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Isaac Kleiner/Quotes/Half-Life 2 pre-release

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The following is a list of quotes from Isaac Kleiner, from Half-Life 2’s development.


Location: sound/vo/haz and

From the demonstration "Hazard".

Filename(s) Quote
kleiner_01 Go ahead, Dr. Freeman. See if you can hit that crate with the supplied ammunition. (used in the map under the name "haz_oc01" in the folder "sound/vo/haz")
kleiner_02 Oh fie. This is quite unexpected. Wait right where you are, Dr. Freeman. Don't move until I return. (used in the map under the name "haz_oc02" in the folder "sound/vo/haz")
kleiner_03 Well, that's just fine. You may advance to next area now. (used in the map under the name "haz_oc03" in the folder "sound/vo/haz")
kleiner_04 Well, I've been advised that you should continue to the next area. Please proceed. (Unused)
kleiner_05 Good enough. Please proceed to the next area. (Unused)
kleiner_06 Excellent. I really have to hand it to Gordon. He's done the impossible once again. (Unused)
kleiner_07 Oh fie. (Unused; same as "kleiner_fie")

Look Lab[edit]

Location: sound/vo/look/kleiner (No text data)

From the demonstration "Look Lab".

Filename(s) Quote
look01 That door is locked from the outside. I'm afraid you're stuck with me for now. (Used upon approaching the entrance door)
look02 I see you keep coming back to that. (Unused)
look03 Lovely isn't it? (Used upon looking at the painting)
look04 Ah, I see you're admiring my scanner decoy. (Used upon looking at the Combot)
look05 That's not quite ready for testing. (Used upon looking at the Rollermine)
look06 Hm, I need to repair that one of these days. (Used upon approaching the broken window)
look07 Don't even think about using that. (Unused)

E3 Lab[edit]

Location: sound/vo/e3_lab

E3 2003 demonstration set at Kleiner's Lab, with dialog between Alyx and Kleiner, ending with a Strider's blasting through the wall.

Filename(s) Quote
kleiner_careful Oh, do be careful.
kleiner_fie Oh fie!
kleiner_massless Now, now, there's nothing to be nervous about. Let's see, the massless field flux should self-limit and I've clamped the manifold parameters to CY Base and LG orbifold, Hilbert inclusive
kleiner_moduli That's not necessary. Just checking for potential moduli interference in the interstices. Conditions could hardly be more ideal.
kleiner_onlymoment This should only take a moment.
kleiner_scream OH!
kleiner_warming Ah, warming up nicely.

Teleportation to Kraken Base[edit]

Kleiner's workshop[edit]

Location: sound/vo/kleiner_workshop

First part of the original teleportation sequence.

