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This article is a transcript of all of the quotes from a given character or entity.

The following is a list of quotes from Odell.

Half-Life 2 leak[edit]

Location: sound/odell

Filename(s) Quote
anyway Anyway.
catchup Come on Freeman, catch up!
cheese Here's that cheese I was looking for... tasty!
hold Hold on, I'm coming back for you.
odtest0 I knew this trip was gonna end in a bad way.
odtest1 Old days you'd never take such a risk in a ship like this - but they were desperate - running supplies out here to the ice station and that place underneath us.
odtest2 They didn't listen to me - half the crew were scientists anyway - up to god know's what - wouldn't listen when I told 'em it was time to pull out. Captain turned a deaf ear too. Guess you can't blame 'em - desperate times.
odtest3 Once we were icebound we were no use to anybody. Some of the men lit out across the ice. Right around then those warships found us. That was pretty much the end.
odtest4 They pelted us with these tick pods that came flyin' down all around the deck. If they hit ya you were dead; that wasn't such a bad way to go, considering.
odtest5 Once I figured out these sack tick things didn't like the cold too much, I shut off the generator - let the whole ship ice over. That did the trick, mostly.
odtest6 Tried to send a distress call - radios were messed up. Scientists didn't want anyone knowing we were out here.
odtest7 Guess I shoulda known they were resistance - that what you are?
odtest8 That outfit assures you sure ain't no spy. Looks like it hurts gettin' into it. Makes this gumby suit look cozy by comparison.
stick There you are. Better stick close.
wassay As I was sayin'.
where Hey, where'd you get to?
withme Freeman - you with me?

Location: sound/vo/borealis

Filename(s) Quote
Odell_01 I usually get a warmer reception than this.
Odell_02 Open up, it's Odell.
Odell_03 They're not going to make it easy on us are they.
Odell_04 Well, stand back.
Odell_05 Easy does it.
Odell_06 There we go.
Odell_07 I'll go first, they know me.
Odell_08 Hello?
Odell_09 Hello, holy, oh Jesus, don't tell me, oh God.
Odell_09a Ha - uh, let's not go that way.
Odell_10 Captain, Johanson, you in there?
Odell_11 I don't know whether I'm releaved or, what's this?
Odell_11a Lets give it a listen.
Odell_12 Poor bastards, what the hell were they carrying?
Odell_13 We better get to the sub and get the hell out of here.
Odell_14 Well I see why they were locking doors behind them.
Odell_15 I don't have to tell you to keep it quiet in here.
Odell_16 What the hell was that?
Odell_17 Hey, here's a thought. I've got a cigarette lighter. You've got a gun. Maybe you should go first.
Odell_18 Appreciate it.
Odell_break_01 What the hell? That might have been important.
Odell_comeon_01 Hurry up, Gordon.
Odell_comeon_02 I'd appreciate it if you'd stay close.
Odell_comeon_03 Get over here.
Odell_comeon_04 Come on, Gordon.
Odell_lookit_01 You better look at this.
Odell_lookit_02 Get a look at this.
Odell_lookit_03 See that?
Odell_lost_01 Where'd you get to?
Odell_lost_02 Gordon, you coming?
Odell_see_01 Oh, there you are.
Odell_see_02 Wondered where you got to.
Odell_shock_01 Oh Jesus!
Odell_shock_01a Oh Jesus!
Odell_shock_02 Holy shit!
Odell_shock_02a Holy shit!
Odell_shock_03 Holy crap!
Odell_shock_03a Holy crap!
Odell_shock_04 Oh my God!
Odell_shock_04a Oh my God!
Odell_shock_05 God damn it!
Odell_shock_05a Goddamn!
Odell_shock_06 What the hell?
Odell_shock_06a What the hell?