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About our use of the leaked Half-Life 2 material

As many Half-Life 2 fans know, a lot of material from the so-called "Half-Life 2 leak" or "Half-Life 2 Beta" was stolen from Valve in 2003. Therefore, possessing these files is somehow illegal, although no clear statement by Valve has ever been made. While the Combine OverWiki does not encourage piracy and does not provide any direct link to these files, the existence of this material simply cannot be ignored, as it constitutes a vital source for behind-the-scenes information about Half-Life 2.

Factual errors and speculation on the wiki

As a wiki, the Combine OverWiki has a permanent work-in-progress nature and is constantly edited by multiple users, making it difficult to have it 100% accurate, inclusive and consistent all the time. As a result, you can come across completely wrong facts as well as mild to blatant speculation. Given the lack of official information on many subjects, we have to treat what we have as best as we can, and sometimes it ends up upside down.

We are constantly working on it (for instance through our Cleanup Project), and in case you spot nonsense, please don't just bash us and use your knowledge to fix the issue instead. If you are the only one to know if a fact is wrong or not, your contribution is valuable, and by improving the wiki you'll help maintain the community in the truth.