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This article is a transcript of all of the quotes from a given character or entity.

The following is a list of quotes from Leon.

Half-Life 2[edit]

Location: sound/vo/coast/cardock

In the garage, after the battle with the Overwatch Soldiers:

Filename(s) Quote
le_whohurt Who's hurt?
le_patchhim Patch him up and get him to the back as soon as he's stable.
le_youmadeit Gordon Freeman! It's incredible you made it! We've been getting communications from Alyx. I'll see if I can reach her again.
le_followme Follow me.
le_allclear It's Leon. We're all clear. And I've got Gordon Freeman!

Inside Shorepoint's main building:

Filename(s) Quote
le_overhere Over here, Dr. Freeman.
le_gotgordon Alyx, it's Leon, and I've got Gordon Freeman with me.
le_onfoot You want him to take the coast road? He won't last five minutes on foot. It's spawning season for the Antlions.
le_goodidea Yeah! Good idea! Hold on a sec.
le_buggy Noriko, bring the buggy out, put it on the dock right now. Gordon Freeman will be driving it!
le_allset Good timing. Okay, Alyx, we're all set.
le_bye Bye, Alyx.
le_restock Okay, Doc, before you hit the road, you might want to grab some medkits, restock on ammo, maybe check the map and see where you're headed. There's an ammo supply crate on the back of the car, if that's any comfort.
le_staywithcar Stay with the car, make use of the Thumpers, and you'll stand a fair chance against the Antlions.
le_radio I'll radio ahead and let the next base know you're coming.
le_radioloop Shorepoint to N.L.O.
le_radioloop_b Shorepoint to New Little Odessa.
le_radioloop_c Come in, you read?

If the player looks at the map of the Coast:

Filename(s) Quote
le_map That map is out of date, but you can still see more or less the route to Nova Prospekt. Can't vouch for the road, though. We've lost touch with some of the outposts.