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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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The following is a list of quotes from Isaac Kleiner, from Half-Life 2: Episode One and Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

Half-Life 2: Episode One[edit]

Citadel's foot[edit]

Location: sound/vo/episode_1/intro

Filename(s) Quote Play
kl_citadelabove01 Oh dear, Eli, I'm sorry, but...surely there's no need for undue alarm?
kl_citadelabove02 Alyx is well out of harm's way by now.
kl_damage / kl_damage01 to kl_damage03 The manner in which these exceedingly rare quantum effects percolate up into the physical plane will be fascinating to witness-however, not at first hand. The ravages to cellular material are unimaginable.
kl_damage04 Although, I suppose we really should send a foray party for specimens at some point after the event.
kl_hopeyoufar Oh, Alyx, my dear, I do hope you are far, far away from the Citadel. N/A
kl_imsorryeli01 I'm sorry, Eli, but I don't see any other way. N/A
kl_imsorryeli02 It would help us evacuate more citizens.... N/A
kl_insufficient What? Oh dear! But there's really no time! The core is exceedingly close to collapse. Why, there's no way to get far enough without first...well...nothing short of a direct intervention in the core could possibly retard the reaction. N/A
kl_intothecore Into the core, yes. But it's far too dangerous to consider. The chamber will be bathed in radiation. N/A
kl_noquestion01 There's no question that it will, I'm afraid. N/A
kl_noquestion02 Our remote sensors indicate the process is accelerating toward a dark-energy flare. N/A
kl_noquestion03 We are rapidly approaching the point of no return. N/A
kl_vicinity Anyone left in the vicinity will be subjected to energetic events whose effects are beyond my powers of speculation. N/A


Half-Life 2: Episode Two[edit]

Victory Mine[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_01/intro

Filename(s) Quote Play
kl_transmit_callmag01 Magnusson, did you hear that?
kl_transmit_callmag02 I'll bet it's the Combine portal code!
kl_transmit_data Data? From the Citadel?
kl_transmit_goodness Alyx — my goodness — is that really you?
kl_transmit_monitor Oh yes, we've been monitoring the situation. The raw discharge of the melt-down has been focused into a coherent beam of portal energy.
kl_transmit_neversaid Well, I can see that, I never said—
kl_transmit_superportal01 Yes. What you're seeing is the infancy of a superportal.
kl_transmit_superportal02 If it attains full strength...

White Forest[edit]

