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Flocking Floater
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  • Poisonous spines
  • Projectiles shot with gas
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Ted Backman[1]

The Flocking Floater,[1] also known as the Flocking Bloater[2] or the Stingsail,[3] is an alien enemy cut from Half-Life. It can be found in the game files.


[edit] Overview

Described as a "living balloon" with a faintly glowing head, it is held aloft by buoyant gases trapped in its head membrane. The wing on its rear portion is fully articulated like a bat wing, tipped with poisonous spines, and serves as a sail.[1]

It was to be seen at least on Xen[2], though the map files present in the Half-Life 2 leak suggest that fights between the HECU soldiers and these creatures were to take place during the On A Rail chapter.

[edit] Behavior and skills

It has feathery antennae, much like a moth (its only sensory organ), "tasting" air to look for group mates or food. Passive when not attacked, it was to use an orifice to shoot projectile at the player with gas when attacked.[1]

[edit] Fate

The concept of a bulbous head was reused in the design of the Alien Controller.[3]

[edit] Trivia

In the file "bloater.cpp" in the Half-Life SDK can be found coding for melee attacks as well as sounds, using zombie sounds as placeholders.

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