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This is my page - I'm a minecraft builder - I only make maps based on Half Life series.

Lambda logo.svgThis user is a Half-Life fan.
Lambda Op4.svgThis user is a Half-Life: Opposing Force fan.
Lambda BS.svgThis user is a Half-Life: Blue Shift fan.
HL2 series orange logo.svgThis user is a Half-Life 2 fan.
HL3 logo.svgWhere is my Half-Life 3???
Gmodlogo.svgThis user enjoys messing up in Garry's Mod.
Windows logo.svgThis user edits running Windows.
Freeman bust.jpgThis user considers Gordon Freeman the best video game character ever.
Barney Calhoun bust.jpgThis user is still waiting for the beer Barney Calhoun owes them.
Black Mesa logo documents.svgThis user supports Black Mesa, an equal opportunity employer.
Combine main symbol.svgThis user supports the Combine, Our Benefactors.
Gravity Gun.jpgThis user thinks that the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator
is not a toy.
Bulgaria.svgThis user is Bulgarian.
Steam icon.pngThis user uses Steam under the name that you will see yourself.

I want Half Life 3...but since Half Life 2 is made in 2004, Half Life 3 has to be made in 2009 and Half Life 4 - 2013
Custom userboxes (made by me, feel free to use them!):

[[File:{{{image}}}|x50px]]:(This user likes the BSoD.
[[File:{{{image}}}|x50px]]1 FTWThis user thinks Episode One is the best episode ever.
[[File:{{{image}}}|x50px]]2 FTWThis user thinks Episode Two is the best episode ever.
[[File:{{{image}}}|x50px]]3 FTWThis user thinks Episode Three will be the best episode ever.
[[File:{{{image}}}|x50px]]VOTE EP3This user votes for Episode Three, instead of Half-Life Three.
[[File:{{{image}}}|x50px]]VOTE HL3This user votes for Half-Life Three, instead of Episode Three.
[[File:{{{image}}}|x50px]]:(This user likes the RSoD (Windows Boot Loader Error/Red Screen of Death).
[[File:{{{image}}}|x50px]]:(This user likes Mac's BSoD - Black Screen of Death
[[File:{{{image}}}|x50px]]HL4 TIMEThis user wants Half Life Four.

other: Phew too late...2015's August visit is over
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