Pre rocket launch[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_11a/silo

Filename(s) Quote Play
kl_silo_agreed01 Agreed! N/A
kl_silo_agreed02 The Combine encroaches. N/A
kl_silo_arrived Good grief! Eli! Why didn't you tell me they'd arrived?
kl_silo_auxil01 Just let me start the decoding process,
kl_silo_auxil02 and then we can view it in the auxiliary control room.
kl_silo_berightthere I'll hurry it along, Magnusson.
kl_silo_comein Eli, Eli? Are you there? N/A
kl_silo_delight My dear, what a relief—not to mention a delight—to see you here at last!
kl_silo_devised01 Indeed yes. N/A
kl_silo_devised02 magnusson designed a xenium resonator that once in orbital range will activate the old array and effectively turn it into a shield. N/A
kl_silo_devised03 with sub dimensional properties. N/A
kl_silo_emergency01 oh dear. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't send gordon just yet. N/A
kl_silo_emergency02 what's that? N/A
kl_silo_emergency03 well I can't let him in N/A
kl_silo_emergency04 the emergency doors will have sealed up tight. N/A
kl_silo_emergency05 oh fie! N/A
kl_silo_emergency06 There's been a breach N/A
kl_silo_emergency07 I hope magnusson's provided for contingencies N/A
kl_silo_fiethecode01 Oh fie, the code.
kl_silo_fiethecode02 Yes, Magnusson, it just needs a little bit longer!
kl_silo_findus You'll find us in the auxiliary control room. N/A
kl_silo_fond01 As you're so fond of pointing out N/A
kl_silo_fond02 you've gotten this far without us. N/A
kl_silo_givenup01 Oh yes, quite real, despite its almost legendary stature.
kl_silo_givenup02 Our peers at Aperture Science were at work on a project of some promise, but in their rush to beat Black Mesa for funding, they must have compromised ordinary standards of risk. We heard their research vessel had simply disappeared. Vanished - with all hands... even part of the dry dock!
kl_silo_givenup03 Few believed the Borealis would ever be seen again.
kl_silo_goingover01 yes, I'll give it a thorough going over when time permits but first...
kl_silo_goingover02 let me find the transmission
kl_silo_goldmine01 Well, yes, there's always a risk, Eli.
kl_silo_goldmine_01a Well... N/A
kl_silo_goldmine_01b Yes... N/A
kl_silo_goldmine_01c There's always a risk, Eli. N/A
kl_silo_goldmine02 But my goodness, we have coordinates...blueprints...hailing frequencies...
kl_silo_goldmine03 Quite ingenious of Dr. Mossman, to hide it all in the carrier wave.
kl_silo_headway01 Well, it's all but certain she found borealis N/A
kl_silo_headway02 It bears all the hallmarks of Aperture Science. N/A
kl_silo_headway03 however, I've made very little headway with the data itself N/A
kl_silo_headway04 I could use Gordon's assistance, if you could spare him. N/A
kl_silo_hev And Gordon. I see you and the HEV suit have taken excellent care of each other.
kl_silo_hm Hmmm.
kl_silo_idontbelieveit01 [Gasp!] It's the...Borealis!
kl_silo_incredible Incredible!
kl_silo_inorder01 Everything seems to be in order.
kl_silo_inorder02 I only wonder...
kl_silo_ionlymeant Good grief, I only meant they might...
kl_silo_ireally But we don't know for sure—
kl_silo_keeponthis I'll be back as soon as I finish.
kl_silo_least The least he could do is say hello. N/A
kl_silo_lookaround01 it appears gordon wishes to examine the so called spearhead missile. N/A
kl_silo_lookaround02 Why, his restless spirit embodies the very essence of scientific inquiry. N/A
kl_silo_lookaround03 He reminds me so much of myself at his age. N/A
kl_silo_neverfear01 and so we shall. N/A
kl_silo_neverfear02 I'll get right to work on the analysis N/A
kl_silo_nevermind Well, never mind him. N/A
kl_silo_nostoppingher There was no stopping her, Eli.
kl_silo_noweli01 Now, Eli... The only thing worse than Judith falling into their hands would be if they should get a hold of you. She may know the particulars of the Borealis, but know everything about the resistance!
kl_silo_nowfound Ah, but now that we've found it, we can use it against the Combine!
kl_silo_nowmag Now listen here, Magnusson, there's no call for hurtful comments. N/A
kl_silo_nowmag01 Now listen here, Magnusson.
kl_silo_nowmag02 There's no call for hurtful comments.
kl_silo_nownow01 Don't worry, Eli. N/A
kl_silo_nownow02 I'm sure Dr. Mossman is all right. N/A
kl_silo_nownow03 She's nothing if not resourceful. N/A
kl_silo_onceinplace01 once in place, it will block combine access to earth, even if they do manage to restore their portal network N/A
kl_silo_onceinplace02 which is starting to seem ever more likely. N/A
kl_silo_rawtrans01 why, even a fragment of a raw transmission will give us penetrating insight into N/A
kl_silo_rawtrans02 well, it's unimaginable. N/A
kl_silo_rawtrans03 and it's all right here you say? N/A
kl_silo_reunion01 I can't get over this N/A
kl_silo_reunion02 it's as if we've brought back the original black mesa science team for a grand reunion. N/A
kl_silo_reunion03 minus one or two titular functionaries we are almost certainly better without N/A
kl_silo_samearray01 yes, the array has lain dormant since you so ably annihilated the nihilanth. N/A
kl_silo_samearray02 however, recently we've hit upon a brilliant plan to reverse the portal's polarity N/A
kl_silo_sayinghello01 All right, all right.
kl_silo_sayinghello02 I was just saying hello to Alyx and Gordon.
kl_silo_sendhim go ahead and send him through. N/A
kl_silo_shoulddoit ah, this should do it. N/A
kl_silo_signature01 unfortunately, it's impossible to do more than guess at that portal's specific signature. N/A
kl_silo_signature02 at least until they've reestablished contact with the combine overworld. N/A
kl_silo_signature03 at which time it would be too late to prevent reinvasion. N/A
kl_silo_signature04 if we knew the signal characteristics we could selectively block combine access while allowing ourselves to teleport freely. N/A
kl_silo_signature05 but, that is such a remote possibility N/A
kl_silo_signature06 none dare bank upon it. N/A
kl_silo_smallcrew she took a small crew and flew north... shortly after we flew to white forest. N/A
kl_silo_somethingelse01 Wait a moment...
kl_silo_somethingelse02 There's something else here.
kl_silo_superb superb work in delaying the citadel core reaction, you two! It must have been quite exciting. N/A
kl_silo_thereweare There we are. N/A
kl_silo_tour you can give him the full tour later, magnusson N/A
kl_silo_trove01 well, this is quite the treasure trove
kl_silo_trove02 it would appear you've plundered the citadel storehouse like a pair of latter-day data pirates
kl_silo_trove2_alt it would appear you've plundered the citadel storehouse like a N/A
kl_silo_waste01 But think of the advantage for humanity! We can't simply waste all that potential.
kl_silo_wellseeyou We'll see you in the auxiliary control room. N/A
kl_silo_whatmean my dear, what do you mean? N/A
kl_silo_whatsthis what's this? N/A
kl_silo_wheredata01 Oh, never mind him.
kl_silo_wheredata02 Now, my dear, where is this data packet you've been carrying?
kl_silo_wheredata03 If I delay a single moment, I'll never hear the end of it.
kl_silo_yesyes Yes, yes! Of course!
kl_silo_resume Shall we resume? N/A

