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The following is a list of quotes from Rosenberg. Transcripts not official.

Half-Life: Blue Shift[edit]

Location: sound/rosenberg

Filename(s) Quote
ro_calhoun Calhoun!
ro_cure0 You look terrible.
ro_cure1 You seem to be wounded.
ro_cure2 You're going to need medical attention, right away.
ro_fear0 Fear
ro_fear1 Oh my.
ro_fear2 Fear
ro_fear3 Fear
ro_fear4 Fear
ro_fear5 Fear
ro_heal0 Let me take care of that wound for you.
ro_heal1 This should make you feel better.
ro_heal2 You need medical attention. Here.
ro_heal3 Let me give you something for the pain.
ro_heal4 Allow me to treat that injury.
ro_inside_car Hello! I'm in here! Can anyone hear me?
ro_letstrythis Let's try this.
ro_mortal0 I'm not sure how much longer I can last.
ro_mortal1 I don't think I can last much longer.
ro_ok0 Let's get going.
ro_ok1 I'll be right behind you.
ro_ok2 Let's hurry. There is no time to waste.
ro_ok3 All right. Let's hope we don't run into anymore of those soldiers.
ro_ok4 All right. Let's stick together.
ro_ok5 All right. You won't even know I'm here.
ro_ok6 Yes. We'll have a better chance if we stick together.
ro_ok7 Lead the way, Calhoun.
ro_ok8 Let's go.
ro_ok9 Yes. Let's go.
ro_outro1 Ah there he is! Calhoun, you've arrived! When you didn't come through right away we thought of the... Oh no, there is something wrong here. Simmons! Come look at Calhoun! His body seems to be in some sort of resonance displacement and I...
ro_outro2 Oh thank God, you've made it. I was worried that a malfunction occurred at the last moment and you might have been caught in an infinite harmonic reflux. If that's the case, then you're lucky to be standing here. Then again, we're all lucky. Thanks to you, however, we were actually able to pull of this half-brained idea. We made it, Mr. Calhoun. We made it.
ro_pain0 Pain
ro_pain1 Pain
ro_pain2 Pain
ro_pain3 Pain
ro_pain4 Pain
ro_pain5 Pain
ro_pain6 Pain
ro_pain7 Pain
ro_pain8 Pain
ro_plfear0 What are you doing?
ro_plfear1 I can't take this anymore.
ro_plfear2 This is madness!
ro_plfear3 No, please! I don't want to die!
ro_plfear4 Get out of here!
ro_scared0 My God! What are you doing?
ro_scared1 Stop attacking! Immediately!
ro_scared2 Are you insane? He's a friend!
ro_stop0 Wait up, Calhoun. I'm afraid I need to rest.
ro_stop1 Hold on, Calhoun. I need to take a break.
ro_stop2 I need to rest a bit before I (could) go on
ro_stop3 Slow down, Calhoun. I can't keep up at this pace.
ro_stop4 Hold on, Calhoun. You'll have to slow down a bit.
ro_tele_almost1 We're almost there.
ro_tele_almost2 We're almost there.
ro_tele_final01 Calhoun, you did it! We've already begun preparing the device with the fresh power cell you sent up. This time, however, the process is going to bit more complex. So I'll need you to help me in the main room. Let's hurry, there is no time to waste.
ro_tele_final02 All right. I'll stay down here to monitor the system levels, and direct the procedure. I need you to climb up to the control room, and activate the main power. Once the process has started, you'll also need to release the dampen locks each time the system has charged in order to open the displacement field. Don't worry, Mr. Calhoun, the process is simple, and I'll let you know when you need to do something.
ro_tele_final03 What are you waiting for, Calhoun? Get up to the control room, and locate the main power switch.
ro_tele_final04 Please hurry, Mr. Calhoun! We don't have much time!
ro_tele_final05 Very good. Stand by, Calhoun. Once the system initialized, it will take few moments for the interpolating resonance coils to archive focus.
