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Razor Train

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Razor Train
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The Razor Train is a form of rail transport used by the Combine for conveying freight and people between cities and outposts.


A Razor Train passes by a canal and residential apartments.

As with much of Combine technology, the Razor Train is large, mostly featureless, and imposing. Custom-built to work on the existing human rail networks, it transports cargo, human prisoners, mainly to Nova Prospekt, as well as Combine Soldiers and Stalkers, to the Citadel. Their ram-like, razor-thin appearance and all-black finish add to the threatening look of the fast moving vehicle. Razor Train locomotives also bear red markings on its left side. While Razor Trains are very fast and completely unyielding to any objects that may be on the tracks, from other vehicles to people to even friendly Combine units, all locomotives have what appear to be a driver's cab, though no crew can be spotted. As seen in the Combine Depot and in Route Kanal, the trains seem to carry short loads in rapid succession at high speed as opposed to fewer but more heavily loaded trains. Razor Trains accompany human trains on the same railways.

Perhaps the most disconcerting aspect of the Razor Train is its horn: a distinctive, discordant bellow that announces the train's arrival. This is by no means always the case, though, as several times during Half-Life 2 and its episodes, they emit low air horn bellows instead. In addition, both of these sound effects are occasionally higher than normal, as exhibited in Route Kanal and Highway 17 chapters of Half-Life 2.

Razor trains are unarmed, but they do sometimes serve as an environmental hazard, specifically during the chapters Route Kanal and Highway 17.

Related Achievements[edit]

Half-Life: Alyx
Achievement Off the Rails.jpg Off the Rails
Stop the prisoner transport train.

Behind the scenes[edit]

According to Viktor Antonov, a conceptual artist for Half-Life 2, the Razor Train was one of the first pieces of Combine machinery to be designed.[1]


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