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Reviver Zombie

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Reviver Zombie
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"New development: It went into a dead guy."
Alyx Vance[src]

The Reviver Zombie is a Zombie variation that is created when a Reviver enters the torso of a dead Zombie and reanimates it.


The Reviver can enter the chest cavity of dead Zombies, creating a Reviver Zombie. When it is a Reviver Zombie, it is much more aggressive and a lot more resistant to damage. It has the ability to send a bolt of electricity through the floor, damaging any entity it hits. The Reviver can be seen on the body and glows a bright blue. When the Reviver is shot, it moves to another part of the Zombie's body. Sometimes the Reviver will exit the Zombie when shot, causing the Zombie to go back to being a regular corpse.

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