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Yabba's Important Tips for Successfully Contributing to a Wiki

WANT TO HELP OUT THE WIKI, BUT DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START? Check out my good buddy Klow's user page. It's got TONS of ideas on how to improve this place!

Believe it or not, we do like new blood to join our wiki. Things do get a little stagnant over here from time to time, so it's nice when someone comes along to join the collective. However, many people get so excited to start contributing that they screw up the most basic steps. Here I will list a few tips to help you out (see also OverWiki:Manual of Style for the official guidelines).

  1. First of all if you haven't done so already REGISTER WITH AN ACCOUNT. There is no reason that if you are a regular contributor to just use your IP. It makes communication much easier and it designates that you are the sole owner of the account, whereas an IP can be shared.
  2. Secondly, when contributing please keep your entries NPOV, or Neutral Point of View, and proofread what you write. Nothing annoys people here more than when you write a huge block of text full of typos and other grammar screw ups that is so confusing it requires a good amount of time to rewrite.
  3. Thirdly, before you create a new page CHECK TO SEE IF AN ENTRY ON THE SUBJECT ALREADY EXISTS. I can think of quite a few examples where pages are created about something we already have an entry on. Also, please make sure that your subject has enough information to warrant a full article on it. If it is a short point, see if you can combine it with an existing article.
  4. Fourth, SIGN YOUR COMMENTS. If you post on a talk page or are writing anything that is not in an article, SIGN YOUR COMMENTS. NOTHING is more annoying than having some one talk a whole lot, but never signing off!
  5. DO YOUR RESEARCH. We absolutely HATE fanon here and we aren't a big fan of educated guess's very often either. Even if it is as simple as mentioning that the fact was heard in in-game dialog, most of us know the game well enough to know if you are telling the truth and not just randomly asserting it.
  6. TEMPLATE AND CATEGORIZE YOUR IMAGES. If you upload an image, please categorize it in as many categories as it logically fits and, more importantly, add a license template. Usually {{Gamescreenshot}} or {{Fairuse}} will work fine, just add something.
  7. Respect the wiki rules at all times. We enforce them HARD.
  8. Think before you post. Anywhere about anything, please THINK.

Please note: My Tips expand when I think of a new point so please, check back often but please don't screw with it.

The Rest

I'm here to make sure that what is written here stays canon and factual! The Half-Life Series is probably my all time favorite video game series, so I would prefer if people are informed about it right. Want to know why I deleted your page/image or reverted your edits? Want to ask me any other kind of question? Then drop me a line on my my talk page. I'm always glad to respond!

Pages I have created:

My username comes from the noise Headcrab zombies make as they burn to death...

NEW NOTE TO SELF: On soundtrack articles also list the actual file name for the songs rather than just their title.

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