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Eli Vance/Quotes

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The following is a list of quotes from Eli Vance and Eli Maxwell.


From his retconned appearance.

Location: sound/scientist

Filename(s) Quote
c1a0_sci_crit2a What the hell is going on with our equipment?
c1a1_sci_4scan Gordon, you're alive! Thank God for that hazard suit. I'm afraid to move him, and all our phones are out. Please, get to the surface as soon as you can, and let someone know we're stranded down here. You'll need me to activate the retinal scanners. I'm sure the rest of the science team will gladly help you.
c1a1_sci_5scan Be careful, Gordon. (Unused)

Half-Life 2 leak[edit]

Eli Maxwell[edit]

Location: sound/temp/Eli

Filename(s) Quote
Maxwell1B1lwv If you've never been out there before, I have one piece of advice: At the first flicker of green light, you run!
Maxwell2-1lwv If you've never been out there before, I have one piece of advice, the first flicker of green light, you run! (Younger voice for the previous quote)
Maxwell1B2lwv First storm I saw, I made the mistake of stoppin' to study it. That's... how I lost my leg.
Maxwell1B3lwv I've seen 'em take out whole squads, reeling in soldiers, tearing gun boats to bits! Some say it's only an electrical disturbance, but if you ask me, there's an intelligence in there somewhere.
Maxwell1B4lwv If only we could communicate with it. A force like that on our side, now that would be a powerful ally.
Maxwell2B5lwv A force like that on our side, ooh, now that would be a powerful ally. (Younger voice for the previous quote)


Kleiner's Lab[edit]

Location: sound/vo/k_lab

Filename(s) Quote
eli_allset We're all set on this end. (Same as retail)
eli_areyouthere Isaac, are you there? (Same as retail)
eli_behindyou Behind you! (Same as retail)
eli_bringthrough Let's go ahead and bring Gordon through now. (Same as retail)
eli_didntcomethru He didn't come through. (Same as retail)
eli_dontunder01 I don't understand.
eli_dontunder02 There's no other receiver that could... (No text data)
eli_dontunder03 ...possibly pull him in! (No text data)
eli_fewmoments I'll be seeing you here in just a few moments. (No text data)
eli_fewmoments01 Doctor Freeman, Gordon?
eli_fewmoments02 I'll be seeing you here in just a few moments.
eli_glad Glad to hear it. Looks like everything's coming together then.
eli_holdsignal Hold the signal, Judith!
eli_lastthing The last thing we'd want is to send him here on foot.
eli_notquite01 I see him.
eli_notquite02 He's not quite there.
eli_notquite03 What's going on, Judith? (Same as retail)
eli_notwhoithink That's not who I think it is, is it? (Same as retail)
eli_phenom01 This is phenomenal.
eli_phenom02 Fantastic work, Izzy. (Same as retail)
eli_seeforyourself See for yourself. (Same as retail)
eli_shutdown Shut it down, shut it down! (Same as retail)
eli_stayput Gordon, stay put. We'll get you out of there. (Same as retail)

Black Mesa East[edit]

Location: sound/vo/eli_lab (No text data)

