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The following is a list of quotes from the Overwatch Voice, heard through the PA systems used in various Combine-occupied areas and through the human Overwatch units' radios.

Text data from some of the Half-Life 2 .wav files contain several typos corrected in our transcripts.

Half-Life 2[edit]

City 17[edit]

Location: sound/vo/npc/overwatch/cityvoice

Filename(s) Quote
f_anticitizenreport_spkr Attention, ground units - anti-citizen reported in this community. Code: lock, cauterize, stabilize.
f_anticivil1_5_spkr You are charged with anti-civil activity level 1. Protection Units: prosecution code: duty, sword, operate. (Text data includes a first sentence not spoken: "Individual - you are charged with failure to comply with civil request level 2.")
f_anticivilevidence_3_spkr Protection team alert: evidence of anti-civil activity in this community: code assemble, clamp, contain.
f_capitalmalcompliance_spkr Individual, you are charged with capital malcompliance. Anti-citizen status approved.
f_ceaseevasionlevelfive_spkr Individual, you are now charged with Socio-Endangerment, level 5. Cease evasion immediately, receive your verdict.
f_citizenshiprevoked_6_spkr Individual, you are convicted of multi-anti-civil violations. Implicit citizenship revoked, status: malignant
f_confirmcivilstatus_1_spkr Attention please: unidentified person of interest - confirm your civil status with local protection team immediately.
f_evasionbehavior_2_spkr Attention please: Evasion behavior consistent with mal-compliant defendant. Ground Protection Team: alert, code: isolate, expose, administer.
f_innactionisconspiracy_spkr Citizen reminder: inaction is conspiracy. Report counter-behavior to a Civil Protection team immediately.
f_localunrest_spkr Alert: Community Ground Protection units: Local unrest structure detected. Assemble, administer, pacify.
f_protectionresponse_1_spkr Attention Protection Team: status evasion in progress in this community. Respond, isolate, inquire.
f_protectionresponse_4_spkr Attention all Ground Protection Teams: Autonomous judgment is now in effect. Sentencing is now discretionary. Code: amputate, zero, confirm. ("Attention, Ground Protection Team" instead of "Attention all Ground Protection Teams" in text data.)
f_protectionresponse_5_spkr Attention all Ground Protection teams: Judgement waiver now in effect. Capital prosecution is discretionary.
f_rationunitsdeduct_3_spkr Attention occupants: your block is now charged with permissive inactive coercion. 5 ration units deducted.
f_sociolevel1_4_spkr Individual: you are charged with Socio-endangerment, level 1. Protection Units: prosecution code: duty, sword, midnight.
f_trainstation_assemble_spkr Citizen notice: priority identification check in progress. Please assemble in your designated inspection positions.
f_trainstation_assumepositions_spkr Attention please: All citizens in local residential block, assume your inspection positions.
f_trainstation_cooperation_spkr Attention residents: miscount detected in your block. Cooperation with your Civil Protection team permits full ration reward.
f_trainstation_inform_spkr Attention residents: This block contains potential civil infection. Inform, cooperate, assemble.
f_trainstation_offworldrelocation_spkr Citizen notice: Failure to cooperate will result in permanent off-world relocation.
f_unrestprocedure1_spkr Attention community: unrest procedure code is now in effect. Innoculate, shield, pacify. Code: pressure, sword, sterilize.

Nova Prospekt[edit]

