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Robert Culp

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Robert Culp
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Biographical information

August 16, 1930[1]

Place of birth

Oakland, California, USA[1]


March 24, 2010[2]

Place of death

Los Angeles, California[2]

  • Actor
  • Scriptwriter
  • Director
"On the sample tapes for Robert Culp, he was reading some really awful, convoluted scripts, and somehow making them entertaining. I thought, if he can make that stuff sound good, he should be able to do amazing thing with Dr. Breen's announcements. At our first session with Mr. Culp, he excused him self from the studio for a short time to warm up his voice, and went off reciting passages from Shakespeare's Henry IV. At that point I got really excited about how Dr. Breen was going to turn out."
Marc Laidlaw[src]

Robert Martin Culp was an American actor and director. He was the voice actor for Wallace Breen in Half-Life 2. Sound clips from the latter were reused for Half-Life 2: Episode One.


Actor, scriptwriter and director, Culp was widely known for his work in television. He earned an international reputation for his role as Kelly Robinson on I Spy (1965–1968), the espionage series, where he and co-star Bill Cosby played a pair of secret agents.

Culp died on the morning of March 24, 2010 after suffering a heart attack outside his home in Los Angeles, at the age of 79.[2]


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