Rocket launch and finale[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_12a/launch

Filename(s) Quote Play
kl_launch_1 One...
kl_launch_10 T minus ten...
kl_launch_2 Two...
kl_launch_3 Three...
kl_launch_4 Four...
kl_launch_5 Five...
kl_launch_6 Six...
kl_launch_7 Seven...
kl_launch_8 Eight...
kl_launch_9 Nine...
kl_launch_anomaly01 Wait a moment...
kl_launch_anomaly02 I'm seeing a payload anomaly of approximately eight and a half pounds.
kl_launch_atlast At last!
kl_launch_awe01 [Sounds of wordless awe]
kl_launch_awe02 Great Scott! N/A
kl_launch_awe03 Look at it go! N/A
kl_launch_awe04 Yes! N/A
kl_launch_awe05 Yes!
kl_launch_awe06 [Sounds of wordless awe] N/A
kl_launch_awe07 Look! N/A
kl_launch_awe08 Look! N/A
kl_launch_awe09 Fly, you beautiful bird! N/A
kl_launch_awe10 Oh... N/A
kl_launch_awe11 There it goes... N/A
kl_launch_awe12 We're off! N/A
kl_launch_awe13 Yes. N/A
kl_launch_awe14 Yes. N/A
kl_launch_bestofluck01 Of course. N/A
kl_launch_bestofluck02 Best of luck, you two. N/A
kl_launch_button01 The button, Gordon? N/A
kl_launch_button02 Oh... N/A
kl_launch_button03 If you don't mind? N/A
kl_launch_check01a Tested and operational.
kl_launch_check01b What's this one? "Flight termination system...check links with backup range safety sites..."?
kl_launch_check02 Pre-flight alignment complete.
kl_launch_check03 Check. N/A
kl_launch_check04 Check-check-check.
kl_launch_check05 Did you do that?
kl_launch_check06 Completed, of course.
kl_launch_check07 Well, the precision of those readings is not to my liking, but we'll have to make do with what we have.
kl_launch_check08 Reporting normal.
kl_launch_check09 Naturally, some time ago.
kl_launch_check10 Of course.
kl_launch_check11 No, of course not.
kl_launch_check12 Yes, yes.
kl_launch_congrats01 attention, your attention please. Congratulations to the staff and residents of white forest. N/A
kl_launch_congrats02 woodland creatures excepted N/A
kl_launch_curtail01 although we hate to curtail the spontaneous festivities or otherwise interfere with the celebratory air N/A
kl_launch_curtail02> we must ask all personnel to take cover immediately in order to ensure the vicinity is clear for launch N/A
kl_launch_curtail03 it would certainly put a dampen on the natural outpourings of goodwill if any of our stalwarts were rendered crispy in the super-heated flames of the victory launch N/A
kl_launch_excuseme01 Excuse me. N/A
kl_launch_excuseme02 Pardon me. N/A
kl_launch_excuseme03 Excuse me, Gordon. N/A
kl_launch_fever01 I believe I've just learned the meaning of the phenomenon described as feverish anticipation N/A
kl_launch_fever02 I've always believed it a figure of speech N/A
kl_launch_fever03 but suddenly I'm N/A
kl_launch_fever04 quite warm N/A
kl_launch_finger We await only the push of a highly trained finger. N/A
kl_launch_fruition01 the fruition of your many years of service and devotion are about to reach their culmination N/A
kl_launch_fruition02 we fully expect this to be a glorious and transcendent moment for human civilization. N/A
kl_launch_high5a Well, I, oh— N/A
kl_launch_high5b yes indeed N/A
kl_launch_high5c very nice N/A
kl_launch_high5d I suppose there's something to be said for physical reinforcement of the intellectual bond. N/A
kl_launch_high5e [sniff] N/A
kl_launch_lamarr01 N/A
kl_launch_lamarr02 Has anyone seen Lamarr? N/A
