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Steam icon.pngThis user uses Steam under the name Rabscuttle.
Combine main symbol.svgThis user supports the Combine, Our Benefactors.
Wheatley model damaged.jpgThis user forgave Wheatley.
HL2 series orange logo.svgThis user is a Half-Life 2 fan.
USA.svgThis user is American.

A userbox is a small colored box which allows users to add small messages on their user page. It is an extension of the babelboxes used for user's language abilities. Feel free to use these on your user page.

Common uses for boxes include user interests (IRL and related to the HL/P universe), user skills, technical information, nationality or wiki activities.

You can use the existing userboxes or use them as a basis for new ones, that you can then add to the following list, in the proper category. It should be noted, however, that new userboxes are monitored regularly. And make sure the userbox you want to create does not exist yet.

Please note that this feature is currently under development and will be expanded and improved overtime.


A userbox will always display on the top-right of a userpage. Don't forget that you must use the template {{Userboxtop}} above them and {{Userboxbottom}}, otherwise they won't pile up properly and show on the left of your userpage instead of the right. That will encase them in a tidy orange bordered-frame, as seen in the example on this very page.


What follows is the list of userboxes created so far. In braces is what you have to copy/paste on your userpage (including the braces), right after is the result.


{{User Argentina}}
Argentina.svgThis user is Argentinian.
{{User Australia}}
Australia.svgThis user is Australian.
{{User Belgium}}
Belgium.svgThis user is Belgian.
{{User Brazil}}
Brazil.svgThis user is Brazilian.
{{User Bulgaria}}
Bulgaria.svgThis user is Bulgarian.
{{User Canada}}
Canada.svgThis user is Canadian.
{{User China}}
China.svgThis user is Chinese.
{{User Denmark}}
Denmark.svgThis user is Danish.
{{User Finland}}
Finland.svgThis user is Finnish.
{{User France}}
France.svgThis user is French.
{{User Germany}}
Germany.svgThis user is German.
{{User Greece}}
Greece.svgThis user is Greek.
{{User India}}
India.svgThis user is Indian.
{{User Ireland}}
Ireland.svgThis user is Irish.
{{User Italy}}
Italy.svgThis user is Italian.
{{User Japan}}
Japan.svgThis user is Japanese.
{{User Mexico}}
Mexico.svgThis user is Mexican.
{{User Netherlands}}
Netherlands.svgThis user is Dutch.
{{User New Zealand}}
New Zealand.svgThis user is a Kiwi.
{{User Norway}}
Norway.svgThis user is Norwegian.
{{User Poland}}
Poland.svgThis user is Polish.
{{User Portugal}}
Portugal.svgThis user is Portugese.
{{User Romania}}
Romania.svgThis user is Romanian.
{{User Russia}}
Russia.svgThis user is Russian.
{{User Spain}}
Spain.svgThis user is Spanish.
{{User Sweden}}
Sweden.svgThis user is Swedish.
{{User Turkey}}
Turkey.svgThis user is Turkish.
{{User UK}}
UK.svgThis user is British.
{{User USA}}
USA.svgThis user is American.


{{User HL1}}
Lambda logo.svgThis user is a Half-Life fan.
{{User HLOp4}}
Lambda Op4.svgThis user is a Half-Life: Opposing Force fan.
{{User HLBS}}
Lambda BS.svgThis user is a Half-Life: Blue Shift fan.
{{User HLD}}
Lambda D.svgThis user is a Half-Life: Decay fan.
{{User HL2}}
HL2 series orange logo.svgThis user is a Half-Life 2 fan.
{{User Episode Three}}
HL3 logo.svgWhere is my Half-Life 3???
{{User P1}}
P1 userbox.svgThis user is a Portal fan.
{{User P2}}
P2 userbox.svgThis user is a Portal 2 fan.
{{User Beta}}
City 17 logo leak poster.svgThis user is fond of cut content.
{{User Valve}}
Valve square.pngThis user loves Valve.
{{User Valve Time}}
[[File:{{{image}}}|x50px]]...This user's timezone is Valve Time.


{{User Black Mesa Source}}
Black Mesa logo alt.svgThis user is still waiting for the last part of Black Mesa.
{{User Gmod}}
Gmodlogo.svgThis user enjoys messing up in Garry's Mod.
{{User MI}}
MI logo.pngThis user is a Missing Information fan.

Social media

{{User Facebook}}
Logo facebook.pngThis user uses Facebook under the name {{{2}}}.
{{User Twitter}}
Logo twitter.pngThis user uses Twitter under the name {{{2}}}.
{{User Youtube}}
Logo youtube.pngThis user uses YouTube under the name {{{2}}}.


