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OverWiki:Talk page policy

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Just like any wiki, each Combine OverWiki page (whether it be an article, file, category, template, etc.) has a talk page. What follows is the guideline that users are expected to follow in all talk pages:

  • The most important thing is that any contribution unrelated to the subject and any random thoughts will be removed. Talk pages are used for discussion relating to changes to the pages, not for a discussion about the topic in question.
  • You can start a new topic or browse down the page and reply to any ongoing discussion by clicking the "edit" button near the discussion's title. When starting a new topic, always provide a title, and always put it below the existing topics.
  • Never forget to sign your messages with four tildes (~~~~) even if you are not registered (because not signing makes a talk page very messy and confusing to the others), and start your message with a colon when taking part to an existing discussion (when you are the first to answer, add a single colon, then enter an additional colon at each new message). A colon, in wiki code, creates a single indent, allowing discussions to be threaded.
  • Avoid restarting old topics, since the original poster and the possible other posters may have forgotten about it long ago. When a topic has not been given answers for a few months, that means the conversation is over. Just don't restart it, you'd only be talking to yourself.
  • Above all stay civil with other users! Remember that the wiki is a collective effort, and your opinion does not count above others.