Filename(s) Quote
eli_2mode It's got two modes: Standard and asymmetric. Try them both.
eli_alyxsweet Alyx, sweet heart.
eli_askhim01 You can ask him yourself.
eli_askhim02 We're in the lab.
eli_askhim03 I'm about to give him a look at the gravity gun.
eli_basehouse01 We were living in base housing, you know.
eli_basehouse02 When I made it back there right before the end, I found only Alyx.
eli_basehouse03 She had her mother's wedding ring in her hand, but she couldn't tell me how she'd gotten it.
eli_basehouse04 Those days are blank for her.
eli_basehouse05 Sometimes I wish it were the same for me.
eli_basehouse06 I can still only guess what might have happened to my wife.
eli_basehouse07 One of the missing.
eli_basehouse08 One of the millions who were lost.
eli_budget01 Fine scientist, Judith.
eli_budget02 She would have been at Black Mesa, if our budget hadn't been so tight.
eli_budget03 She even had the administrator's recommendation.
eli_budget04 But you edged her out in light of your work at Innsbruck.
eli_budget05 It could have been her in the test chamber that day...
eli_budget06 If things that gone differently.
eli_comeout Gordon, when you're through in there, why don't you come on out?
eli_crater01 What's important is that we survived.
eli_crater02 Black Mesa is a crater now.
eli_crater03 But we're still here...
eli_crater04 And I've got my daughter with me.
eli_dwell01 I don't like to dwell on those days.
eli_dwell02 Pointless.
eli_dwell03 Can't bring back any of it, except for what I brought with me.
eli_dwell04 Only thing we can do is press on.
eli_dwell05 Try to repair the damage.
eli_evac01 Gordon, I want you to stay with Alyx.
eli_evac02 Everyone else knows the evacuation procedures.
eli_evac03 Alyx, as soon as you're through, head for the coast through outlet.
eli_evac04 Take Dog with you.
eli_fine01 We'll be fine.
eli_fine02 I'll show Gordon around and then I'm sure he's going to want to rest.
eli_fineidea01 That's a fine idea.
eli_fineidea02 We'll get back together in a little bit, Gordon.
eli_fineidea03 You're in the best possible hands.
eli_granddaddy01 The granddaddy of that device was used to manipulate the hazardous materials in the Combine's portal reactors.
eli_granddaddy02 Extremely dangerous environments.
eli_hardroads01 Well, we've come by some hard roads, haven't we?
eli_hardroads02 I count myself lucky to be here at all.
eli_hardroads03 Damn few us escaped Black Mesa.
eli_hardroads04 Damn few.
eli_impressed02 You've impressed her.
eli_impressed03 She knows how hard it is out there.
eli_impressed04 She's not only a gifted engineer, she's a first class scavenger.
eli_impressed05 I've gotten my hands on quite a few pieces of Combine technology, thanks to Alyx.
eli_impressed06 Of course, she's learned not to tell me how she gets this stuff.
eli_impressed07 If anything were to happen to her...
eli_impressed08 She's all I have left after Black Mesa.
eli_letmelook01 I heard, I heard!
eli_letmelook02 How could I not?
eli_letmelook03 Gordon Freeman!
eli_letmelook04 Let me get a look at you.
eli_letmelook05 My God, you haven't changed one iota, man.
eli_letmelook06 This is sensational.
eli_letmelook07 I've been saying all along, Gordon will come when the time is right.
eli_letmelook08 See, Judith? My sources aren't entirely unreliable.
eli_letmethink01 Good.
eli_letmethink02 Well.
eli_letmethink03 Let me think a moment.
eli_micro01 Sure, you go ahead.
eli_micro02 Gordon, you hold onto that zero-point gun for a while.
eli_micro03 I'd like to get your ideas about how to take the microfield variation, toward a more general propulsion system.
eli_mit01 Right you are.
eli_mit02 MIT graduates are few and far between these days.
eli_mit03 And I mean to make full use of you.
eli_mit04 We'll get you out of that hazard suit and back into your lab coat.
eli_mit05 Where you belong.
eli_mockup01 That's a mockup of a portal core over there.
eli_mockup02 Let me see how quickly you can phase it to critical.
eli_mockup03 This is something we figure we're going to have to get good at.
eli_myself As a matter of fact, I was showing him around myself.
eli_natural01 Good job.
eli_natural02 I can see you're a natural with the zero point gun.
eli_north Is Gordon with you?
eli_nownow Now, now.
eli_otherhand On the other hand, we got something else that works just fine.
eli_pickedup01 I know. We picked them up to.
eli_pickedup02 This couldn't have come at a worse time.
eli_pickedup03 Where are you now?
eli_realcore01 Now, if that were a real portal core.
eli_realcore02 You'd have about five minutes to get out of the range before it detonated.
eli_righthand01 I believe you've met Alyx.
eli_righthand02 She's my right hand gal.
eli_shiny01 Yes, he wouldn't have lasted long out here
eli_shiny02 But we've all made sacrifices, eh, Gordon?
eli_shiny03 I detect a bit of weathering.
eli_shiny04 I still recall the first day you joined our team at Black Mesa.
eli_shiny05 Dr. Shiny Penny in your clean, white lab coat.
eli_shiny06 And look at you now.
eli_techlib01 Built this around a little piece of tech Alyx liberated on one of her... expeditions.
eli_techlib02 You might recall at Black Mesa, we thought we were a decade away from harnessing the zero point energy field.
eli_techlib03 Turns out the heavy lifting was done for us by the Combine.
eli_techlib04 This is our zero point weapon. Our gravity gun.
eli_techlib05 Go ahead and try it.
eli_teleport01 Here now, this is our teleport.
eli_teleport02 The one that almost brought you through yesterday.
eli_teleport03 Still trying to figure out exactly what went wrong there.
eli_teleport04 We thought we had ironed out most of the wrinkles.
eli_tryit Go on through there and try it out.
eli_verygood Very good.
eli_whereyou Alyx, honey, where are you?
eli_whoa02 Be careful.
eli_withme Well, as a matter of fact, he's right here with me.
eli_writsmall01 Well, come in, come in.
eli_writsmall02 You'll feel right at home here. It's Black Mesa writ small.
eli_writsmall03 You got a look at Izzy Kleiner's lab, didn't you?
eli_writsmall04 It's phenomenal what he has accomplished in those conditions.
eli_writsmall05 Here, we have a bit more freedom
eli_youwerethere01 Sorry, Gordon.
eli_youwerethere02 But you were there.
eli_youwerethere03 I know you understand.


