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Oh hai! Any questions? Views? Ideas? Suggestions? Bashing? Feel free to leave a message on my talk page! Thank you for helping us help you help us all.

About me

Anything written here relies on my personal views only, and is not to be taken as part of the wiki's official views or policies.

My real name is Quentin, I'm a thirty-something French-speaking Belgian and a book seller in a department store. Despite the look of my work on the wiki and my occupation, I like movies more than any other medium. I joined the wiki in September 2008, making me the oldest active user... and its toughest caretaker!


Alyx crying over the bad edits that still need to be fixed, and the others that keep coming. Gordon is pretty helpless since he can't talk. (This was made by Makani, who after making some nice TF2/HL2 fanart ended up with her Announcer design being chosen as canon, and was commissioned the TF2 comic Loose Canon)
  • Feel free to add me on Steam. I tend to accept every friend (but not group) invite, but I tend to cleanup my friend list from time to time when I don't remember who's who. So if at some point you notice I removed you, that's because we never chatted and thus I don't remember who you are. Don't be offended and readd me if you like.
  • Despite my insane editcount (and it's a good thing the Wikia count isn't included here), I don't do everything manually. I'm not that crazy, I have many tools and tricks to simplify most tedious tasks, both through my own account and Dog's.

Stuff I made

I fixed many articles and created lots of templates (including most of the userboxes) and categories, uploaded most of the sound files (also, this) and added/improved countless images (such as the Raising the Bar cover or the Episode Two poster remade from scratch) ; it would be impossible and pointless to mention them all here. I also created the current and some of the previous Combine OverWiki logos, as well as (in the past) the other general layout, main page and skin customizations. Today other users took over the layout and skin issues.

Graphical-wise, I also made the following for other wikis: the Counter-Strike Wiki logo (now changed), the old logo for the duplicate Team Fortress Wiki (the proper wiki can be found here, obviously), the Thief Wiki logo (slightly rearranged since then), the Mirror's Edge Wiki logo (now changed), the old logo for Cloverpedia (now changed), the Saint Seiya Wiki logo and skin, and the Spiroupédia logo and skin.


Here's the huge list of articles I created since September 2008, the most recent first. Many have been merged since their creation.


SVG Half-Life logos

These logos are all based on logos featured in the HL/P universe (except for the "Other" section). I created them all from scratch, except for the City 17 logos that are based on the original Missing Information one. Anyone who'd like a custom wallpaper based on these, feel free to ask.

GoldSrc era
Opposing Force
Blue Shift
Source era
Half-Life 2 (pre-release)
Half-Life 2 (retail)
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Portal 2

SVG article logos

Main Page logos

Each time based on existing images used on the wiki.

Other images

These include low-res images I partially or completely remade from scratch using better sources.

External links

  • (en) (fr) - my personal artwork

Secrets of Borealis fanart.jpg

Work in progress

This section is devoted to my WIP stuff and things yet to do. If you want to help me in one or more tasks, feel free to pick an item in the list below. Don't pick one you don't quite understand, of course, and let me know when you have cleared a task or are planning anything. Please note that there may be obsolete stuff.


These are links to different things, here for different reasons. Just ask me what it is about and how you could help me with what to do with them.




Redirected pages. To check when the cache has refreshed.


Things to do

Wiki bugs

  • Thumbnail fails for largest version of File:Turret Lullaby.jpg
  • Set up mobile version, but first upgrade the whole wiki, notably TimedMediaHandler which breaks if not updated for the mobile view
  • Error message when uploading multiple files: /home/sites/ on line 134 Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in
  • New and old player showing twice which makes the quote articles load for too long
  • Enable embedded YouTube videos
  • Impossible to use MultiUpload to upload files identical to files previously deleted unless checking "ignore any warning" at first, ignoring the warning after the upload fails the upload, just nothing happens, + error message: /home/sites/ on line 460 Notice: Undefined index: sessionkeyBa_moveemout.ogg in /home/sites/
  • Category:Alyx Vance sounds, and return Fatal error: Class 'ScopedCallback' not found in /home/sites/ on line 853
  • Quote sounds in top article quotes should be listened to without having to leave the article


Other things

  • Implement proper user credits on top of pages? Don't know if it exists, but it would make the wiki more human
  • Analyze the locations heard in Black Mesa Announcement System/Quotes
  • Check the unused Black Mesa Announcement System general sounds
  • Cut GoldSrc titles
  • Proof of the small military presence at Black Mesa before the incident beyond the Motorpool barracks
  • Format the Want You Gone lyrics like Still Alive and with a working custom font
  • First person breathing sounds
  • Rephrase and relink the Citizen names (Male/Female 0#, etc.)
  • Check how the date within the sound files can date leak subjects
  • Early City 17 Trainstation PA system - in or out of the train? leak speaker model related?
  • Fix references to the E3 demos throughout the articles. "Demonstration" instead of "map", and proper links and simpler descriptions, all descriptions must be in the E3 article.
  • Ap-Sap
  • "What's in the Portal 2 Soundtrack Box?"
  • Quote links in the voice actor articles
  • Add most of the trailers in the appearance sections - only when it's the first (left to do: HL, P1, P2)
  • Weapon brands issue
  • Wrong Sector E sections
  • Make uniform the attack terms in infoboxes according to the prima guides
  • Expand DYK (Ted, those from the FB contest, etc.)
  • "To do" stuff in some talk pages
  • Walkthrough page with explanation why we don't have any + links
  • Add "pro" Steam links in game infoboxes
  • Split TS9?
  • YouTube links to our channel as much as possible
  • Rebuild the hospital and victory mine articles
  • Half-Life PlayStation 2 instruction manual ref issue
  • Rewrite Gordon's model part in his page
  • Standardize the "entity" field in the brush articles
  • Check canonicity of Gordon's BG
  • Game categories are incomplete in many articles
  • Flare Gun/Alyx/HEV Suit issue/IA Latham
  • Update Conscripts#The sniper episode and Animal with correct facts
  • Update and rewrite the early HL2 storyline article, separate in the chapters all the development era ideas, and put a small gallery for each chapter
  • Get Half-Life Prima Guide and Half-Life: Opposing Force Prima Guide
  • Format the soundtrack articles in tables
  • Standardize the attack points in the enemy infoboxes