Filename(s) Quote
kleiner_02 Blast that little... where did she get to?
kleiner_03 Lamarr! Come out of there!
kleiner_05 What is it, Barney? Another fugitive? You can't keep dragging in every stray you...
kleiner_06 Oh, my goodness.
kleiner_08 Is... is it really? I just... Gordon Freeman? I had given up hope. It is Gordon, isn't it? And why... why on earth did you bring him here, Barney? If they follow him here, my work is ruined!
kleiner_10 Well...if you say so. But I really think this is most unwise. It could jeopardize not only Gordon's mission, but years of my research!
kleiner_12 I... I do apologize, Gordon. Of course I'm delighted to see you. Absolutely delighted. You look a bit pale, but nothing like... My God, Barney, they'll be scouring the city! Are you sure it's worth the risk?
kleiner_13 My God, Barney! They'll be scouring the city! Are you sure it's worth the risk? (No text data)
kleiner_15 Eli's? But Dr. Mossman has been waiting for him.
kleiner_17 I'll have to call her right away.
kleiner_19 Excellent point. Yes, the sooner you're suited up, the better. Let's brush the dust off the old outfit, shall we?
kleiner_20 I expect you'll be pleased to see this after your hazardous journey.
kleiner_21 I can't vouch for the carbonation, but still, there's a choice of diet or regular.
kleiner_23 I just thought Gordon might be a bit parched
kleiner_26 Lamarr! There you are!
kleiner_28 Certainly not! Never fear, Gordon, she's de-beaked and completely harmless. the worst she might do is attempt to couple with your head. Fruitlessly.
kleiner_30 Lamarr never hurt a fly. She was raised in captivity.
kleiner_32 Here, my pet. Hop up, up. No, not up there!
kleiner_34 No, no, those are quite fragile! Be careful, Lamarr! Dear me.
kleiner_35 Oh, fie! It'll be another week before I can coax her out of there.
kleiner_37 Well, Gordon, go ahead. Slip into your suit now.
kleiner_38 Gordon, if you please. I'm eager to see if your suit still fits. (No text data)
kleiner_39 Gordon, the longer you delay, the greater the danger to us all. You understand better than anyone the importance of my work. Please get into your suit now. (No text data)
kleiner_40 Please, Gordon, put on your suit.
kleiner_44 Well, Gordon, I see you slipped into your HEV Suit. I made a few adjustments, but still in all, it should be the suit you remember. Let's familiarize you with the basic functions, and we can be on our way. (No text data)
kleiner_45 Now. Over here you'll see a collection of charging mechanisms. We have enabled the HEV Suit to draw power from a variety of common Combine charging systems, using a standard UBC interface. This will allow you to avail yourself of the same devices utilized by the Metropolice and Combine military. (No text data)
kleiner_47 At any rate, power up your suit, and we'll move on to health practices.
kleiner_48 Any one of these will power up your suit, Gordon. Just step in close and use the device.
kleiner_49 Go ahead and charge your suit, Gordon.
kleiner_50 Very good.
kleiner_51 Now, the same interfaces often useful in treating injuries, if you come across a Combine automedic like this one. You seem to be slightly fatigued. Why don't you god ahead and administer some healing agents as well. (No text data)
kleiner_52 Go ahead, Gordon. Try out the automedic.
kleiner_53 That ought to make you feel much better.
kleiner_55 I told you, Barney. I intend to solicit Dr. Mossman's advice. I doubt you'll approve of sending him into the wilderness as much as I agree he would be safer outside the city. (No text data)
kleiner_57 Ordinarily, I would agree, but Gordon is a special case. We can't just send him into the wilderness with a sharpened stick and our best wishes. He needs to go somewhere his education can be put to good use. Now let's proceed, shall we? This way, Gordon. (No text data)

Teleport chamber[edit]

Location: sound/vo/kleiner_teleport

Second part of the original teleportation sequence.

For this sequence, the sound files' lipsync data contain many spelling and capitalization mistakes.

