place was full of antiques!
reb1_buildingexplo06 Shit!
reb1_healthcall01 More health over here!
reb1_healthcall02 Health over here!
reb1_healthcall03 We'll keep this place stocked with health.
reb1_healthcall04 We'll keep the outposts stocked with health.
reb1_huntprompt01 You gotta take those Hunters out first!
reb1_huntprompt02 Throw something at the Hunters!
reb1_huntprompt05 One time, back in the city, I saw a guy take down a Hunter with his bare fists!
reb1_lastwave01 That seals it. We're dead!
reb1_lastwave02 Defend the base, people! Don't let 'em near the base!
reb1_lastwave03 They must've brought in every Strider on the continent!
reb1_lastwave04 Ah, Freeman, you seein' this?
reb1_lastwave05 Now they're flyin' em in. Great.
reb1_lastwave06 Dropships incoming!
reb1_lastwave07 We got Dropships!
reb1_lastwave08 Here they come again!
reb1_lastwave09 Incoming!!!
reb1_lastwave10 They're not making this easy!
reb1_lastwaveannounced02 Oh man. Here we go again.
reb1_lastwaveannounced03 God. Damn. It.
reb1_lastwaveannounced05 [to self]I'm gonna make it. I am gonna make it.
reb1_lastwaveannounced06 It's gonna take a damn miracle to get us out of this.
reb1_lastwaveannounced07 These Combine bastards just don't give up...
reb1_lastwaveannounced09 That rocket better work...
reb1_magblasted03 Take out the Hunters!
reb1_magblasted08 That Hunter targeted the Magnusson!
reb2_magblasted09 I hate those freakin things!
reb1_packs01 They're traveling in packs!
reb1_packs02 The Striders and Hunters are working together.
reb1_packs03 Watch out for the Hunters!
reb1_packs04 The Hunters aren't making this easy.
reb1_prepare_battle_01 Oh boy, here we go!
reb1_prepare_battle_02 Everyone ready?
reb1_prepare_battle_03 We need to stop 'em here!
reb1_prepare_battle_06 Remember, keep 'em distracted while Freeman takes 'em down!
reb1_prepare_battle_08 Oh man, this is gonna be bad!
reb1_prepare_battle_09 Hey, stay focused! Get to cover and start shootin'!
reb1_prepare_battle_10 Freeman'll do the hard work!
reb1_sawmillexplo01 Oh my god-not the sawmill! Is nothing sacred?
reb1_sawmillexplo03 Ho-ly shit!
reb1_sawmillexplo05 AHHH!
reb1_sawmillexplo06 Goddamn it, TAKE IT DOWN!
reb1_striderdown01 Nice one, Freeman!
reb1_striderdown02 You've really got a way with those Magnussons!
reb1_striderdown03 Magnusson would be proud!
reb1_striderdown04 Keep up the good work, Doc!
reb1_striderdown05 HAHAHA YEAH!
reb1_striderdown06 YES!
reb1_striderdown07 Yeah!
reb1_striderdown08 Whoo hoo!
reb1_striderdown09 Nice shot, Doc!
reb1_striderdown10 Right in the melon!
reb1_striderdown11 Die! [to self] Freakin' bug.
reb1_striderdown12 Eat it!
reb1_striderdown13 Keep it up, Doc!
reb1_tothesawmill_01 You'll find the sawmill at the far end of the valley!
reb1_tothesawmill_02 The sawmill is that way. They're expecting you.
reb1_tothesawmill_03 They're waiting for you in the sawmill—that way!


Location: sound/vo/npc/male02

Filename(s) Quote
reb2_antlions05 Spray 'em!
reb2_antlions07 I HATE BUGS!
reb2_antlions12 Damn these things.
reb2_buddykilled13 Rarrgh!
reb2_idle02 Well, what happens now? (unofficial transcript)
reb2_idle04 That's a nice suit. (unofficial transcript)
reb2_killshots01 Yeah.
reb2_killshots22 [laugh]
reb2_reload03 Reloading! (transcript listed as "reb_reload03")
reb2_reload05 Reloading! (transcript listed as "reb_reload05")
reb2_reload07 Reloading! (transcript listed as "reb_reload07")