Location: sound/vo/Citadel (No text data)

Filename(s) Quote
eli_dontstruggle Don't struggle, honey. I've tried all that, believe me.
eli_donttalk Don't talk to me, Judith.
eli_enslave Their only use for this technology is to enslave more races.
eli_falsehope You picked a strange time for false hope, Judith.
eli_falsehope02 When you've done so much to destroy what I worked for.
eli_genocide What I've seen is also beyond words, Breen.
eli_genocide01 Genocide.
eli_genocide02 Indescribable evil
eli_genocide03 Our cities turned into the prisons.
eli_genocide04 Those who resisted turned into Stalkers and sent God knows where.
eli_notobreen No.
eli_notobreen02 No.
eli_worship I know what you worship, Breen, and truth is not the word for it.

Half-Life 2[edit]

Kleiner's Lab[edit]

Location: sound/vo/trainyard and sound/vo/k_lab

Filename(s) Quote
eli_allset We're all set on this end.
eli_areyouthere Isaac, are you there?
eli_behindyou Behind you!
eli_bringthrough Let's go ahead and bring Gordon through now.
eli_didntcomethru He didn't come through.
eli_dontunder01 I don't understand.
eli_dontunder02 There's no other receiver that could...
eli_holdsignal Hold the signal, Judith!
eli_notquite03 What's going on, Judith?
eli_notwhoithink That's not who I think it is, is it?
eli_phenom02 Fantastic work, Izzy.
eli_seeforyourself See for yourself.
eli_shutdown Shut it down, shut it down!
eli_stayput Gordon, stay put. We'll get you out of there.

Black Mesa East[edit]

Location: sound/vo/eli_lab

Filename(s) Quote
eli_alyxhoney Alyx, honey...
eli_broke I believe he broke your record, honey.
eli_finesci Fine scientist, Judith. She was up for your job at Black Mesa but you edged her out with your Innsbruck experience.
eli_goodvort All right, good, you keep right on it.
eli_gordonwith Is Gordon still with you?
eli_gowithalyx01 Go with Alyx, Gordon. She'll look after you.
eli_gowithalyx02 Go ahead, Gordon, we'll catch up with you later.
eli_gowithalyx03 Go on Gordon, go with Alyx.
eli_greeting Gordon Freeman! Let me get a look at you, man! My God, you haven't changed one iota! How do you do it?
eli_handle There's nothing Gordon can't handle... with the possible exception of you.
eli_handle_b Ha!
eli_ladies Ahem. Alyx, why don't you take Gordon along and give him some practice with the gravity gun.
eli_littlewhile See you in a little while, Gordon.
eli_lookaround Feel free to look around
eli_lookgordon Take a look at this, Gordon.
eli_mit Right you are. MIT graduates are few and far between these days. We'll get you out of that hazard suit and back into your lab coat, where you belong.
eli_photo01 You remember my wife Azian, don't you?
eli_photo02 That picture, and Alyx, were all I managed to carry out of Black Mesa.
eli_portal01 We've almost got that portal working again,
eli_portal02 but I wouldn't blame you if you didn't volunteer for the next trial run.
eli_safety Where are you, Alyx?
eli_staytogether01 Take Gordon out of here! Head for the coast!
eli_staytogether02 Do not go through Rav---
eli_surface Now, let's see. The last time I saw you, I sent you up for help after the resonance cascade.
eli_surface_b I never thought it would take you this long to get back to me!
eli_thing We're still not sure what that does. Alyx brings in the strangest things.
eli_vilebiz01 to eli_vilebiz04 Dr. Breen... He's the Administrator of this whole vile business now. He ended the Seven Hours War by managing Earth's surrender. The Combine rewarded him with power.
eli_wantyou Good. I want you two to...
eli_welcometolab Welcome to the lab anyway. It's not Black Mesa, but it's served us well enough.