Location: sound/vo/npc/overwatch/cityvoice

Filename(s) Quote
fprison_airwatchdispatched Overwatch acknowleges critical exogen breach. Airwatch augmentation force dispatched and inbound. Hold for reinforcement. ("Force" not in text data.)
fprison_contactlostlandsea Alert. Contact status zero with land-sea intercept teams. Possible Anticitizen One re-infection. All Nova Prospekt stabilization delegates move to hard points.
fprison_containexogens Nova Prospekt stabilization force directive Two: Engage reserve, contain exogen incursion.
fprison_deployinb4 Contact lost in block B2. Deploy, reinforce, intercept in central block B4.
fprison_deservicepoliticalconscripts Attention Nova Prospekt internal containment teams. Deservice all political conscripts in block A7. Prohibit external contact.
fprison_detectionsystemsout Warning. Surveillance and detection systems inactive. Remaining stabilization team members report containment status please. ("Status" not in text data.)
fprison_dropforcesixandeight Contact has moved to block D8. Warning. Sterilizers and containment fields may be compromised. Airwatch augmentation force six, eight, drop and converge immediately.
fprison_exogenbreach Priority Alert: Nova Prospekt exogen breach. Perimeter communication status zero. Internal stabilization teams deploy sterilizers in suspected infection blocks A5, A7, B2.
fprison_freemanlocated Incursion Warning. Airwatch reports probable Anticitizen Freeman re-acquired zone Nova Prospekt. Ground units deprioritize exogen containment. Hold for override codes. ("re-acquired in Nova Prospekt incursion" instead of "re-acquired zone Nova Prospekt" in text data.)
fprison_interfacebypass Warning. Malignant Viral Interface bypass detected. Polyphasic core reprogramming detected. Sterilizers and containment fields may be compromised.
fprison_missionfailurereminder Attention ground units. Mission failure will result in permanent offworld assignment. Code reminder: sacrifice, coagulate, clamp.
fprison_nonstandardexogen Alert. Nonstandard Exogen activity detected. Execute containment procedure and report. ("Follow standard" instead of "Execute" in text data.)
fprison_perimeterrestrictors Priority Warning. Outland stabilization force six Nova Prospekt. Perimeter restrictors disengaged. Priority Warning. Perimeter restrictors disengaged.
fprison_restrictorsdisengaged Priority warning: perimeter restrictors disengaged. All stabilization delegates move to incursion hard points immediately.


Location: sound/vo/npc/overwatch/cityvoice

Filename(s) Quote
fcitadel_3minutestosingularity Warning: Three minutes to singularity.
fcitadel_2minutestosingularity Warning: Two minutes to singularity.
fcitadel_1minutetosingularity Warning: One minute to singularity.
fcitadel_45sectosingularity Priority Warning: Forty-five seconds to singularity.
fcitadel_30sectosingularity Priority Warning: Thirty seconds to singularity.
fcitadel_15sectosingularity Priority Warning: Fifteen seconds to singularity.
fcitadel_10sectosingularity Priority Warning: Ten seconds to singularity.
fcitadel_confiscating Security Alert: Unregistered weapons detected. Confiscation field engaged.
fcitadel_confiscationfailure Warning: Counter-resonant singularity device detected. Confiscation field failure.
fcitadel_deploy Security Alert: Illegal counter-resonant singularity device detected. Deploy, Diagnose, Dissect.
fcitadel_transportsequence Attention: Transport singularity interlock sequence engaged.

Radio voice[edit]

Location: sound/npc/overwatch/radiovoice

Word list of the Overwatch Voice sounds heard with units.