ro_tele_final06 Everything is looking nom... Oh no, the primary cooling line has been raptured. Calhoun, go to the valve located on the catwalk, and release the pressure! Hurry, before the system overheats!
ro_tele_final07 This is no time for games, Calhoun! If the secondary cooling pipe bursts the machine will explode. You must crank the valve on the catwalk now!
ro_tele_final08 Good. Now, keep turning the crank, until the pressure level reaches normal.
ro_tele_final09 Don't let the pressure reach critical, Calhoun! You must continue cranking until the level reaches nominal!
ro_tele_final10 Good work, Calhoun. That was close. The system has been stabilized, and main capacitors are charging. When main charger meter reaches full, I'll need you to open the displacement field from the control room.
ro_tele_final11 Simmons, can you hear me? Get the rest of the team together, and prepare to teleport. Remember, we can only send one person at a time, so be patient.
ro_tele_final12 Wait for it, Calhoun! You can't open the displacement field until the charger reaches its maximum.
ro_tele_final13 I told you to wait until the system is fully charged! Be patient, Calhoun!
ro_tele_final14 Okay, the system is fully charged. Throw the switch located at the window of the control room!
ro_tele_final15 Go ahead, Calhoun. Throw the displacement field switch. What are you waiting for?
ro_tele_final16 Calhoun, our time is running out! Go to the window of the control room, and throw the switch.
ro_tele_final17 It's too late, the system is collapsing! You killed us all, Calhoun!
ro_tele_final18 Very good, Calhoun. I'll begin charging the system for the next teleport event.
ro_tele_final19 Almost there. All right, we've reached full charge again. Open the field, Calhoun!
ro_tele_final20 Excellent. The next jump can go through now.
ro_tele_final21 Let's keep going. The main capacitors (are) charging.
ro_tele_final22 Okay, it's ready. Throw the switch again!
ro_tele_final23 You must go now, Simmons!
ro_tele_final24 Oh no!
ro_tele_final25 I'm going to go through next, but don't worry, Mr. Calhoun. I've set the system to automatically start the charging sequence once I've made it through. Just wait for the levels to reach full again, and open the field like you've been doing.
ro_tele_final26 All right, it's ready.
ro_tele_final27 Good luck, Mr. Calhoun. I'll see you on other side!
ro_tele_final28 There, the field is open. Go now, Walter!
ro_tele_nocell I'm glad to see you're all right, Mr. Calhoun, but we really need another power cell if we expect to get out of here. You'll have to go back down there, find a power cell, and send it back up to us fully charged. We're all depending on you.
ro_tele_power1 Good job, Mr. Calhoun. We begin to worry when you didn't come back for some time, but it looks though you were able to get the device operational. The signal we're getting is very strong, but I'm afraid I have some bad news. The power reservoirs were just enough to open a field for your trip to the borderworld. If we plan on keeping the teleporter open long enough to calculate a safe exit point, and allow time for everyone to go through, someone will have to go to the lower level, and retrieve another power cell.
ro_tele_power2 A few of our colleagues went down there while ago, but we haven't heard them from since. I can only fear for the worst.
ro_tele_power3 I hate to keep putting you in this position, but you must realize that if someone doesn't go down there, then no one us will get out of here alive. Besides, you're the best equipped to deal with any dangers that may be waiting. Here, I'll show you to the access elevator that leads to the power generator. Follow me.
ro_tele_power4 Calhoun! Where are you? We need you to go down below, and find us another power cell!
ro_tele_power5 Ah, here we are. Down below, the old power generators that we used to service this lab. You should find what we're looking for down there. Once you locate a new power cell, make sure it's charged, and send it up to the freight lift. Good luck.
ro_tele_xen01 Excellent, Walter. Finish aligning the power cell matrix, and I'll see if I can get the system online in the main room. Now, there's no time to waste.
ro_tele_xen02 Well, looks like the equipment is in better shape than expected.