Nova Prospekt[edit]

Location: sound/vo/novaprospekt

Filename(s) Quote
eli_dontworry Don't worry about me, sweetheart. Judith! I see they set you free!
eli_foundme01 Alyx! Gordon!
eli_foundme02 Is that really you? I can't believe you found me.
eli_getoutofhere I'm fine, but you! You've got to get out of here!
eli_iknow I know you will.
eli_judithshelp01 We can't leave Judith here either.
eli_nevermindme01 Never mind me. Save yourselves.
eli_notime01 I'll see you there, baby.
eli_notworthrisk It's not worth the risk, Alyx. I can't lose you! Get out while you can.
eli_thisisportal So this is the Combine portal. It's smaller than I imagined.
eli_whatgoingon What's going on Alyx? Judith? What's happening?
eli_wherewillyougo01 But where will you go?


Location: sound/vo/citadel

Filename(s) Quote
eli_alyx01 Alyx! Honey...
eli_alyxsweetheart Alyx, sweetheart.
eli_damnbreen God damn you, Breen! You let her go!
eli_dontstruggle Don't struggle, honey.
eli_dontworryboutme Oh no, don't worry about me honey.
eli_genocide What I've seen is also beyond words, Breen. Genocide... indescribable evil...
eli_goodgod Good God.
eli_mygirl That's my girl.
eli_nonever Never.
eli_notobreen No!
eli_ohalyx Oh, Alyx, sweetheart.
eli_ohjudith Oh, Judith...
eli_save Save them? For what?
eli_sendusboth Go ahead, Breen, if that's the worst you can do, send us both through your portal!

Half-Life 2: Episode One[edit]

Citadel's foot[edit]

Location: sound/vo/episode_1/intro

Filename(s) Quote
eli_alyxno Alyx, no!
eli_andgordon01 And Gordon...
eli_andgordon02 Take good care of my girl. I'm counting on you.
eli_checkin01 Alyx, where are you?
eli_checkin02 Please, God, tell me you're out of the City!
eli_comeinalyx01 Alyx?
eli_comeinalyx02 Alyx, are you there?
eli_comeinalyx03 Alyx, come in!
eli_comeinalyx04 Alyx?
eli_comeinalyx05 Sweetheart, come in!
eli_dowhatyoumust01 Okay, Alyx, okay... Just promise me--
eli_dowhatyoumust02 Promise me that you won't take a single unnecessary risk.
eli_isaacplease Isaac, please.
eli_izzytalk Izzy, talk some sense into her!
eli_kleiner Kleiner.
eli_kleinerstop Kleiner! Stop!
eli_loveyoutoo01 I love you, too, baby.
eli_loveyoutoo02 I'll be praying for you.
eli_loveyoutoo03 We've got a lot to do here, and I can't do it without you.
eli_shefoundyou01 You found Gordon?
eli_shefoundyou02 I don't believe it.
eli_shefoundyou03 That's, that's impossible
eli_shefoundyou04 But listen, you two have got to get out of the city.
eli_shefoundyou05 The citadel could blow at any moment!
eli_uhizzy Izzy...
eli_uhizzy01 Izzy...
eli_uhizzy02 Izzy!
eli_uhizzy03 Izzy?
eli_uhizzy04 Izzy?
eli_uhizzy05 Izzy?
eli_what01 What?!

Half-Life 2: Episode Two[edit]

Episode Two Teaser 1[edit]

We're done running. This is our chance to take back our world. File to be added
We're not going to lose it a second time. File to be added

The Outlands[edit]

Victory Mine[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_01/intro

Filename(s) Quote
eli_transmit_believe01 Alyx!
eli_transmit_believe02 Thank God!
eli_transmit_believe03 I can hardly believe it.
eli_transmit_crawl01 It's the Combine.
eli_transmit_crawl02 They're trying to open another gateway.
eli_transmit_goodgod Good God.
eli_transmit_rash01 Get here as quickly as you can, you two.
eli_transmit_rash02 But for God's sake, be careful.
eli_transmit_rash03 I'll be waiting for you.
eli_transmit_rash04 Can't wait to see you.
eli_transmit_sevenminutes01 It'll be the Seven Hour War, all over again.
eli_transmit_sevenminutes02 Except this time we won't last seven minutes.

