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Rollback logo.svgThis user is a Combine OverWiki rollbacker.

Hi. I'm Big McLargeHuge, named from the MST3K Episode, Space Mutiny, "The Many Names of David Ryder". Leave me a message on my talk page if you need something for some reason.



Believe it or not, I hardly contribute to the MST Wiki. Hm. Ok.


I primarily belong to the Thief Wiki, where I became Rollback, then Administrator, then demoted to Rollback, then promoted to Admin again.


I also edit the Fallout Wiki, and one time the Fallout fanon wiki, but It became too much. ===Fear==- I was an Admin at the F.E.A.R. Wiki, mostly in the maintenance department, but dropped due to inactivity.

Hugh More[edit]


Freeman Family tree[edit]

                                     |-Henry Freeman
                 John Freeman's wife-|
               |--------John Freeman-|
Unknown Father-|
               |-Gordon Freeman