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Rail Cart
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The Rail Cart,[2] also simply known as the Train,[3] is a rail vehicle that runs on tracks. They can be seen and used by the player in Half-Life and Half-Life: Opposing Force.


[edit] Overview

The Rail Cart is first introduced at the end of the training portion of the game, and later found in the tunnels of the decommissioned underground rail system of Black Mesa's Materials Transport. They are powered by electricity. The player can activate and manually operate a train from their control panel; the direction of a train can be changed by rotating junction switches at rail junctions.

[edit] Behind the scenes

According to John Guthrie, the rail cart idea came from Rabid Transit level from Duke Nukem 3D, featuring a subway. Guthrie cited the level as one of his favorites, and always wanted to drive the train.[1] The yellow train from the multiplayer map Subtransit was originally created for the abandoned rail system section of Blast Pit chapter, but was replaced.[4]

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