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The Combine use plenty of medical based language which demonstrates how humanity is viewed. Here is a list of the medical phraseology used by the Combine.

Half-Life 2[edit]


City 17[edit]

Location: sound/npc/overwatch/cityvoice

Filename(s) Phrase Explanation
f_anticitizenreport_spkr Cauterize, Stablize Civil Protection to distrupt and prevent further anti-citizen activity and deal with witnesses/take control of the area.
f_anticivilevidence_3_spkr Clamp, Contain Civil Protection to halt anticitzen activity and prevent suspects and witnesses from escaping.
f_citizenshiprevoked_6_spkr Malignant A person who, through anti-civil actions has had citizenship revoked.
f_evasionbehavior_2_spkr Administer To take action against anti-citizens
f_localunrest_spkr Pacify To use non-lethal force.
f_trainstation_inform_spkr Civil Infection The presence of a person outside of the Combine system, either an undocmented individual, or an individual who has had their citizenship revoked through anti-civil action.
f_unrestprocedure1_spkr Innoculate Take action against subject to prevent further anti-civil activity.
f_unrestprocedure1_spkr Sterilize To use lethal force.
f_unrestprocedure1_spkr Pressure To flank anti-citizens for arrest, or execution.

Nova Prospekt[edit]

Location: sound/npc/overwatch/cityvoice

Filename(s) Phrase Explanation
fprison_airwatchdispatched Exogen Something external to the Combine, breaching into controlled areas, e.g Antlions.
fprison_contactlostlandsea Re-infection The return of an Anti-citizen to an area of contention.
fprison_exogenbreach Sterilizer Combine Sentry Gun
fprison_exogenbreach Infection An area where anti-citizen activity is occuring.
fprison_missionfailurereminder Coagulate To overwhelm anti-citizens with large number of officers.


Location: sound/npc/overwatch/cityvoice

Filename(s) Phrase Explanation
fcitadel_deploy Diagnose, Dissect To investigate a problem and devise a solution for it.

Radio Voice[edit]

Location: sound/npc/overwatch/radiovoice

Filename(s) Phrase Explanation
failuretotreatoutbreak Treatment Action to be taken against anti-citizens.
failuretotreatoutbreak Outbreak An anti-citizen lead incursion.
infestedzone Infested Zone An area overrun with Headcrabs/Zombies

Half-Life 2: Episode One[edit]

Half-Life 2: Episode Two[edit]

Location: sound/npc/overwatch/radiovoice

Filename(s) Phrase Explanation
over_camp Biotics Alien Creatures

Half-Life: Alyx[edit]