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Isaac Kleiner/Quotes/Half-Life 2

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The following is a list of quotes from Isaac Kleiner, from Half-Life 2.

City 17 Trainstation[edit]

Location: sound/vo/trainyard

Filename(s) Quote
kl_alyxaround Alyx is around here somewhere. She would have a better idea how to get him here.
kl_intend Well, Barney, what do you intend?
kl_morewarn01, kl_morewarn02, kl_morewarn03 Great Scott! Gordon Freeman! I expected more warning.
kl_verywell Very well. And, eh, Gordon? Good to see you!
kl_whatisit01 and
Yes, Barney, what is it? I'm in the middle of a critical test.

Kleiner's Lab 1[edit]

Location: sound/vo/k_lab

Filename(s) Quote
kl_ahhhh Ah!
kl_almostforgot What? Oh dear, you're right, I almost forgot.
kl_barneyhonor Barney, I'll give you the honor.
kl_barneysturn All right, Barney. Your turn.
kl_besokind Barney? If you'd be so kind?
kl_blast and
Blast that little...where did she get to? Lamarr? Come out of there!
kl_bonvoyage Bon voyage, and best of luck in your future endeavors.
kl_cantcontinue We can't continue until you're in the teleport chamber, Gordon.
kl_cantwade You can't just wade into the field, it will peel you apart!
kl_careful Empty soundfile (cc file says "Oh, do be careful."; from "E3 Lab")
kl_charger01 and
Good idea. There's a charger on the wall. I've modified your suit to draw power from Combine energy outlets, which are plentiful wherever they patrol.
kl_coaxherout Oh, fie! It'll be another week before I can coax her out of there.
kl_credit Well I can't take all the credit, Doctor Freeman proved an able assistant.
kl_dearme Dear me.
kl_debeaked Certainly not! Never fear, Gordon, she's de-beaked and completely harmless.
kl_delaydanger Gordon, the longer you delay, the greater the danger to us all.
kl_diditwork Well, did it work?
kl_ensconced Once you're safely ensconced in the transmitter, we can begin.
kl_excellent Excellent.
kl_fewmoments01 and
Right you are! Speak to you again in a few moments.
kl_fiddlesticks Oh, fiddlesticks. What now?
kl_finalsequence Very good. Final sequence.
kl_finalsequence02 Final sequence.
kl_fitglove01 and
Well, Gordon, I see your HEV suit still fits you like a glove At least the glove parts do.
kl_fruitlessly The worst she might do is attempt to couple with your head. Fruitlessly!
kl_getinposition Gordon, as soon as you're in position, we'll send you to Eli's.
kl_getoutrun01, kl_getoutrun02, kl_getoutrun03 Gordon! You must get out of here! Run!
kl_gordongo Gordon, go right ahead.
kl_gordonthrow Throw your switch, Gordon.
kl_hedyno01, kl_hedyno02, kl_hedyno03 Lamarr? Hedy! No!
kl_helloalyx01, kl_helloalyx02 Oh, hello, Alyx! Well, almost all right. Lamarr has gotten out of her crate again. If I didn't know better, I'd suspect Barney of trapping and ...
kl_heremypet01 Here, my pet. Hop up.
kl_heremypet02 No, not up there!
kl_hesnotthere What do you mean he's not there?
kl_holdup01 and
Yes, yes, Eli, bit of a holdup on this end. You'll never guess who found his way into our lab this morning.
kl_initializing Initializing in
kl_initializing02 Initializing in!
kl_interference I'm encountering unexpected interference.
kl_islamarr Is Lamarr with him?
kl_lamarr Lamarr! There you are!
kl_masslessfieldflux Let's see. The massless field-flux should self-limit and I've clamped the manifold parameters to CY base and LG orbifold, Hilbert inclusive.
kl_modifications01 and
I've made a few modifications, but I'll just acquaint you with the essentials. Now, let's see... The Mark V Hazardous Environment Suit has been redesigned for comfort and utility—
kl_moduli02 Conditions could hardly be more ideal!
kl_mygoodness01, kl_mygoodness02, kl_mygoodness03 My Goodness! Gordon Freeman! It really is you, isn't it?
kl_nocareful No, no! Careful, Lamarr! Those are quite fragile!
kl_nonsense Nonsense. Your talents surpass your loveliness.
kl_nownow01 and
Now, now, there's nothing to be nervous about. We've made major strides since then. Major strides.
kl_ohdear Oh, dear!
kl_opportunetime01 and
I must say, Gordon, you come at a very opportune time. Alyx has just installed the final piece for our resurrected teleport.
kl_packing01 and
Indeed it is. And it's our intention to send him packing straightaway, in the company of your lovely daughter.
kl_plugusin Dear me, you're right. Gordon, would you mind plugging us in?
kl_projectyou Yes, indeed. We're ready to project you, Gordon.
kl_redletterday01 and
That's right, Barney. This is a red letter day. We'll inaugurate the new teleport with a double transmission!
kl_relieved Oh, thank goodness. My relief is almost palpable.
kl_slipin01 and
Well, Gordon, go ahead. Slip into your suit now.
kl_suitfits01 and
Gordon, if you please? I'm eager to see if your old suit still fits.
kl_thenwhere Then, where is he?
kl_waitmyword Gordon, why don't you position yourself near the panel over there and wait for my word?
kl_weowe We owe a great deal to Dr. Freeman, even if trouble does tend to follow in his wake.
kl_whatisit What is it?
kl_wishiknew I wish I knew. I'm encountering unexpected interference!
kl_yourturn It's your turn, Gordon.

Nova Prospekt[edit]

Location: sound/vo/novaprospekt

Filename(s) Quote
kl_await I await your arrival with great anticipation.
kl_ready Ready, willing, and fully enabled!
kl_stopwho Stop who, my dear?
kl_yesalyx Yes, Alyx, where are you?

Kleiner's Lab 2[edit]

Location: sound/vo/k_lab2

Filename(s) Quote
kl_aroundhere Now, now, she's around here someplace.
kl_atthecitadel01 Well, that is most troubling
kl_atthecitadel01_b According to the vortigaunts, he is a prisoner at the Citadel.
kl_aweekago01 Indeed it did... and the repercussions were felt far and wide, but... That was over a week ago!
kl_blowyoustruck01 A great deal, my dear.
kl_blowyoustruck02 The blow you struck at Nova Prospekt was taken as a signal to begin the uprising.
kl_cantleavelamarr Just a minute.
kl_cantleavelamarr_b I can't leave without Lamarr. Now where did she get to?
kl_comeoutlamarr Come out, Lamarr!
kl_dontgiveuphope02 Barney has been leading a push with that very aim in mind.
kl_dontgiveuphope03 And another of your friends arrived several days ago.
kl_givenuphope My dear, I had given up hope of ever seeing you again.
kl_greatscott Great Scott!
kl_howandwhen01 Alyx? Gordon?
kl_howandwhen02 My god... how did you get here? And when?
kl_lamarr Lamarr? Lamarr!
kl_lamarrwary01 Yes, Gordon, please do go on.
kl_lamarrwary02 Lamarr is extremely wary of your crowbar.
kl_nolongeralone Yes, Barney, and I'm no longer alone.
kl_nolongeralone_b Alyx and Gordon have just arrived.
kl_notallhopeless So there, you see?
kl_notallhopeless_b It's not all hopeless.
kl_onehedy There's only one Hedy.
kl_slowteleport01 Fascinating.
kl_slowteleport01_b We seem to have developed a very slow teleport.
kl_slowteleport02 This suggests an entirely new line of investigation.