Articles to create

These are just suggestions open to debate.

  • Lego Dimensions: Alternate builds of the Sentry Turret and Companion Cube, flying robot holding a red brick
  • half-life 2 demo (with hazard01, zombies boxing, ickypop maybe, etc.)
  • Console codes
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Gray Horsfield[1]
  • ALL Lambda caches + pics like I did for the G-Man
  • Guido and Benny issues, and Shotgun scientist, List of Hospital patients (sounds stupid :/), have proper redirects
  • Vienna hobos (HL2 test)
  • The File:Aperture diorama1.jpg / File:Aperture diorama2.jpg car
  • Robot kids
  • Robot prowler
  • HUD
  • Canal Dam
  • Freeman's Mind
  • Seattle
  • Gene Worm cannon
  • Tenement buildings
  • Car battery station?
  • Only real Combine outpost along the Coast?
  • Gasbag
  • Prima guides?
  • Rebel projector at the start of ep1
  • Game packs
    • The Black Box
    • Half-Life 1 Anthology
    • Half-Life Complete
    • Half-Life: Adrenaline Pack
    • Source Multiplayer Pack
    • Valve Complete Pack
    • Half-Life: Platinum Collection
    • Half-Life - Game of the Year Edition (?)
    • Half-Life 2 - Game of the Year Edition (?)



  • Sort and upload the remaining models (about 500?)
  • Old teleport from Klab also seen in concept art
  • <choose> <option>[[File:Chumtoad model.jpg|250px]]</option> <option>[[File:C0a0 gus02.jpg|250px]]</option> </choose>
  • Good tentative white BG models of leak Alyx, Eli, Barney, Helena, Dog, TBot1, the Manhack, gas mask Citizen, steno Citizen
  • obsolete\ManhackOld
  • GoldSrc end messages
  • Official Steam profile backgrounds
  • "Buildingset" textures from the leak and composite of leak facades
  • Barney model with ihvtest textures from the leak
  • Skyboxes
  • Leak coast maps
  • Bug at File:Science innovators vert metalblue.svg?
  • More infobox composite images for the locations
  • Scanner kamikaze
  • Shield scanner / strider teamwork
  • Dreamcast models
  • add the remaining HL1 era HUD icons (pickup icons) + color fix
  • Gordon in Stalker (got em, need to upload)
  • All relevant Aperture models (mostly furniture, PCs, etc)
  • All test signs, including achievements and santa
  • Gordon hammer and 3rd person models
  • Add the missing viewmodels (OP, BS and D)
  • More pics from the e3 vids
  • The many logos seen at the start of test chambers + a table
  • Add wasted ammo models
  • A core being destroyed
  • Damage icons
  • Finish replacing the boring infobox character pics by better ones (Dog, Grigori, Odessa, Simmons, Walter)
  • (HD??)
  • Steam on mac pics (1, 2)
  • Alyx gallery captions + add the ones not included yet
  • Outlands gallery captions
  • crate (bs), trains/trams BM logos
  • Have a SDK model pic for each character model when possible
  • muscle car HUD icon: where is it??
  • more Episode Two trailer pics
  • d1 under
  • d1 sewer
  • other hl2dm sprays
  • mossman in the wf screens
  • proto church
  • depot inside
  • depot outside
  • wasteland depot
  • rail engine brushes
  • e3_strider park
  • leak sniper map
  • leak models: gman, eli, mossman, drop, gunship, kleiner (+ hl2), barney
  • A Strider impaling
  • Elites in NP
  • leak coast tunnel different
  • the remaining aperture props
  • Barney sans equipment.jpg orig
  • more EMP Tool in Ep1
  • More, if not all endgame messages
  • APC firing rockets
  • eli leg
  • citadelfarnode.mdl
  • np cellblock logos
  • long bridge beta
  • Add more pics of City 17, Canals, Citadel, Ravenholm
  • Add pics of the ongoing Nexus battle outside
  • eliden
  • black mesa cut posters
  • full rebel outfits
  • old posters comparison
  • wasteland_railbridge
  • alyx + eli depot (we have not a single pic of that part)
  • Hunter-Chopper fights in the canals
  • subt
  • trainstation in ep1_citadel_03
  • separate brush images of the two BMRF monorails
  • Victory Mine: ep2_outland_03
  • add the gnome to page


  • The faction template terms are not appropriate for all factions
  • Reestablish the captions in the infobox images
  • "Dismiss" position issue (fixed?)
  • Quad battle infobox width issue