Filename(s) Quote
404zone Four hundred and four zone.
accomplicesoperating Protection teams, be advised accomplices operating in area.
administer Administer.
airwatchcopiesnoactivity Airwatch copies no activity in location.
airwatchreportspossiblemiscount Airwatch reports possible miscount.
alarms62 62 alarms.
allteamsrespondcode3 All teams respond, code 3.
allunitsapplyforwardpressure All units apply forward pressure.
allunitsat All units at
allunitsbeginwhitnesssterilization All units begin witness sterilization.
allunitsbolfor243suspect All units B.O.L. for 243 suspect.
allunitsdeliverterminalverdict All units deliver terminal verdict immediately.
allunitsreturntocode12 All units return to code 12.
allunitsverdictcodeis All units verdict code is
allunitsverdictcodeonsuspect All units verdict code on suspect
amputate amputate
anticitizen anti-citizen
antifatigueration3mg anti-fatigue ration is now 3 milligrams
apply apply
assault243 243 assault on Protection Team.
attemptedcrime27 27 attempted crime
attention attention
attentionyouhavebeenchargedwith attention, you have been charged with
beginscanning10-0 Ten-zero, begin scanning
block block
canalblock canal block
capitalmalcompliance capital malcompliance
cauterize cauterize
citizen citizen
completesentencingatwill All Protection Team units: complete sentencing at will
condemnedzone condemned zone
confirmupialert Team: confirm UPI alert
controlsection polity: control section
criminaltrespass63 63 criminal trespass
defender defender
deservicedarea restricted block
destrutionofcpt destruction of corporal Social Protection units
devisivesociocidal devisive sociocidal counter obeyance
die1 Death sound / flatline / static
die2 Death sound / flatline / static
die3 Death sound / flatline / static
disassociationfromcivic disassociation from the civic populace
disengaged647e 647-e disengaged from work force
distributionblock distribution block
disturbancemental10-103m 10-103 disturbance by mentally unfit
disturbingunity415 415 civic disunity
document document
eight eight
engagingteamisnoncohesive engaging Protection Team is non-cohesive
examine examine
externaljurisdiction external jurisdiction
failuretocomply failure to comply with the civil will
failuretotreatoutbreak Stabilization Team: failure to treat identified local outbreak will force team recall and recycle
finalverdictadministered final verdict administered
five five
fmil_region_073 sky shield
four four
freeman Freeman
fugitive17f 17-F fugitive detachment
halfrankpoints 50 percent rank points
halfreproductioncredits 50 percent reproduction credits
hero hero
highpriorityregion high priority region
illegalcarrying95 95 illegal carrying
illegalinoperation63s 63s illegal in operation
immediateamputation immediate amputation
incitingpopucide devisive sociocidal counter-obeyance
industrialzone industrial zone
infection infection
infestedzone infested zone
inject inject
innoculate inoculate
inprogress in progress
intercede intercede
interlock interlock
investigate investigate
investigateandreport Investigate and report.
isnow is now
isolate isolate
jury jury
king king
leadersreportratios Attention Stabilization Team leader. Report de-serviced unit to sterilized body count ratio for reinforcement, reward, or removal processing.
level5anticivilactivity level 5 anti-civil activity
line line
lock lock
lockdownlocationsacrificecode Protection Team: lock down your location: sacrifice code.
lostbiosignalforunit lost bio signal for Protection Team unit
nine nine
noncitizen non-citizen
nonpatrolregion non patrol region
nonsanctionedarson51 51 non-sanctioned arson
officerat officer ("officer at" in text data.)
officerclosingonsuspect officer closing on suspect
one one
outlandzone Outland zone
patrol patrol
permanentoffworld permanent off-world service assignment
politistablizationmarginal Notice: Protection Teams: civic politistabilization index is marginal
posession69 69 possession of resources
prematuremissiontermination premature mission termination will result in
prepareforfinalsentencing prepare for final sentencing
preparetoinnoculate All local Protection Team units: prepare to innoculate
preparetoreceiveverdict prepare to receive verdict
preparevisualdownload Attention: prepare visual download of anti-citizen 1
preserve preserve
pressure pressure
productionblock production block
promotingcommunalunrest promoting communal unrest
prosecute prosecute
publicnoncompliance507 507 public non-compliance
quick quick
recalibratesocioscan team: recalibrate socioscan
recievingconflictingdata We are receiving conflicting data.
recklessoperation99 99 reckless operation
reinforcementteamscode3 reinforcement teams: code 3
remainingunitscontain remaining units contain
reminder100credits Rank leader: reminder: 100 sterilized credits qualifies non-mechanical reproduction simulation
remindermemoryreplacement Reminder: Memory replacement is the first step toward rank privileges.
reporton Local Protection Team units report on
reportplease report, please
repurposedarea repurposed area
residentialblock residential block
resistingpacification148 148 resisting arrest
respond respond
restrict restrict
restrictedblock restricted block
restrictedincursioninprogress restricted incursion in progress.
rewardnotice Reward notice: Protection Team member: your family cohesion is preserved.
riot404 404 riot
roller roller
search search
sector sector
serve serve
seven seven
six six
socialfractureinprogress Social fracture in progress. Respond.
sociocide sociocide
sociostabilizationrestored Sociostabilization restored.
stabilizationjurisdiction stabilization jurisdiction
stationblock station block
statuson243suspect All units report status on 243 suspect.
sterilize sterilize
stick stick
stormsystem storm system
subject subject
suspectisnow187 Suspect is now 1-8-7.
suspectmalignantverdictcodeis Suspect is judged malignant. Verdict code is
suspend suspend
suspendnegotiations suspend negotiations
switchcomtotac3 All units switch com to tac 3
switchtotac5reporttocp All units switch com to tac 5 and report in to command point.
tap tap
teamsreportstatus Local Civil Protection Teams report status.
terminalprosecution terminal prosecution
terminalrestrictionzone terminal restriction zone
threattoproperty51b 51-B threat to property
three 3
transitblock transit block
two two
union union
unitdeserviced unit deserviced
unitdownat unit down at
unlawfulentry603 603 unlawful entry
upi UPI
vice vice
victor victor
violationofcivictrust violation of civic trust
wasteriver waste river
weapon94 94 weapon
workforceintake workforce intake hub
xray x-ray
yellow yellow
youarechargedwithterminal You are charged with terminal violations 148, 243, 245
youarejudgedguilty You are judged guilty by Civil Protection Team
zero zero
zone zone