White Forest[edit]

Pre rocket launch[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_11a/silo

Filename(s) Quote
eli_silo_amazing Amazing isn't it?
eli_silo_atitagain Oh boy, they're at it again.
eli_silo_barrier A barrier around the planet.
eli_silo_believe believe it or not gordon, it's been in place since you sent up the final satellite from black Mesa.
eli_silo_blame Can you blame an old man for wanting grandkids?
eli_silo_bootstrap01 Yes.
eli_silo_bootstrap02 It looks like there still is.
eli_silo_bootstrap03 But if it's
eli_silo_bootstrap04 fallen into
eli_silo_bootstrap05 Combine hands.
eli_silo_catchingup01 Okay... Yes, yes we should.
eli_silo_catchingup02 He'll be glad for a chance to get out of the silo.
eli_silo_catchingup03 The way he and Magnusson have been going at it, you'd think they were still competing for grant money.
eli_silo_chuckles01 [quiet laughs]
eli_silo_chuckles02 [quiet laughs]
eli_silo_chuckles03 [quiet laughs]
eli_silo_chuckles04 [quiet laughs]
eli_silo_comehereg01 Gordon...
eli_silo_comehereg02 Gordon, come here.
eli_silo_comehereg03 Over here, Gordon.
eli_silo_cuedup01 Good, good.
eli_silo_cuedup02 We're about to watch the transmission from Judith.
eli_silo_cuedup03 Kleiner has it all cued up.
eli_silo_dofavor01 [breath]
eli_silo_dofavor02 Actually Alyx, would you mind getting me a cup of tea?
eli_silo_dofavor03 There's a hot plate in the old staff room.
eli_silo_dofavor04 [breath]
eli_silo_doneenough01 I can't put this all on you two...
eli_silo_doneenough02 You've done enough already.
eli_silo_donerunning01 That's right.
eli_silo_donerunning02 we're done running.
eli_silo_donerunning03 it's time we took back our world.
eli_silo_extracther01 I won't take that chance.
eli_silo_extracther02 I'm going after her.
eli_silo_feelfree Feel free to look around, Gordon.
eli_silo_findherizzy01 Just find her, Izzy
eli_silo_findherizzy02 We have to find her.
eli_silo_fineinaminute01 [sigh]
eli_silo_fineinaminute02 Thank you, baby.
eli_silo_fineinaminute03 I'll be fine...
eli_silo_fineinaminute04 In a minute or two.
eli_silo_fineinaminute05 [breath]
eli_silo_fromjudith01 Transmission?
eli_silo_fromjudith02 From Judith?
eli_silo_gettingclose01 We don't know for certain.
eli_silo_gettingclose02 We're keeping an eye on it.
eli_silo_good Good.
eli_silo_goodback It's so good to have you back, sweetheart.
eli_silo_goodback01 Don't worry, sweetheart, we're going to make it.
eli_silo_goodback02 I'm just so glad to have you back.
eli_silo_goodgod Good God!
eli_silo_goodgod01 Good God!
eli_silo_goodgod02 It's worse than I feared.
eli_silo_goodman01 And look at you, son!
eli_silo_goodman02 I knew if you both stayed together you could get through anything.
eli_silo_hadalook01 Uh, yes.
eli_silo_hadalook02 Gordon...
eli_silo_hadalook03 If you don't mind, I'd feel better if you had a look.
eli_silo_happeningagain01 Not again.
eli_silo_happeningagain02 I can't let it happen again.
eli_silo_happeningagain03 Not another Black Mesa.
eli_silo_heardclose01 Hey!
eli_silo_heardclose02 Gordon!
eli_silo_heardclose02_alt Gordon!
eli_silo_heardclose03 Man, you made it!
eli_silo_helpingout Thanks for helping out, Gordon.
eli_silo_holdyou Oh, Alyx.
eli_silo_hurry For god's sake, hurry.
eli_silo_hurryizzy Izzy!
eli_silo_iknow I know, I know.
eli_silo_intercomok01 Yes, Alyx, is everything okay?
eli_silo_intercomok02 Is Gordon all right?
eli_silo_itsallrighthoney It's all right, honey.
eli_silo_justgothere Don't worry, Izzy. They just got here.
eli_silo_keepmoving01 Well, we should keep moving
eli_silo_keepmoving02 We don't have much time... Let's get going.
eli_silo_littletime01 We did.
eli_silo_littletime02 And thanks to your warning, we'll be ready when they get here.
eli_silo_littletime03 How much time have we got?
eli_silo_lostforever It should have been lost forever.
eli_silo_neverlether I should have never let her go!
eli_silo_nocontrol01 Hasn't Black Mesa taught you anything?
eli_silo_nocontrol02 There's no controlling that kind of power!
eli_silo_nonemeanthing01 None of this will
