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The Fisherman/Quotes

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The following is a list of quotes from the Fisherman.

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast[edit]

St. Olga[edit]

Location: sound/lostcoast/vo/fisherman

Filename(s) Quote
fish_bequick We'd better be quick, lad, or there'll be nothing left to save.
fish_cliffclimb01 Watch your step up there, laddy!
fish_cliffclimb02 Don't look down!
fish_cliffclimb03 You're doin fine, lad!
fish_cometostolga Come on with me to St. Olga!
fish_cough01 [Coughing, Throat clearing]
fish_cough02 [Coughing, Throat clearing]
fish_cough03 [Coughing, Throat clearing]
fish_cough04 [Coughing, Throat clearing]
fish_crabpot01 Nothing sadder than an empty crab pot.
fish_crabpot02 Leeches ate most of the crabs.
fish_crabpot03 Be sure to put that back where you found it.
fish_crabpot04 Stop messing around. We got bigger fish to fry.
fish_destroygun Get along, now, laddy. Destroy that gun, and no dawdling.
fish_feast We'll celebrate this victory with a feast!
fish_fishman01 Wait a minute now...aren't you....
fish_fishman02 You are! You're that scientist chap-Friedman, Fishman—am I right?
fish_getgoing Get going!
fish_gettingfuzzy You're getting fuzzy around the edges!
fish_getuppath Hurry, lad! Get up the path!
fish_gothru Go on through, lad.
fish_grieve01 Well, ain't that shame?
fish_grieve02 Guess I'd better be heading out.
fish_grieve03 Well, laddy...guess this just wasn't your day.
fish_guide01 Come on, then.
fish_guide02 Here we go.
fish_guide03 This way now.
fish_guide04 Watch your step.
fish_guide05 Step lightly there, laddy.
fish_guide06 Easy now.
fish_guide07 There you go.
fish_hey Hey!
fish_holymother Holy Mother of...St. Olga.
fish_hook_grunt01 [Huffing and puffing sounds]
fish_hook_grunt02 [Huffing and puffing sounds]
fish_hook_grunt03 [Huffing and puffing sounds]
fish_hook_grunt04 [Huffing and puffing sounds] I'm gettin' too old for this kinda nonsense...
fish_hook_keeppulling That's it. Keep pulling.
fish_hook_keepup Keep up with me, laddy.
fish_hook_nag01 Go on, now, pick up the other hook.
fish_hook_nag02 Grab other hook.
fish_hook_sigh01 [Sigh of relief as he slips off the strenuous weight]
fish_hook_sigh02 [Sigh of relief as he slips off the strenuous weight]
fish_hook_slipover Slip it over the big hook, laddy.
fish_illbehere If you make it back safely, I'll be here waiting for you.
fish_infernalleeches These infernal leeches'll clean your bones in a trice, and I don't care what kinda fancy swimsuit you're wearing!
fish_key_gotrighthere Got the key right here...somewhere...
fish_key_therewego There we go.
fish_likeleeches I, eh, hope you like leeches.
fish_lookoutbelow Look out below!
fish_mumble01 [Various mumblings]
fish_mumble02 [Various mumblings]
fish_mumble03 [Various mumblings]
fish_mumble04 [Various mumblings]
fish_mumble05 [Various mumblings]
fish_mumble06 [Various mumblings]
fish_myback Oomph! There goes my back.
fish_niceknowingya Nice knowing ya!
fish_oldleg This old leg's been giving me trouble.
fish_otherplaces Well...I guess you've got other places to be.
fish_outofbreath01 [Breathless panting sounds]
fish_outofbreath02 [Breathless panting sounds]
fish_outofbreath03 [Breathless panting sounds]
fish_pathupcliff There's a path up the cliff. Step lightly now.
fish_resumetalk01 Well, as I was saying...
fish_resumetalk02 What was I saying? Oh yeah.
fish_resumetalk03 Now, where was I...
fish_resumetalk04 Hm. Anyway...
fish_resumetalk05 Well, now, as I was saying...
fish_resumetalk06 Well, as I was saying before...
fish_shootgull01 Hey, now! We've lost enough species already!
fish_shootgull02 What'd that gull ever do to you?
fish_shootgull03 Don't shoot the gulls! They keep down the leech population!
fish_shootgull04 Well, suit yourself. I can't stop you.
fish_stayoutwater Whatever you do, stay out of the water.
fish_takeoncombine You must be here to take on the Combine. Not sure what one man can do, other reason to visit St. Olga at a time like this.
fish_takeoutgun You take out that gun, and the people of St. Olga will give you such a welcome as you've never known.
fish_taketobase I'll take you where they made their base—or as far as I can, at any rate.
fish_tooclose Little too close for comfort!
fish_unlockgateforya Here, now, let me just unlock this gate for ya.
fish_wait01 What's keeping you?
fish_wait02 Come along now.
fish_wait03 Pick up the pace, lad!
fish_wait04 This way, lad!
fish_watchitupthere Watch it up there!
fish_waterwarn01 Get out of the water!
fish_waterwarn02 Stay clear of the water!
fish_waterwarn03 Haven't you had enough of them leeches?
fish_waterwarn04 The leeches'll eat you soon as look at you!
fish_wheretheyare That's where they are, up there. Church of St. Olga.
fish_whereyagoing Hey, where ya going?
fish_whistling01 [Whistling and humming]
fish_whistling02 [Whistling and humming]
fish_whistling03 [Whistling and humming]
fish_whistling04 [Whistling and humming]
fish_whistling05 [Whistling and humming]
fish_whistling06 [Whistling and humming]
fish_wipeouttown01 Combine showed up yesterday.
fish_wipeouttown02 By this morning they were firing off empty shells.
fish_wipeouttown03 Looks like they're planning to wipe out the town so they can have the whole place for a base.
fish_youdidit You did it, lad!
fish_youthere You there!