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One thing we will always maintain is that the greatest contribution you can make to Combine OverWiki is to read, edit, and share. That's why the wiki is here. Nine times out of ten, that's all we ask for; providing something insightful and interesting is what matters most.

We have and will also maintain a firm stance against advertising on the wiki. Not only is it mental pollution, but it doesn't belong here. We don't want to have to compromise usability for cheaper hosting costs.

Having said that, while we are glad to be hosted for free by our friends at ValveTime, our domain name doesn't pay for itself. So, from time to time, we need to ask if you could chip in. Whilst the content is what's important, by making a small donation, maybe just once a year, you can help keep that content available to everyone: free of both charges and advertising.

We need you, more than anything, to keep this wiki open, free, and full of quality articles. It is you who can provide the means to this end. Reading, editing, and sharing is enough. If you find the wiki useful, that's all we really intend.

But in order to keep that possible in the future, we ask that you help us out just once by donating.

Josh K >>,
Quentin L >>

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