eli_silo_nonemeanthing02 mean a thing if...
eli_silo_notword That's not quite the word I'd use.
eli_silo_nowayyou01 no no that's all right sweetheart
eli_silo_nowayyou02 there's no way you could know.
eli_silo_ohalyx oh
eli_silo_ohbrother Oh brother.
eli_silo_onething One thing at a time, Izzy
eli_silo_perfect01 Thank you, darling.
eli_silo_perfect02 Mmm.
eli_silo_perfect03 That's perfect
eli_silo_perfect04 Mmm..
eli_silo_quick That was quick.
eli_silo_quicklyg01 Gordon, quickly...
eli_silo_quicklyg02 Any help you can give him, get in there and do it.
eli_silo_raceclock01 It's gonna be close.
eli_silo_raceclock02 All it would take is one strider to destroy our rocket.
eli_silo_raceclock03 But we're ready for them.
eli_silo_remember01 And gordon freeman certainly needs no introduction.
eli_silo_rememberalyx you remember alyx don't you?
eli_silo_rightaway We've got to see this right away!
eli_silo_sendgordon01 Open the lock, Isaac.
eli_silo_sendgordon02 We'll send him over.
eli_silo_stillalive01 Well that means she's still alive up there.
eli_silo_stillalive02 But if the Combine catch her,
eli_silo_stillalive03 they'll tear out everything she knows.
eli_silo_stillalive04 There'll be nothing left of her.
eli_silo_stoprightthere01 Stop right there, honey.
eli_silo_stoprightthere02 I'm responsible for putting her close to breen.
eli_silo_stoprightthere03 She wanted to stay with us but I needed her to keep an eye on him.
eli_silo_stoprightthere04 my biggest mistake was forgetting how persuasive he can be.
eli_silo_stoprightthere05 Judith made some terrible choices.
eli_silo_stoprightthere06 but she's paid the price
eli_silo_stoprightthere07 she needs us alyx.
eli_silo_stoprightthere08 and I need her.
eli_silo_swoon [Groans as he collapses]
eli_silo_talk01 Unforeseen consequences...
eli_silo_talk02 [laugh]
eli_silo_talk03 The last time I heard those words was back at Black Mesa.
eli_silo_talk04 You had just stepped into the test chamber
eli_silo_talk05 when he whispered them in my ear.
eli_silo_talk06 You know who I'm talking about.
eli_silo_talk07 Our mutual friend.
eli_silo_talk08 When he brought in that crystal I knew I...
eli_silo_talk09 I should have aborted that damned test.
eli_silo_talk10 I didn't.
eli_silo_talk11 The whole world went to hell that day.
eli_silo_talk12 And now...
eli_silo_talk13 Now he's using my little girl.
eli_silo_talk14 Putting words in her mouth.
eli_silo_talk15 God damn it!
eli_silo_talk16 I should have know when he rescued her it was for his own damn reasons.
eli_silo_talk17 Gordon...
eli_silo_talk18 There's so much I need to tell you.
eli_silo_talk19 Between us we may finally have a chance to---
eli_silo_talk20 what else was on his agenda.
eli_silo_talk21 but there's still so much.
eli_silo_thankyou01 [breath]
eli_silo_thankyou02 Thank you, baby.
eli_silo_thankyou03 Thank you.
eli_silo_thankyou04 We're not going anywhere.
eli_silo_thankyou05 [breath]
eli_silo_there01 There, there, sweetheart. We're together now.
eli_silo_there02 That's all that matters.
eli_silo_theygoagain There they go again.
eli_silo_thiswayg01 This way, Gordon.
eli_silo_thiswayg02 Come on, man.
eli_silo_uh Oh, it's nothing, honey.
eli_silo_underwraps01 better than we thought
eli_silo_underwraps02 magnusson's done a remarkable job here.
eli_silo_underwraps03 we're almost ready to put our first big piece into play.
eli_silo_underwraps04 the combine won't see this coming.
eli_silo_useit01 Use it?
eli_silo_useit02 That thing has to be destroyed!
eli_silo_welltalklater We'll talk later, Gordon.
eli_silo_whahappen What happened to you?
eli_silo_whatisit What is it, Izzy? What have you got?
eli_silo_whatsay What did you say?
eli_silo_wheresalyx01 Where's Alyx?
eli_silo_wheresalyx02 Alyx!
eli_silo_youheardkleiner01 Well, that's good, because, well...
eli_silo_youheardkleiner02 now that the suppression field is down...
eli_silo_youheardkleiner03 we all have to do our part.
eli_silo_yousure01 Are you sure?
eli_silo_yousure02 Shouldn't we have that looked at?