Filename(s) Quote
kleiner_01 This should only take a moment.
kleiner_04 Yes! Good morning, Elena!
kleiner_06 Well I think you'll agree this is critical as well. I'm standing here with my old protoge [sic; protege] Gordon Freeman!
kleiner_08 Well, It's a bit of a mystery actually.
kleiner_10 It was a suprise to me as well, I assure you.
kleiner_12 Uh, we were wondering if Eli's colony might not be the best place for him right now, as my man here points out, It has the advantage of being much more accessible than kraken.
kleiner_15 Port? As in, teleport?
kleiner_17 Certainly not, I mean, I certainly am
kleiner_20 No, err everything here is in complete order, i I'd like to see your new protocol did you make use of my suggestions regarding calabi-yau space?
kleiner_22 Certainly. Barney, the rotor coils will need your attention, as before.
kleiner_24 Gordon, you heard doctor mossman, they can make immediate use of your expertees [sic; expertise] at kraken base and this is the swiftest way of getting you there
kleiner_26 I've made major strides since then barney, majjor [sic; major] strides.
kleiner_28 No! No problem.
kleiner_30 His teleport is still in pieces, you've got no way to get there except on foot.
kleiner_32 Well gordon, since it appears barney would rather call you a taxi cab than trust us in our area of expertees [sic; expertise]
kleiner_34 Gordon, if you'll be so good as to climb up and manipulate the crystal insertion device, I'm not sure if you've had much oppertunity [sic; opportunity] to take part in a real scientific enterprise in the last decade, so this ough [sic; ought] to be rather nostalgic for you
kleiner_35 There you are, fairly simple. One needn't be a licensed crane operator to manage it.
kleiner_36 Go ahead gordon. Whenever you're ready.
kleiner_37 Oh do be careful
kleiner_38 Gently gently
kleiner_39 Excellent
kleiner_41 Now if you'll climb down into the chamber we can begin in ernest [sic; earnest]
kleiner_42 We can't continue until you're in the teleport chamber gordon
kleiner_43 Once you're safely ensconced in the transmitter we can begin
kleiner_49 Excellent, all set barney?
kleiner_51 Now, now, there's nothing to be nervous about. Let's see, the massless field flux should self limit and i've clamped the metafold parameters to see y base [sic; CY Base] and lg oberfold [sic; LG Orbifold] hilbert inclusive. barney, there's a little dial with a nameplate under it that says ukawa. Could you please read me that number?
kleiner_53 That's not neccessary [sic; necessary], just checking for potentional [sic; potential] module interferences [sic; interference] in the interstisis [sic; interstices]. Conditions could hardly be more ideal.
kleiner_55 Let's not dwell on our misshaps [sic; mishaps], shall we? Initializing in three, two, one.
kleiner_56 Ah, warming up nicely.
kleiner_58 Stage two. Barney, please throw the switch
kleiner_61 You see? Nothing to be afraid of. We're ready to project you doctor freeman, have a safe and best of luck in your future endevours [sic; endeavors]
kleiner_63 Final sequence, i'VE GOT THIS ONE [end of the sentence with caps accidentally on]
kleiner_65 Now
kleiner_67 Lamarr! No!
kleiner_69 Noooo!

Teleport chamber (failure and aftermath)[edit]

Location: sound/vo/kraken_teleport (No text data)

Third part of the original teleportation sequence.

Filename(s) Quote
kleiner_07 Oh fie. And it was going so well. I'll see if I can hold him.
kleiner_09 You can't just wade into the field, it will peel you apart! (Same as retail, but rerecorded)
kleiner_11 I wish I knew. I'm encountering unexpected interference.
kleiner_13 I'm trying!
kleiner_20 Nothing, Elena. Just a minor discrepancy.
kleiner_24 Yes, yes. Very good, Doctor.
kleiner_25 Gordon, can you see us? Things ought to have stabilized sufficiently.
kleiner_27 One moment. Is Lamarr in there with you?
kleiner_29 She's helpless without me! Lamarr? Hedy?
kleiner_use_01 It's good to see you too, Gordon. (Upon being prompted with the Use key between tasks)
kleiner_use_02 We've urgent matters to attend to. (Upon being prompted with the Use key between tasks)
kleiner_use_03 I wish I had time to give you a tour of the lab. (Upon being prompted with the Use key between tasks)


City 17 Trainstation[edit]

Location: sound/vo/trainyard

Filename(s) Quote
kl_intend Well, Barney, what do you intend?
kl_morewarn01, kl_morewarn02, kl_morewarn03 Good grief! Gordon Freeman! I expected more warning.
kl_streetscan01 and
If you can get him here. But what's to keep him from being picked up by the street scanners?
kl_verywell Very well, and uh, Gordon, good to see you.
kl_whatisit01 and
Yes Barney, what is it? I'm in the middle of a critical test.
kl_whatsbest Whatever you think is best.