kl_launch_lookup01 Eli! Gordon! Alyx! Look at the portal
kl_launch_lookup02 We've activated the resonator.
kl_launch_lookup03 This is it!
kl_launch_morelamarr01 Lamarr? N/A
kl_launch_morelamarr02 Lamarr? N/A
kl_launch_morelamarr03 Lamarr? N/A
kl_launch_morelamarr04 Where the devil have you gotten to? N/A
kl_launch_morelamarr05 Hedy? N/A
kl_launch_morelamarr06 Oh dear... N/A
kl_launch_morelamarr07 Has anyone seen Lamarr? N/A
kl_launch_neverfear01 Just as soon as this is wrapped up.
kl_launch_neverfear02 I wouldn't dream of letting you go without a proper goodbye!
kl_launch_palamarr Attention, attention, all personnel. Has anyone seen Lamarr? N/A
kl_launch_permorbit01 the payload capsule itself will not enter a permanent orbit until sometime afterward N/A
kl_launch_permorbit02 here. N/A
kl_launch_permorbit03 at which point we can test the stability of the system N/A
kl_launch_permorbit04 however, we should see the first effects almost immediately. N/A
kl_launch_portalclosing01 My goodness...
kl_launch_portalclosing02 Oh — look at that! N/A
kl_launch_portalclosing03 The resonator seems to be taking hold. N/A
kl_launch_portalclosing04 The portal has been neutralized!
kl_launch_portalclosing05 Spectacular N/A
kl_launch_portalclosing06 What a relief. N/A
kl_launch_portalclosing07 Marvelous. N/A
kl_launch_portalclosing08 Well doesn't that beat all. N/A
kl_launch_portalclosing09 There's hope after all. N/A
kl_launch_portalclosing10 Safe again...for a time. N/A
kl_launch_portalclosing11 I confess, I...had my doubts. N/A
kl_launch_portalclosing12 Yes, yes, we can all be proud of the effort— N/A
kl_launch_portalclosing13 Now, Magnusson—
kl_launch_right01 That's right. N/A
kl_launch_right02 If you please. N/A
kl_launch_shortly01 I'm sure he'll be along shortly. N/A
kl_launch_shortly02 This is rather unlike him. N/A
kl_launch_show01 Once the rocket is in range of the portal, we'll be able to switch on the xenium resonator.
kl_launch_show02 There should be quite a show. Regrettably, I can't come out with you.
kl_launch_show03 Magnusson and I will need to keep a close eye on the rocket's trajectory
kl_launch_show04 So you can see N/A
kl_launch_show05 here N/A
kl_launch_show06 once we reach altitude, the existing satellite array will begin to reactivate. N/A
kl_launch_sigh [sigh...]
kl_launch_signoff01 All right, just let us secure our instruments and we will be over to see you off. N/A
kl_launch_signoff02 Thank you, everyone. Signing off. N/A
kl_launch_skyawe01 Oh! N/A
kl_launch_skyawe02 Marvelous N/A
kl_launch_skyawe03 Magnificent! N/A
kl_launch_skyawe04 Ah, spectacular! N/A
kl_launch_skyawe05 Oh, I hope Lamarr is watching N/A
kl_launch_skyawe06 Oh... N/A
kl_launch_skyawe07 Beautiful N/A
kl_launch_skyawe08 splendid! Magnificent! N/A
kl_launch_skyawe09 Oh, the corona! N/A
kl_launch_theirsuccess Yes, well, I think perhaps Gordon had something to do with their success.
kl_launch_ticking01 Too right!
kl_launch_ticking02 The clock is ticking.
kl_launch_use01 I can't be bothered right now. N/A
kl_launch_use02 You will just have to wait until after the launch. N/A
kl_launch_valiant01 You'll hear no objection from me.
kl_launch_valiant02 The launch would be all but impossible without his valiant efforts. N/A
kl_launch_waxing01 [sniff] N/A
kl_launch_waxing02 Gracious! N/A
kl_launch_wedidit We did it!
kl_launch_wedidit Well, we can't proceed without Gordon. N/A