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The featured articles of the wiki are articles that represent the best that the Combine OverWiki has to offer. They can be nominated by any user.

An article's status is indicated by the F, G, or S logos in the top right corner. Before reaching a quality article status, an article often goes through a cleanup process as part of our Cleanup Project.

Featured article logo.svg
Featured articles

A featured article should:

  • Consist of information that the average Half-Life / Portal fan wouldn't know
  • Have good writing and spelling
  • Contain no speculation
  • Have no outstanding disputes
  • Hold proper sources
  • Be structured according to the official layout, unless it is too short
  • Have a decent "behind the scenes" coverage

Featured articles are showcased each month on the Main Page through our queue.

Good article logo.svg
Good articles

When an article is too short but of quality nevertheless, it is called a good article. Its criteria are the same.

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Safe articles

When an article is clean but does not have much content, it is just considered a safe article. This is also the target quality status for Quote articles.