ro_tele_xen03a Unfortunately, this older technology does not have the ability to target an Earth destination in its current state. You see, Mr. Calhoun, teleportation isn't as easy as going from point A to point B. We've discovered a strange borderworld that was somehow involved in the process which kept us from accurately predicting where any given teleportation event would lead to back on Earth.
ro_tele_xen03b Some of the more promising research on the matter led to a device that could be attached to strange crystalline structures we found on this borderworld. Now, this device, could then be used as a focal point and relay to aid in the teleportation. Well, in theory that is.
ro_tele_xen04 We lost contact with the survey group shortly after the device was in place. We later discovered other methods of aiming the field, but all the equipment in this lab uses the older technology. In order for any of us to get out of here alive, someone will have to go to the borderworld, and activate the device.
ro_tele_xen05 I'm afraid you're the only one who can do this. Seeing as how everyone else will be needed to operate the equipment.
ro_tele_xen06 We should be able to get you fairly close to where the survey team had setup, but I fear the likelihood of running into alien creatures is very high. Once you find the device, simply power it on, and line the emitters until the signal reaches maximum strength. We'll reopen the teleport for your return, once we receive the signal, but you must hurry back. As we can keep it open for a short amount of time.
ro_tele_xen07 All right. I'm going to initiate the teleporting charging sequence now. Be ready Mr. Calhoun. Once the field is open, it will become unstable very quickly.
ro_tele_xen08 The primary capacitors have reached fully charge. Simmons! Release the dampen locks, and open the field.
ro_tele_xen09 The field, it's open! Calhoun, enter to the teleporter!
ro_tele_xen10 You must make the jump now, Calhoun. The displacement field can't sustain itself much longer.
ro_tele_xen11 You fool, you taken too long! The impulse reflection rotors are burning up. I can't shut it down. Run!
ro_tele_xen12 Simmons, can you hear me? It's ready.
ro_to_teleport We should've choosen the Lambda Reactor for an escape, but the crew there is bent on fighting the creatures, with all their hopes set on someone named Freeman. Let those fools try and fight a battle they can't win. I just want to get out of here.
ro_too_slow You fool, you taken too long!
ro_wait0 Don't leave me here, Calhoun. We need to stick together.
ro_wait1 This is no time to rest. We must keep going.
ro_wait2 I'll wait here.
ro_wait3 I'll stay here, but hurry back.
ro_wait4 Yes, maybe you should go on ahead for a bit. Just don't forget about me.
ro_wait5 I may be slowing you down, but you'll need me to get in to the lab.
ro_wait6 We have no time to take a break. We must keep going.
ro_wait7 Please don't leave me here, Calhoun. I'll be defenseless if those soldiers find me.
ro_wound0 I seem to be wounded, but I can keep going.
ro_wound1 I'm not doing too well, but I can make it.
ro_xen_call1 Calhoun, you must hurry! We can't keep the portal open much longer!
ro_xen_call2 If you can hear me Calhoun, you must hurry! The teleporter charge is running out!
ro_xen_call3 It's too late, the field is collapsing. Calhoun!
ro_yard_access1 Yes, here it is. We'll need to break through this to get to the elevator.
ro_yard_access2 I see you already found the elevator. Let's hurry then.
ro_yard_almost2 Follow me.
ro_yard_almost3 Let's stick together. We're almost there.
ro_yard_follow1 Follow me.
ro_yard_follow2 Calhoun. Follow me.
ro_yard_hurry02 Please hurry, Mr. Calhoun.
ro_yard_notime Now, there's no time to waste.
ro_yard_rose1 Yes, I'm Dr. Rosenberg. Although I'm not very proud to admit it, seen as though I'm partially responsible for all of this.
ro_yard_rose2 How did you know my name? Oh I see, poor Harold. Yes, our plan was to get to one of the the old prototype labs. It involved something that very few people in the facility authorized to know about. The same technology that brought about this catastrophe could also be our only way out. You see, I was involved in the very early work on teleporter technology. Long before the Lambda Complex was even built. There may be enough equipment in the old lab to piece together a device that would allow us to teleport outside out of the facility. As improbable as that might sound to someone like yourself. Of course, none of that does us a whole lot of good while we're stuck in here.
