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Revived Zombie

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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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Revived Zombie
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Christine Phelan (animations)[1]

"New development: It went into a dead guy."
Alyx Vance[src]

The Revived Zombie[2] is a Zombie variation that is created when a Reviver enters the torso of a dead Zombie and reanimates it.


In terms of physique, the Revived Zombie is largely identical to a normal zombie, with a torn-open torso, a mutilated face and claws instead of fingers. A Reviver clings to its body and glows a bright blue. However, it may not always be attached to the host's head, unlike the other types of zombies. It is much more aggressive and a lot more resistant to damage, shambling around while constantly convulsing and emitting arcs of electricity which shocks anyone who dares to come close. It has the ability to send a bolt of electricity through the floor, damaging any entity in its path. This ranged attack is forecasted by a thin blue line in the floor which indicates its trajectory. When the Reviver is shot, it moves to another part of the Zombie's body, usually to the chest cavity, the head or one of the extremities. After taking enough damage, the Reviver will exit the Zombie, causing it to go back to being a regular corpse. It should be noted that any cadaver abandoned by a Headcrab or another Reviver is capable of becoming possessed again.

Like their parasitic controllers, Revived Zombies are only ever encountered in the Northern Star. It made its debut in the underground laundry room, and another pair of them is combatted in a hall where Alyx must find two combine batteries.


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