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GLaDOS' Song

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GLaDOS' Song

March 26, 2015[1]




Ellen McLain


Ellen McLain

"GLaDOS' Song"[2] is the title of a song cut from Portal 2, written and performed by Ellen McLain. Offered by John Patrick Lowrie and his wife to Valve for use as an Easter egg, it was eventually never utilized.


The song hadn't been known to wider public until Jagger Gravning from Motherboard asked during the making of his "GLaDOS and The Sniper: A Voice Acting Love Story" article whether the couple would ever release the track. After finding time at a local recording studio, "GLaDOS Song" was brought out afresh.

McLain said she wrote most of the song in her head while she was in the bathtub, and then worked out the details while taking a long walk. John arranged the guitar accompaniment, and they initially recorded it in their living room. Interestingly, "GLaDOS' Song" is the only musical piece Ellen McLain has ever written.


Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie recording "GLaDOS' Song" at Jack Straw Studios, March 2015.
You were in my dreams,
While I slept forever.
I've been drifting here
So long.
When I found you near,
I hoped you would wake me.
You won't say goodbye.
Never say goodbye.
All the years have been so long
As I dreamt forever.
I've been waiting patiently for you.
Don't say goodbye.
Please don't say goodbye.
Now that I'm awake,
I hope you will find me.
If you want a cake,
I'll bake.
Did you bring the eggs?
I'll mix in the sugar for you.
Don't say goodbye.
Sweet, don't say goodbye.
I was always fond of you
Although you're not clever.
You will never know how much I care.
Don't say goodbye.
Please don't say goodbye.
All the years have been so long
As I waited for you.
I will always sing my song for you.
Don't say goodbye.
Please don't say goodbye.
If you say goodbye,
It will be goodbye.


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