ro_yard_rose3 Hmm. Perhaps I could help boost you through that vent in the ceiling. If you're lucky, you might be able to take those soldiers by surprise.
ro_yard_rose4 All right. Now, we'll need head back to area where you met Harold. The access to the old lab should still be there, but we may have to break through some of the newer construction to get through it.
ro_yard_scanner Well, I hope the old security system is still active. With any luck my fingerprint ID is still valid and on file.

Half-Life: Decay[edit]

Location: sound/rosenberg

Filename(s) Quote
ro_01_admin The administrator is a bureaucrat, not a scientist. I did not design this equipment to be run at such high intensity.
ro_01_alive Keller? Keller, are you alive? Tolman's dead.
ro_01_assure I can assure you, it is not, Dr. Keller. I... what!
ro_01_callhelp Well, we've got to get everyone out of here. Reach the surface, call for help, something!
ro_01_chargers I'll get the primary chargers.
ro_01_dampen I don't understand. The dampening fields...
ro_01_danger It's too dangerous. If we fail, who will warn everyone else? We can have soldiers here in two hours who can secure the facility and bring everyone to safety. Our concern must be with the people of Black Mesa.
ro_01_fields The dampening fields are designed not to fail. The only way this could have happened is if someone turned them off, and even then there should have been a noticeable discrepancy in the displacement flow indicators.
ro_01_grudge Whatever grudge you may have with me...
ro_01_keller Dr. Keller.
ro_01_leaving I don't like the idea of leaving you here, but it seems we have no choice.
ro_01_letsgo All right. Let's go.
ro_01_realize You realize, of course, that the spectrometer is going to overload.
ro_01_sigh.ogg]] Sigh
ro_01_spectrom I've been talking to Harold. He seems to be under the impression that you're planning on running the anti-mass spectrometer at greater than ninety percent. You realize there is a reason for the safety buffer.
ro_01_survived Oh, thank goodness you've survived. Those HEV suits of yours are well designed, Dr. Cross.
ro_01_touch No, don't touch that!
ro_01_yesright Yes, you're right.
ro_02_careful Be careful. As long as those sentry guns are active, it's suicide to go out there. But it is the only way to the surface. You're going to have to destroy them.
ro_02_despite Despite what Dr. Keller believes, our only concern now should be for the people trapped inside Black Mesa. We need to get to the surface to reach the satellite communication equipment. Once they know what's going on, I'm confident they'll immediately send the military in to rescue us. There's an elevator nearby that will take us up to where we need to go. Follow me.
ro_02_elevator Damn, it seems the elevator controls aren't functioning. There is a maintenance area below us. I think, perhaps, you can get the elevator working from down there. You'll have to make your way through the hazard course to reach the maintenance area. I know I don't have to remind you that your hazard suit will protect you, but I'll think I'll be safer if I wait here.
ro_02_follow Okay, I'll follow you.
ro_02_madeit We made it! Now at the end of this tunnel is an access shaft that leads right to the surface. From there we'll be able to reach the satellite communications center and call for help. Good work, I couldn't have gotten here without you. Let's go.
ro_02_moving It's moving! Thank goodness you've made it! I was beginning to give up on you. Raise the elevator up to the top floor.
ro_02_opendoor Hmm, I should be able to open this door.
ro_02_thanks Thank you! I thought I'd never get out of that elevator alive.
ro_02_waithere I'm going to wait here where it's safe. You need to find a way into the maintanance shaft of this elevator and raise it manually.
ro_03_aligned From here we'll be able to contact the military. From the look of these instruments it appears that the satellite dish is properly aligned. Good work. Now hit the switch and complete the uplink.
ro_03_excellent Excellent! We should now have a working uplink. I'll test it.