Unused Quotes[edit]

Nova Prospekt[edit]

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
fprison_prohibitrailincursion [no transcript available]


Location: N/A (text only)

Supposedly to be played in the event of Breen's teleport failure.

Filename(s) Quote
fcitadel_payloadunconfirmed [no transcript available]

Half-Life 2: Episode One[edit]

Location: sound/ambient/levels/citadel (No text data)

Filename(s) Quote
fcitadel_deploydiagnose Deploy, Diagnose. Deploy, Diagnose. Present singularity. Present singularity.
fcitadel_bypassdetected Warning. Bypass detected.
fcitadel_confiscating Security Alert: Unregistered weapons detected. Confiscation field engaged. (From Half-Life 2)
fcitadel_confiscationfailure Warning: Counter-resonant singularity device detected. Confiscation field failure. (From Half-Life 2)
fcitadel_corereprogramming1 Warning. Core reprogramming detected.
fcitadel_alert Alert. Alert. Alert.
fcitadel_alert2 Alert.
fcitadel_stabilization_disengaged1 Stabilization force disengaged.
fcitadel_sterilizerscompromized Sterilizers and containment fields compromised.
fcitadel_deploysterilizers Priority alert: Internal stabilization teams, deploy sterilizers. Deploy...
fcitadel_restrictorsdisengaged Priority warning: Restrictors disengaged.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two[edit]

Location: sound/vo (subtitles written in caps)

Filename(s) Quote
over_camp Ongoing sector sweep. Biotics confirmed. Continue surface sector sweep. Remote compliance. Exterminate. Seek passive signature imprint. Mandate sublevel restrictions. (From sound/vo/outland_01/intro)
over_vista All autonomous units: Accept mandatory sector assimilation. Coordinated constriction underway. Debride and cauterize. Entering phase nine, enhanced compliance. Deploy advisory control and oversight. Submit and be subsumed. (From sound/vo/outland_05/canyon)
over_barn Vital alert. Autonomous units subsumed. Mandatory compliance with all tenents of advisorial assistance act. Threat level adjustment. Probe. Expunge. (From sound/vo/outland_07/barn)
over_inne Alert. Anticitizen One engaged. Vance subprime engaged. Expunge. Mandate removal of active signature imprint. Cauterize and expunge. (From sound/vo/outland_10/olde-inne)