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I was just wondering what people thought of this theory. If Caroline was put into GLaDOS to basically make up her genetic lifeform component, perhaps her personality(?) then what about the personality cores themselves. What if each one was just a test for the main project GLaDOS or a simpler version akin to the GLaDOS project. I mean you see in Wheatley some very human traits and i'm pretty sure you can't just program that. Maybe each of the cores was a human and to simplify the project the Aperture Scientists just made sure one personality component (ei morality, curiosity) made it into the personality construct. They may have just been quick versions of similar GLaDOS projects in order to quickly regulate the central AI. I dunno just a thought, tell me what you think.

makes sense the space core could have been one of the missing astronauts, rick could have been a war hero, the faact core could have een an insecure scientists, wheatky could have been cave possibly. PoisonHeadcrabperson
I think its very likely that the cores were all tests for the brainmapping theories, and then maybe once they made GLaDOS, they modified them each to have one dominating characteristic. --LeRF FLeRN 12:29, August 3, 2011 (UTC)