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OverWiki:April Fools' Day 2010/Combine solider

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Wiki logo april 1st.png This article is part of the April Fools' Day 2010 hoax.

The subject matter of this article only consists of parody and nonsense and must not be taken as part of the Combine OverWiki's actual content. Reader's discretion and sense of humor are advised.

Combine soldier
a gay combine solider

They are very badass

Don't mess with em and they wont mess with u ok

They have guns and shit

They will attempt to rape the player if the player gets to close

It probably got [inappropriate]

He is gayer

they have orgies with livni

they are jews

They are Nazi-Communist-Liberal-Fascists

They are all clones of Rush Limbaugh, and hide their immense weight by [inappropriate]

They are all members of the Republican party