{{User Windows}}
Windows logo.svgThis user edits running Windows.
{{User Steam}}
Steam icon.pngThis user uses Steam under the name {{{2}}}.
{{User Linux}}
Tux.svgThis user edits running Linux.
{{User Mac}}
Apple logo.svgThis user edits running Mac OS X.


{{User OverWiki}}
HLPverse.pngThis user is addicted to the Combine OverWiki!
{{User COBirthday‎}}
Portal beat 6advancedmaps.pngThis user is celebrating their {{{1}}} Combine OverWiki birthday!
{{User Admin}} (for admins only)
Admin logo.svgThis user is a Combine OverWiki administrator.
{{User Rollback}} (for rollbacks only)
Rollback logo.svgThis user is a Combine OverWiki rollbacker.
{{User Bot}} (for bots only)
Bot logo.svgThis user is a Combine OverWiki bot.



{{User Alyx}}
Alyx.jpgThis user thinks Alyx Vance is hot.
{{User ATLAS}}
Atlas model.jpgThis user likes ATLAS’ deep voice.
{{User ATLAS and P-body}}
Atlas P-body fhp2.jpgThis user thinks ATLAS and P-body make a great couple.
{{User Barney}}
Barney Calhoun bust.jpgThis user is still waiting for the beer Barney Calhoun owes them.
{{User Chell}}
Chell poster crop.pngThis user thinks Chell aged very well between Portal and Portal 2!
{{User CJohnson}}
Cave Johnson cropped.pngLike Cave Johnson, this user doesn't want your damn lemons!
{{User Colette}}
Colette Green.jpgLike Colette Green, this user considers your ass covered.
{{User Dog}}
DOG model.jpgThis user thinks Dog is the best pet ever!
{{User G-Man}}
G-Man Gmod.jpgThis user wonders if the G-Man is Gordon's father, Gordon from the future, or just a troll.
{{User GLaDOS}}
P2 glados.jpgThis user murdered GLaDOS.
{{User Gordon}}
Freeman bust.jpgThis user considers Gordon Freeman the best video game character ever.
{{User Judith}}
Judith Mossman.jpgThis user wonders where the hell Judith Mossman is.
{{User Keller}}
Keller walk start.jpgLike Richard Keller, this user did not need a push.
{{User P-body}}
P-body model.jpgThis user likes P-body’s dance moves.
{{User Shephard}}
Shephard2.jpgThis user wonders when Adrian Shephard will come back.
{{User Wheatley}}
Wheatley model damaged.jpgThis user forgave Wheatley.


{{User Black Ops}}
Black Ops female kick.jpgThis user thinks the female Black Ops are hot.
{{User CP}}
CP c17i4.svgThis user supports Civil Protection. Now pick up that can.
{{User Headcrab}}
Headcrab Standard.jpgThis user enjoys killing Headcrabs.


{{User Aperture}}
Aperture Science grey.svgThis user supports Aperture Science. For science!
{{User Black Mesa}}
Black Mesa logo documents.svgThis user supports Black Mesa, an equal opportunity employer.
{{User Combine}}
Combine main symbol.svgThis user supports the Combine, Our Benefactors.
{{User Scientist}}
Photo group001a2.pngLike the Black Mesa scientist, this user is going to stay here, and wait for their colleagues.
{{User Security}}
Barney userbox.jpgLike the Black Mesa security guard, this user didn't wanna die alone anyway.


{{User City 17}}
City 17 logo retail.svgThis user thinks City 17 is the best place on Earth.
{{User Xen}}
Xen first island.jpgThis user thinks Xen is the most beautiful area of the whole Half-Life and Portal universe.


{{User Cake}}
Cake.jpgThis user finds their cake so delicious and moist. And also not a lie.
{{User Cube}}
Cube heart.svgThis user would never euthanize their Companion Cube.
{{User DBPR}}
B logo blue.svgThis user enjoys drinking
Dr. Breen's Private Reserve... of urine!
{{User Portals}}
Portal symbol.svgThis user is thinking with portals.


{{User Buggy}}
Scout Car.jpgThis user thinks the Scout Car is awesome.


{{User Combat Knife}}
Knifew op4.pngThis user thinks the Combat Knife is pointless.
{{User Crowbar}}
Crowbar world model ep2.jpgThis user loves playing with the crowbar only.
{{User Gravity Gun}}
Gravity Gun.jpgThis user thinks that the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator
is not a toy.
{{User Manhack}}
Manhack.jpgThis user loves smashing Manhacks because they're so annoying.
{{User SMG}}
Hl smg world.pngThis user loves using the Submachine Gun.