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This is the queue for the featured articles scheduled to appear or that appeared on the Main Page each week. The dates listed indicate when they will be or have been showcased.

The showcased featured articles from 2009 to 2011 and from 2012 to 2013 are also available for archival purposes.

December 2014

FA Race X.jpg
Race X is a mysterious alien race appearing in the Black Mesa Research Facility late in the Black Mesa Incident, a few hours before Gordon Freeman teleports to Xen. They serve as one of the main antagonists of Half-Life: Opposing Force. Read more

January 2015

FA Loader.jpg
The Loader is a crab-like quadruped robot used in Black Mesa. It autonomously performs a number of maintenance tasks in the facility, particularly in locations with hazardous conditions. Read more

February 2015

FA CommunicationsCenter.jpg
The Communications Center is a location and chapter cut from Half-Life. Portions of it were recycled for several areas found in Half-Life, Half-Life: Uplink, and Half-Life: Decay. A playable version can be found in the Half-Life Alpha. Read more

March 2015

FA CutDecayMissions.jpg
Gearbox Software originally intended for Half-Life: Decay to feature twelve campaign missions. However, the game only shipped with nine, leaving three missions cut from Decay. Read more

April 2015

FA Gus.jpg
Gus is a forklift driver working at the Black Mesa Research Facility. He wears a name tag with his name on it. Read more

May 2015

FA Chumtoad.jpg
The Chumtoad is a small, purple alien creature resembling a toad. It was originally cut from Half-Life but later resurrected as an Easter egg in the expansions Opposing Force and Blue Shift. Read more

June 2015

FA Gina.jpg
Gina Cross is a scientist who first appears as the Holographic Assistant for Gordon Freeman in the Black Mesa Hazard Course and then later as one of the two Half-Life: Decay protagonists involved in the Black Mesa Incident. Read more

September 2015

ThatLongTrainRide AlbumArt.jpg
That Long Train Ride is a fan-made remix created by Andrew "DJ Dain" Bowers of a Half-Life 2 track, an expansion of the song Triage at Dawn. It has received a great amount of notoriety in the community despite being misidentified for many years. Read more

October 2015

FA VendingMachine.jpg
Vending machines are featured in the Black Mesa Research Facility selling sodas or snacks using fictional brand names. They aid the protagonists of the series by providing health items. Read more

November 2015

FA friendly.jpg
Mr. Friendly is an alien enemy cut from Half-Life. A scavenger creature, it used its long tentacles to attack foes and then eat the corpses of slain enemies. Read more

December 2015

FA Penguin.jpg
The Penguin is a weapon featured in and exclusive to the Capture The Flag game mode of Half-Life: Opposing Force. Acting similar to a Snark, the bird is capable of delivering a devastating explosive payload against enemies. Read more

January 2016

The Half-Life 2 ARG was a series of tests created by Valve in 2004 to promote the upcoming release of Half-Life 2. It was conducted through the game's official website, Steam, and an actual visit to the company's headquarters. Read more

February 2016

FA ShockTrooper.jpg
Shock Troopers are one of the main Race X species that invade the Black Mesa Research Facility during the later stages of the Black Mesa Incident. They act as one of the antagonist forces of Half-Life: Opposing Force. Read more

March 2016

The Hazardous Environment Combat Unit (HECU) is a United States Marine Corps special forces unit featured prominently in Half-Life and its expansions. They serve as both one of the main antagonist forces and allied squad members to the player characters in the series. Read more

April 2016

FA Censored.jpg
Due to the content restrictions in Germany, many changes had to be made to Half-Life and its expansions in order for them to be released in the country, resulting in special censored versions. Most of these edits dealt with removing the violence and gore, such as eliminating visible blood splats and replacing the Marines with Robot Grunts. Read more

May 2016

FA FemaleScientist.jpg
The Female Scientist is a character cut from Half-Life who would have been encountered during the chapter Communications Center. Her role in the story was to act as a member of the science team who, despite initially appearing as an ally like the rest of the scientists, ended up betraying the player. Read more

June 2016

FA Boids.jpg
Boids, also known as Flyers, are manta ray/bird-like flying creatures seen in Xen in Half-Life and its expansions. Featuring dynamic group and flocking artificial intelligence, they're based on Boids, an artificial life program developed by Craig Reynolds in 1986 which simulates the flocking behavior of birds. Read more

August 2016

FA Black Mesa satellite.jpg
A satellite is used by the Black Mesa Science Team in order to stop the alien invasion. Featured in Half-Life and its expansion, Decay, it originally was to play a larger role in the storyline. Read more

September 2016

FA Vortigaunt.jpg
Vortigaunts are a hive-minded, energy-wielding, sapient alien race found throughout the Half-Life series. They are first encountered as a hostile species in Half-Life and return as an ally force in Half-Life 2. Read more

January 2017

FA Crystal.jpg
Crystals are unique crystalline structures found on the alien borderworld Xen. The Black Mesa science team sought these elements for use in the research and development of teleportation technology. It was the experimental analysis of the GG-3883 crystal sample that lead to the Black Mesa Incident. Read more

February 2017

FA GluonGun.jpg
The Gluon Gun is an experimental energy weapon featured in Half-Life. Created by a scientist in Black Mesa's weapons research division, the device fires a constant vortex of spiraling energy beams capable of destroying anything that it connects with in seconds. it is the last weapon Gordon Freeman equips before traveling to Xen. Read more

March 2017

FA UnforeseenConsequences.jpg
Unforeseen Consequences is the third chapter of Half-Life. Immediately following the events of the resonance cascade, Gordon Freeman finds himself traveling through the devastated remains of Sector C as hostile aliens from Xen begin invading the Black Mesa Research Facility. Read more

August 2017

FA flashlight.jpg
The Flashlight is a portable light source used throughout the Half-Life series appearing in a variety of shapes and forms. It is standard equipment for the Black Mesa Security Force and a built-in feature of the HEV Suit. Read more

September 2017

FA Borealis cut ship.jpg
The Borealis is an icebreaker that was cut from Half-Life 2. First called the Hyperborea, it is believed to be one of the earliest levels created for the game. Going through several design and storyline iterations during development, the location featured Gordon Freeman boarding the vessel and, with the help of ship's engineer Odell, using the stored mini-submarine to travel to the underwater Kraken Base. Read more

October 2017

FA Kraken Base New.jpg
Kraken Base is a location that was cut from Half-Life 2. Described as an undersea Resistance research base where Elena Mossman directed a group of scientists, Gordon Freeman reached the facility with Odell by a mini-submarine stored on the Borealis. Read more

November 2017

FA Halls3.jpg
Halls3 is a multiplayer map in Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, the game's first new level in eight years at the time of its release. Developed by Turtle Rock Studios co-founder of Chris Ashton, the level evolved from previous works created for Half-Life and Marathon. Read more

December 2017

FA PartyEscortBot.jpg
The Party Escort Bot, also known as the party associate, is an Aperture Science Personality Construct originally only mentioned in Portal. It was later reintroduced into the game in the retconned ending added as part of the Portal ARG. Read more

January 2018

FA TheFisherman.jpg
The Fisherman is a character who appears only in Half-Life 2: Lost Coast as the guide to Gordon Freeman, setting him on his task to eliminate the local Combine presence. He originally was to play a larger role in the game, cooperating with the player to solve a puzzle related to the shipwreck on the beach. Read more