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Portal Emitter
General information

Aperture Science


Stationary portal device

Used by


The Portal Emitter,[1] also known as the Autoportal[2] or Portal Door,[3] is a testing element used within the Aperture Science Enrichment Center.


[edit] Overview

Just like its handheld counterpart, the device has the ability to create portals, though it is sometimes used only to indicate a spot where a portal will be opened by a rotating ASHPD. The emitter occasionally needs to be activated with a switch.

Before a test subject acquires a blue Portal Gun, the stationary mechanism is capable of creating both blue and orange portals. After a blue Handheld Device is picked up, the portal emitter is only seen supporting orange portals linked to those created by the player. This stationary mechanism cannot be found in Test Chambers that require the use of a fully operational Portal Device.

[edit] Behind the scenes

An unused icon for the emitter, similar to that featured in Portal, can be found in Perpetual Testing Initiative game files.

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Portal Emitter
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