ro_03_inside Inside is the control room for the satellite dish, but this door is locked. If you can find a way into that warehouse, you should be able to make your way around to the other side of this door to let me in. I'll wait here. The way is too dangerous for me, but you'll be protected by the hazard suits.
ro_03_keller Dr. Keller? Dr. Keller? Do you read me? We've established the uplink and are transmitting the emergency signal.
ro_03_madeit Ah, you made it! The control room is just up the stairs. Quick, come with me.
ro_03_makeway You need to make your way through the warehouse. I'll wait, but please, hurry.
ro_03_notalign From here we'll be able to contact the military, but it appears the satellite dish is not aligned. One of you needs to go down and rotate the dish. The instruments in this room will tell us when the dish is positioned correctly.
ro_03_notalign2 We can't do anything with this equipment until the dish is aligned.
ro_03_perfect That's it. Good. Perfect.
ro_03_rotated Good, the dish is being rotated. Once our indicators tell us it's aligned, hit the switch to complete the uplink.
ro_03_senddown I understand. I'll send them down. Out.
ro_03_surface Now that we've made it to the surface, we can get help. If we're quick enough, the people below may have a chance. Behind this fence is a satellite communications center we can use to communicate with military personnel outside of Black Mesa. The military has the best chance at being able to secure the facility and they'll be able to escort us to safety. Let's go.
ro_03_toofar Stop. Too far. Go back, that was it.
ro_03_waithere Listen, I can wait here for the military to arrive, but you're needed to help with the situation down below or others will be put in peril. You've done your job here, now get below and reach Dr. Keller. Be careful, both of you. Hopefully I'll see you on the outside.
ro_calhoun Calhoun?
ro_calhoun2 Calhoun? Wait a minute, you're not Calhoun.
ro_cure0 You look terrible! (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_cure1 You seem to be wounded. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_cure2 You're going to need medical attention right away. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_fear0 Fear (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_fear1 Fear (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_fear2 Fear (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_fear3 Fear (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_fear4 Fear (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_fear5 Fear (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_heal0 Let me take care of that wound for you. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_heal1 This should make you feel better. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_heal2 You need medical attention. Here. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_heal3 Let me give you something for the pain. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_heal4 Allow me to treat that injury. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_mortal0 I'm not sure how much longer I can last. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_mortal1 I don't think I can last much longer. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_ok0 Let's get going. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_ok1 I'll be right behind you. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_ok2 Let's hurry! There's no time to waste. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_ok3 Yes, let's go. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_ok4 All right, let's stick together. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_ok5 All right, you won't even know I'm here. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_ok6 Yes, we'll have a better chance if we stick together. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_ok7 Let's go. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_pain0 Pain (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_pain1 Pain (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_pain2 Pain (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_pain3 Pain (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_pain4 Pain (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_pain5 Pain (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_pain6 Pain (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_pain7 Pain (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_pain8 Pain (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_plfear0 What are you doing? (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_plfear1 I can't take this anymore! (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_plfear2 This is madness! (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_plfear3 No, please! I don't want to die! (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_plfear4 Get out of here! (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_rug He suspects that the culprits might be the very people who, uh, "soiled" your rug, and you're in a unique position to confirm or, uh, "disconfirm" that suspicion.
ro_scared0 My God! What are you doing? (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_scared1 Stop attacking immediately! (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_scared2 Are you insane? He's a friend! (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_stop2 I need to rest a bit before I can go on. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_wait0 We have no time to take a break. We must keep going.
ro_wait1 This is no time to rest. We must keep going. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_wait2 I'll wait here. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_wait3 I'll stay here, but, hurry back. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_wait4 Yes, maybe you should go on ahead for a bit. Just don't forget about me. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_wound0 I'm seem to be wounded, but I can keep going. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_wound1 I'm not doing too well, but I can make it. (Same as Blue Shift.)
ro_xen_call1 Calhoun, you must hurry! We can't keep the portal open much longer. (Same as Blue Shift.)