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Commentary node transparent.png This is a quote article.

This article is a transcript of all of the quotes from a given character or entity.

The following is a list of quotes from the Conscripts.

Half-Life 2 leak[edit]

Location: npc/conscript/

Filename(s) Quote
coverme Cover me.
getshot / getshotlwv You wanna get shot?
inmyway You're in my line of fire.
linesight Give me a clear line of sight.
move Move, or you're gonna get shot.
out_ammo I'm out of ammo.
outofway Out of my way.
reload Gotta reload.

Location: sound/vo/sniper/

Filename(s) Quote
alley_hurt00 Sniper. Pretty sure he's got a... a bolt action rifle. Hit him while he's reloading.
alley_hurt01 Nice shot. Sure hope that medic's still alive.
alley_leader00 Stay put, Manwich! That's an order!
alley_leader01 Hey, you in the suit! Our APC hit a landmine, and that friggin' sniper showed up and took out our gunner! We're trying to blow open a path to Vance. If you can cover Manwich, he'll take care of the rest.
alley_leader02 Get back, you idiot! Sniper owns this street.
alley_peters00 Manwich is down! He hit Manwich!
conscript_animal00 This guy's mine! Somebody cover me!
conscript_animal01 Cover! I need cover!
conscript_animal02 Hang on, Peters, we're gonna get you outta there!
conscript_animal03 You're all bunch of pussies!
conscript_animal04 Ah, this sucks, I'm goin' for it!
conscript_animal05 You want me? You want some of me? Get it! Get it!