Rocket launch and finale[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_12a/launch

Filename(s) Quote
eli_launch_adv_alyx Alyx!
eli_launch_affirm01 Mm hmm.
eli_launch_affirm02 Yeah.
eli_launch_affirm03 Hmm.
eli_launch_affirm04 I gotcha
eli_launch_ahgordon Ah, Gordon!
eli_launch_anotherattempt01 Good idea.
eli_launch_anotherattempt02 She could well make another attempt.
eli_launch_awe01 Yes!
eli_launch_awe02 Fantastic.
eli_launch_bigpain01 [pain]
eli_launch_bigpain02 [pain]
eli_launch_bigpain03 [pain]
eli_launch_bigpain04 [pain]
eli_launch_bigpain05 [pain]
eli_launch_bigpain06 [pain]
eli_launch_breath01 [pain]
eli_launch_breath02 [pain]
eli_launch_breath03 [pain]
eli_launch_breath04 [pain]
eli_launch_breath05 [pain]
eli_launch_breath06 [pain]
eli_launch_breath07 [pain]
eli_launch_brt Be right there, Alyx.
eli_launch_catchup We'll catch up with you in a moment, sweetheart.
eli_launch_check11 Now, now...
eli_launch_closeeyes Close your eyes, honey.
eli_launch_constant01 Remember to keep in constant contact.
eli_launch_constant02 We have no idea what to expect.
eli_launch_didit We did it!
eli_launch_dontlook Don't look.
eli_launch_ehh Ehhh!!!
eli_launch_fireworks01 Well, let's get outside.
eli_launch_fireworks02 I'd like a better view of the fireworks.
eli_launch_getstheidea01 Yeah, yeah, I think Gordon gets the idea.
eli_launch_getstheidea02 We really need to get going.
eli_launch_gimme01 We did it, Izzy!
eli_launch_gimme02 Heh.
eli_launch_gimme03 Come on, come on, give me five.
eli_launch_gimme04 Hit it!
eli_launch_gimme05 Come on!
eli_launch_givinghonor I believe Gordon should have the honor.
eli_launch_goodluck01 Good luck, both of you.
eli_launch_goodluck02 Take care of each other.
eli_launch_goodman01 Good man, Gordon.
eli_launch_goodman02 Couldn't have been easy out there.
eli_launch_gotcha Gotcha!
eli_launch_gotthatright01 You got that right, sweetheart.
eli_launch_gotthatright02 But we've got plenty to celebrate.
eli_launch_gurgle01 [pain]
eli_launch_gurgle02 [pain]
eli_launch_gurgle03 [pain]
eli_launch_gurgle04 [pain]
eli_launch_happening01 It's working!
eli_launch_happening02 Thank God.
eli_launch_hastowork Dear God...this has to work...
eli_launch_haveeverything Are you sure you have everything you need?
eli_launch_hellofajob Hell of a job you did out there, son.
eli_launch_holdup Gordon, hold up a second...
eli_launch_holysh Holy shit!
eli_launch_iloveyou I love you.
eli_launch_iloveyou_alt I love you.
eli_launch_iloveyousweet I love you, sweetheart.
eli_launch_info01 Now.
eli_launch_info02 Now Alyx do you have all the information you need?
eli_launch_ithasto It has to.
eli_launch_leavesosoon01 I wish you didn't have to head off so soon.
eli_launch_leavesosoon02 If only it weren't so critical...
eli_launch_listentome01 Alyx!
eli_launch_listentome02 Listen to me!
eli_launch_moan01 [moans]
eli_launch_moan02 [moans]
eli_launch_moan03 [moans]
eli_launch_moan04 [moans]
eli_launch_moan05 [moans]
eli_launch_moan06 [moans]
eli_launch_moan07 [moans]
eli_launch_moan08 [moans]
eli_launch_moan09 [moans]
eli_launch_moan10 [moans]