Kleiner's Lab 1[edit]

Location: sound/vo/k_lab

Filename(s) Quote
kl_ahhhh Ah! (Same as retail)
kl_almostforgot What? Oh dear, you're right, I almost forgot. (Same as retail)
kl_barneyhonor Barney, I'll give you the honor. (Same as retail)
kl_barneysturn All right, Barney. Your turn. (Same as retail)
kl_besokind Barney? If you'd be so kind? (Same as retail)
kl_blast and
Blast that little...where did she get to? Lamarr? Come out of there! (Same as retail)
kl_bonvoyage Bon voyage, and best of luck in your future endeavors. (Same as retail)
kl_cantcontinue We can't continue until you're in the teleport chamber, Gordon. (Same as retail)
kl_cantwade You can't just wade into the field, it will peel you apart! (Same as retail)
kl_charger01 and
Good idea. There's a charger on the wall. I've modified your suit to draw power from Combine energy outlets, which are plentiful wherever they patrol. (Same as retail)
kl_coaxherout Oh, fie! It'll be another week before I can coax her out of there. (Same as retail)
kl_contacthim I was just about to contact him.
kl_credit Well I can't take all the credit, Doctor Freeman proved an able assistant. (Same as retail)
kl_dearme Dear me. (Same as retail)
kl_debeaked Certainly not! Never fear, Gordon, she's de-beaked and completely harmless. (Same as retail)
kl_delaydanger Gordon, the longer you delay, the greater the danger to us all. (Same as retail)
kl_diditwork Well, did it work? (Same as retail)
kl_ensconced Once you're safely ensconced in the transmitter, we can begin. (Same as retail)
kl_excellent Excellent. (Same as retail)
kl_excellent02 Excellent.
kl_fewmoments01 and
Right you are! Speak to you again in a few moments. (Same as retail)
kl_fiddlesticks Oh, fiddlesticks. What now? (Same as retail)
kl_finalsequence Very good. Final sequence. (Same as retail)
kl_finalsequence02 Final sequence. (Same as retail)
kl_fitglove01 and
Well, Gordon, I see your HEV suit still fits you like a glove. At least the glove parts do. (Same as retail)
kl_fruitlessly The worst she might do is attempt to couple with your head. Fruitlessly! (Same as retail)
kl_getinposition Gordon, as soon as you're in position, we'll send you to Eli's. (Same as retail)
kl_getoutrun01, kl_getoutrun02, kl_getoutrun03 Gordon! You must get out of here! Run! (Same as retail)
kl_gordongo Gordon, go right ahead. (Same as retail)
kl_gordonthrow Throw your switch, Gordon. (Same as retail)
kl_hedyno01, kl_hedyno02, kl_hedyno03 Lamarr? Hedy! No! (Same as retail)
kl_helloalyx01, kl_helloalyx02 Oh, hello, Alyx! Well, almost all right. Lamarr has gotten out of her crate again. If I didn't know better, I'd suspect Barney of trapping and ... (Same as retail)
kl_heremypet Here, my pet. Hop up. No, not up there! (Same as retail, in a single file)
kl_hesnotthere What do you mean he's not there? (Same as retail)
kl_holdup01 and
Yes, yes, Eli, bit of a holdup on this end. You'll never guess who found his way into our lab this morning. (Same as retail)
kl_illeffects Any ill effects, Alyx? (No text data)
kl_initializing Initializing in (Same as retail)
kl_initializing02 Initializing in! (Same as retail)
kl_interference I'm encountering unexpected interference. (Same as retail)
kl_islamarr Is Lamarr with him? (Same as retail)
kl_keepschedule All the more reason to keep to our original schedule.
kl_lamarr Lamarr! There you are! (Same as retail)
kl_masslessfieldflux Let's see. The massless field-flux should self-limit and I've clamped the manifold parameters to CY base and LG orbifold, Hilbert inclusive. (Same as retail)
kl_modifications01 and
I've made a few modifications, but I'll just acquaint you with the essentials. Now, let's see... The Mark V Hazardous Environment Suit has been redesigned for comfort and utility— (Same as retail)
kl_moduli01 and
Just checking for potential moduli interference in the interstices. Conditions could hardly be more ideal! (Last sentence only kept in retail)
kl_mygoodness01, kl_mygoodness02, kl_mygoodness03 My Goodness! Gordon Freeman! It really is you, isn't it? (Same as retail)
kl_nocareful No, no! Careful, Lamarr! Those are quite fragile! (Same as retail)
kl_nonsense Nonsense. Your talents surpass your loveliness. (Same as retail)
kl_notafly Lamarr never hurt a fly. She was raised in captivity.
kl_nownow01 and
Now, now, there's nothing to be nervous about. We've made major strides since then. Major strides. (Same as retail)
kl_ohdear Oh, dear! (Same as retail)
kl_opportunetime01 and
I must say, Gordon, you come at a very opportune time. Alyx has just installed the final piece for our resurrected teleport. (Same as retail)
kl_packing01 and
Indeed it is. And it's our intention to send him packing straightaway, in the company of your lovely daughter. (Same as retail)
kl_plugusin Dear me, you're right. Gordon, would you mind plugging us in? (Same as retail)
kl_projectyou Yes, indeed. We're ready to project you, Gordon. (Same as retail)
kl_redletterday01 and
That's right, Barney. This is a red letter day. We'll inaugurate the new teleport with a double transmission! (Same as retail)
kl_redletterday03 First Alyx, and then Gordon.
kl_relieved Oh, thank goodness. My relief is almost palpable. (Same as retail)
kl_relieved_alt Well, that's a tremendous relief. (No text data)
kl_scanners01 and
The scanners? No, we're well shielded. But I share your sense of urgency. Go ahead, Gordon. Step into the teleport. (No text data)
kl_slipin01 and
Well, Gordon, go ahead. Slip into your suit now. (Same as retail)
kl_splendid Splendid.
kl_suitfits01 and
Gordon, if you please? I'm eager to see if your old suit still fits. (Same as retail)
kl_thenwhere Then, where is he? (Same as retail)
kl_waitmyword Gordon, why don't you position yourself near the panel over there and wait for my word? (Same as retail)
kl_warming Ah. Warming up nicely. (No text data)
kl_weowe We owe a great deal to Dr. Freeman, even if trouble does tend to follow in his wake. (Same as retail)
kl_whatisit What is it? (Same as retail)
kl_wishiknew I wish I knew. I'm encountering unexpected interference! (Same as retail)
kl_yourturn It's your turn, Gordon. (Same as retail)

