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Vortigaunt/Quotes/Half-Life 2 pre-release

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The following is a list of quotes from the Vortigaunts, from Half-Life 2’s development. Made by a temporary actor, they can be found in the Half-Life 2 leak files. Many sentences were reused for the final game, sometimes with alterations in the text.

Transcripts not official. Lines with "???" denote words have not been transcribed so far.


Location: sound/npc/vort/speech

Filename(s) Quote
answer00 I remain unconvinced.
answer01 You're not the first to harbor such illusions.
answer02 I believe the opposite.
answer03 It is just as well.
answer04 I expected as much.
answer05 Idle speculation.
answer06 Your concern is touching.
answer07 Don't rely on it.
answer08 Assume nothing.
answer09 Nothing of the sort.
answer10 You are deluded.
answer11 I wish you were right.
attack00 To the void with you.
attack01 Give over your essence.
attack02 I claim you.
attack03 These do not deserve consciousness.
attack04 Satisfaction.
attack05 This is regrettable.
attack06 Allow me.
attack07 I live to serve.
attack08 Return to the void.
boxcarvort01b Leave him be. He is known to us.
boxcarvort02b He is here to help us all. Let him pass.
boxcarvort03b Go quickly, and do not look back.
cure00 Allow me you to recharge your cells.
cure01 You can use this more than I.
cure02 Hold still. I'll share my charge.
cure03 Prepare to receive energy.
cure04 We will share the vortessence.
curestop00 That is all I can spare for now.
curestop01 That should keep you going.
curestop02 If you spend that, I'll give you more.
curestop03 That's all for now. Don't be greedy.
cure_interrupt00 Hold still, or I cannot charge you.
cure_interrupt01 If you move, I cannot help you.
cure_interrupt02 I cannot recharge a moving target.
hear00 Something approaches.
hear01 I know that sound.
hear02 Alert!
hello00 Hello, Freeman.
hello01 Is it the Freeman?
hello02 Can I be of service?
hello03 Greetings to Freeman.
hello04 So the neuroprints are true.
hello05 If you're truly the Freeman, I salute you.
hello06 Freeman, take me with you.
hello07 Freeman, I could be of use to you.
hello08 I never expected to see you.
hello09 Is this the Freeman I see before me?
hello10 I know you.
hello11 I'll put aside Black Mesa for now.
idle00 Our finest poet describes it thus: Half-Life-like Alien speech.
idle01 Our cause seems hopeless.
idle02 I have lost all dear to me.
idle03 I must remember that we have survived worse.
idle04 This is more than anyone can bear, but I will go on.
idle05 My life is worthless unless spent on freedom.
idle06 Where to now? And to what end?
kill00 This is for the Freeman.
kill01 The astral tether is cut.
kill02 That one should trouble us no more.
kill03 I have dreamed of this moment.
kill04 His energy empowers me.
kill05 I surge.
kill06 I claim the vortessence.
line_fire00 Caution, Freeman.
line_fire01 Freeman in my way.
line_fire02 The Freeman must move.
line_fire03 Warning, Freeman.
line_fire04 I cannot fire without harm to Freeman.
mad00 I had no wish to harm you, until now.
mad01 You have given me no choice but to eliminate you.
mad02 The dead of Black Mesa shall honor me for this.
mad03 Remember Black Mesa.
mad04 I give as I receive.
mad05 Let me return your gift.
mad06 What heals can also harm.
mad07 Prepare to merge with the void.
mad08 This pains me.
mad09 Now, I can make you.
mad10 Regrettable.
ok00 It ls an honor to accompany the Freeman.
ok01 It was my thought you would not ask.
ok02 The honor is mine.
ok03 Now I can die in glory.
ok04 This life is yours to command.
ok05 I dedicate myself to your purpose.
ok06 Propitious alliance. Lead on.
ok07 The Freeman honors me.
ok08 Yes. Forward.
ok09 It seems pointless, but I will help you.
question00 I have lost all dear to me.
question01 They will pay in time for their depravity.
question02 You. We thought you were dead.
question03 Perhaps there are more like us.
question04 I fear hope is in sight.
question05 This marks a turning point.
question06 Your pessimism will doom us all.
question07 We have survived darker times.
scared00 You treat allies thus?
scared01 You betray your true nature once again.
scared02 I thought you were changed.
scared03 Forbear, Freeman.
scared04 Treachery unbecomes you.
scared05 We shall serve you no longer.
shot00 Your warrior skills are questionable.
shot01 Avoid me in future.
shot02 What right have you to fire on me?
shot03 ??? and unwelcome.
shot04 I have not harmed you.
shot05 Are you Combine?
stare00 Freeman, I cannot read your optical buds.
stare01 The Freeman's intentions are unclear.
stare02 Your mind is opaque.
stare03 You must remember me from Black Mesa.
stare04 I'm still here.
stare05 Calm yourself.
stare06 Think upon the void
wait00 Can I not convince you otherwise?
wait01 If you change valence, I will await your return.
wait02 The Freeman knows best.
wait03 I will remain if you so choose.
wait04 I fear I have failed you.
wait05 Perhaps I will serve you better here.
wound00 My cord is cut.
wound01 I am untethered.
wound02 I forgive.
wound03 I pass, but our race lives on.
wound04 Remember me.
wound05 The void lays claim to its own.
wound06 Brood mother.
vort_deadsea Yes, we are watching. Over that dead sea, above the razor trains, the route to Nova Prospekt. (At Black Mesa East)
vort_taken Taken with the Mossman. (At Black Mesa East)