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Moondust logo.png


Release date(s)

June 21, 2018


Technology demonstration, First-person shooter, Puzzle video game


HTC Vive headset, Knuckles EV2 controller




Mike Morasky

Moondust is a technology demo made by Valve to demonstrate the capabilities of the VR controller "Knuckles EV2". It is to be used and experimented on by developers through its source files made publicly available.[1][2]


In the demo, the player plays an Aperture Science robot sent to the Moon in a rocket. In a Material Emancipation Grill dome, various experiments can be performed:[1]

  • Rock Crushing: This activity showcases the harvesting of moondust to create Conversion Gel. Harvested Moon rocks arrive from a conveyor belt and pile up in a small Excursion Funnel. They are to be turned into dust into the Conversion Gel Converter, to be sent to Earth with the rocket. It is designed to showcase the pressure sensitivity, finger tracking and pickup capabilities of the Knuckles controller.
  • BuggyBuddy™: Consists of a test drive of two radio-controlled white and orange lunar rovers bearing the Aperture Science and Black Mesa logos, respectively. It is designed to showcase natural tool use and the thumbstick, track button, and face button functionalities. The surrounding Material Emancipation Grill will vaporize any buggy driving past it, after which it will automatically be respawned, much like the Weighted Storage Cube in the Portal games.
  • Throwing Range: Consists of throwing objects at targets, such as an infinite supply of Aperture-themed grenades, as well as squishy turrets. The grenades can be primed with a squeeze (using the force sensors), then thrown at any time within the next four seconds. The squishy turrets show the fidelity of the analog force values in both the track button and the grip. The activity mostly experiments throwing mechanics in VR and its throwbacks.
  • Space Station Construction: The only activity set outside the testing dome, in orbit, it consists of assembling space stations. It is designed to showcase motor interactions through fine interaction, with small objects and precise placement.

Moondust reuses tracks from the Portal 2 soundtrack, namely "15 Acres of Broken Glass", "Music of the Spheres", and "Robot Waiting Room #2".

While the Aperture Science and Black Mesa logos are present on various devices in the demo videos, the latest version of the source files features a Moon pictogram instead.



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