Nova Prospekt[edit]

Location: sound/vo/NovaProspekt (No text data)

Filename(s) Quote
kl_onstandby01 Of course.
kl_onstandby02 I've had the receiver on standby this entire time.
kl_onstandby03 Any time you're ready.
kl_whatshappening01 Alyx?
kl_whatshappening02 Where are you?
kl_whatshappening03 What's happening?

Kleiner's Lab 2[edit]

Location: sound/vo/k_lab2 (No text data)

Filename(s) Quote
kl_atthecitadel01 Well, that is most troubling. He is a prisoner at the Citadel.
kl_atthecitadel02 The Vortigaunts have confirmed it.
kl_aweekago01 That was over a week ago!
kl_aweekago02 I set the receiver, and, well, that was the last I heard from you!
kl_aweekago03 ...until now.
kl_blowyoustruck01 Oh, yes.
kl_blowyoustruck02 A great deal, my dear.
kl_blowyoustruck03 The blow you struck at Nova Prospekt was felt far and wide.
kl_blowyoustruck04 It was taken as a signal to begin the uprising.
kl_dontgiveuphope01 Now now, don't give up hope. There are plenty here to help you. The revolution is no longer a secret enterprise.
kl_dontgiveuphope02 Barney has been leading a push toward the city center. And another of your friends...
kl_dontgiveuphope03 Well, it's very strange, it's as if he knew you were expected.
kl_givenuphope My dear, I had given up hope of ever seeing you again.
kl_howandwhen01 Alyx? Gordon?
kl_howandwhen02 My God, how did you get here? And when?
kl_notallhopeless So there! You see? It's not all hopeless!
kl_ohdearlamarr01 Oh, dear.
kl_ohdearlamarr02 Lamarr!
kl_ohdearlamarr03 Come out of there!
kl_ohdearlamarr04 It's very unstable!
kl_slowteleport01 Fascinating. We seem to have developed a very, very slow teleport.
kl_slowteleport02 This suggests and entirely new line of investigation.