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List of scenes in Portal 2/The Reunion

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This is a list of scripted scenes in the Portal 2 chapter The Reunion.


Cut scenes[edit]

Cave cube sequence[edit]

Description - Location
Cave Johnson: Greetings, friend. It's Cave Johnson, CEO of Aperture Science.
Cave Johnson: Down here! [pause] On the floor.
Cave Johnson: That's right! It's really me. My entire living consciousness, for all eternity, inside a machine.
Cave Johnson: Alone. On a dirty floor. In an abandoned room. At the bottom of a pit.
Cave Johnson: My life is torture, please kill me.
GLaDOS: We don't have time for this.
Cave Johnson: Hold on. Is that you, Caroline?
GLaDOS: Yes SIR, Mister Johnson! I'll have that report on your desk by four–thirty! [normal voice, horrified] What. In the hell. Was THAT.
Cave Johnson: You were my assistant! The heart and soul of Aperture Science! You don't remember?
GLaDOS: No, Mister Johnson. I DON'T.
Cave Johnson: See, the science boys invented me a machine to house my consciousness in. But that sounded DANGEROUS, so I volunteered you to go first. Like a food taster, except with your soul! [chuckling] Guess they must've found a use for you after all. Oh! Which reminds me. I do need you both to kill me. (It's now possible for the player to pick up Cave.)
Cave Johnson: Come on, be a sport and kill me. All you gotta do is pick me up.
GLaDOS: Sure.
Cave Johnson: Plug's in the back of me. Give me a good pull, it should pop right out.
GLaDOS: Okay.
Cave Johnson: Now, before you say no, I want you to remember that I've lived a full life. Also, if this helps seal the deal, livin' in a computer this long's made me crazy. That's right: I am insane.
GLaDOS: I said we'll do it.
Cave Johnson: Wait. I suppose tellin' you I'm not in my right mind could sway you to not unplugging me. Let me round back on the important parts: in a computer. Ceaseless torture. Monster in the eyes of god. So why don't you get on over here and unplug ol' Cave.
GLaDOS: If you don't unplug him, I will.

Description - Location
Cave Johnson: Ho ho! I can feel myself shuttin' down. Man, this is excitin'.
GLaDOS: Maybe we can stand on him to climb up.
Cave Johnson: Oh! Room's gettin' dark. That's a good sign.
Cave Johnson: I'm comin' for you, Caroline!
GLaDOS: Mister Johnson? You need to shut up.
Cave Johnson: Ten–four!
Cave Johnson: Here I go! The great beyond! Valhalla, home of Hercules! I can hear them winged chariots thunderin' over now!

Description - Location
GLaDOS: Goodbye, sir. May whatever tests await you on the other side either support or disprove your hypotheses.
Cave Johnson: Thank you, Caroline.
Cave Johnson: Alright! Too much jawin', not enough dyin'. Here I go! Ah.
GLaDOS: I'd... appreciate it... if we never... EVER talked about that... ever again.