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List of Hazardous Environment Combat Unit models

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This is a list of Hazardous Environment Combat Unit models used in Half-Life and its expansions. There are many variations of the Marines: some are generated character templates (hard-coded into the games), others are set by the level designers.


Half-Life Alpha[edit]

Half-Life: Day One[edit]


Half-Life Marines come in four types with two skin variations. They're armed with Submachine Guns or Shotguns, and may carry grenades or grenade launchers.

Gas mask Beret Balaclava Cigar
SMG Yes Yes N/A N/A
SMG + FG Yes Yes N/A N/A
SMG + GL N/A Yes* N/A Yes
Shotgun N/A Yes* Yes N/A
Shotgun + FG N/A Yes* Yes N/A


Half-Life (Dreamcast port)[edit]

Half-Life (PlayStation 2 port)[edit]

Half-Life: Opposing Force[edit]

  • Character types
    • Marine with Submachine Gun: any head type + generic torso
    • Marine with Shotgun: Balaclava + Shotgun torso*
    • Marine with SAW: Bandana (white or black) + SAW Gunner torso*
    • Squad leader: Beret + any torso type + any weapon type
    • Medic, 9mm Pistol or Desert Eagle
    • Engineer, always armed with Desert Eagle
  • Weapon combinations
    • SMG
    • SMG + Fragmentation Grenades
    • SMG + Grenade Launcher
    • Shotgun
    • Shotgun + Fragmentation Grenades
    • SAW


Half-Life: Blue Shift[edit]

Half-Life (multiplayer)[edit]

Half-Life: Opposing Force (multiplayer)[edit]


Behind the scenes[edit]

  • The original beret model resembles actor Clint Eastwood.
  • Originally, the HECU was to feature a special type of soldier nicknamed the Human Sergeant. The character was cut, but his head model was used a generic HECU Marine in the final game.
  • The drill instructor player model used in Half-Life: Opposing Force was modeled after the character Gunnery Sergeant Hartman (played by R. Lee Ermey) from the movie Full Metal Jacket.
  • Half-Life's Marine models were used as placeholders in the early screenshots of Opposing Force.