eli_launch_moan11 [moans]
eli_launch_moan12 [moans]
eli_launch_moan13 [moans]
eli_launch_moan14 [moans]
eli_launch_moan15 [moans]
eli_launch_moan16 [moans]
eli_launch_moan17 [moans]
eli_launch_moan18 [moans]
eli_launch_moan19 [moans]
eli_launch_momenttoosoon01 And not a moment too soon.
eli_launch_mother01 Your mother would be so proud...
eli_launch_mother02 if she were here today.
eli_launch_notime01 There's no time to waste.
eli_launch_notime02 Get right on it.
eli_launch_onefire01 I just wish all this didn't have to fall on you, Alyx.
eli_launch_pain01 [pain]
eli_launch_pain02 [pain]
eli_launch_pain03 [pain]
eli_launch_pain04 [pain]
eli_launch_pain05 [pain]
eli_launch_pain06 [pain]
eli_launch_pain07 [pain]
eli_launch_pain08 [pain]
eli_launch_pain09 [pain]
eli_launch_pain10 [pain]
eli_launch_pain11 [pain]
eli_launch_pain12 [pain]
eli_launch_pain13 [pain]
eli_launch_pain14 [pain]
eli_launch_portalyes01  Yes!
eli_launch_portalyes02  Yes!
eli_launch_portalyes03  Yes!
eli_launch_promiseme Destroy it!
eli_launch_promiseme_alt Destroy it!
eli_launch_promiseme01 Good, I just...
eli_launch_promiseme02 Promise me
eli_launch_promiseme03 you'll be careful.
eli_launch_pulleditoff01 Yep.
eli_launch_pulleditoff02 Magnusson pulled it off all right.
eli_launch_pulleditoff03 This will definitely send a clear message to the Combine.
eli_launch_pulleditoff04 We're not free of them yet...
eli_launch_pulleditoff05 But if we can acquire a signature from the data you brought back,
eli_launch_pulleditoff06 we might be able to shut them out for good.
eli_launch_pulleditoff07 I feel certain that when
eli_launch_pulleditoff08 Judith...
eli_launch_remember01 Destroy that ship!
eli_launch_remember02 Whatever it takes!
eli_launch_soundplan Sounds like a plan.
eli_launch_sureashell We sure as hell did!
eli_launch_takecarenow You take care now!
eli_launch_talk01 That message from our mutual friend.
eli_launch_talk01_alt The more I think about that warning from our friend, the more I'm convinced it has to do with Borealis.
eli_launch_talk02 It's got to be about the Borealis.
eli_launch_talk03 Don't be deceived.
eli_launch_talk04 That ship must never be used.
eli_launch_talk05 You have got to destroy it.
eli_launch_talk06 Whatever the cost.
eli_launch_terrific Terrific!
eli_launch_thanksforeverything01 Gordon...
eli_launch_thanksforeverything02 Thanks for everything you've done.
eli_launch_thanksforeverything03 For Alyx,
eli_launch_thanksforeverything04 For all of us.
eli_launch_thanksforeverything05 I couldn't be prouder if you were my own son.
eli_launch_thanksg01 Thank you, Gordon.
eli_launch_thanksg02 For everything.
eli_launch_uhizzy Uh... Izzy
eli_launch_use01 All right, all right.
eli_launch_use02 All right, Gordon.
eli_launch_use03 Hm?
eli_launch_use04 Big day today, eh Gordon?
eli_launch_use05 You'll just have to wait until after the launch.
eli_launch_wesuredid We sure did!
eli_launch_whenyougetback Now when you get back, we've got a lot to talk about.
eli_launch_wontifyou I won't if you won't.
eli_launch_yeah Yeah!
eli_launch_youtwo You two really should get going.