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About me[edit]

My name is 128hoodmario. I get asked alot so back on Habbo Hotel (didn't last long but hey I was curious) I needed a username. For some reason that escapes me I thought of the video game Super Mario 128 and my character was wearing a hoody. Et Voila I have a character. oh yeh and I speak reasonable french if anyone cares. I love Half Life as much as the next 2 million people. As most of life I reached Half Life late in it's journey purchasing the Orange Box but I immediately had my eyes opened to a new way of things. I'm looking forward to Episode 3, viva la Valave

I am an administrator on the Super Power: Sci-Fi wiki.

My contributions[edit]

Among other minor edits, I practically rebuilt the Resonance Cascade page from scratch. I added some stuff to the G-Man page a while ago, most prominently the bit in people who know about him where it talks about Alyx in Breen's section. I added the intelligent bit on planet Earth about Xen creatures tipping the eco system. Oh and I completely created the page called Human. Bit obvious page but non-existent until now, it's quite bare at the moment as I'm not very good at this lark beyond minor edits so any one can add to it.

My favorite pages[edit]

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