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Version or build number Date Working title First build date Notes
Version 0.52 September 4, 1997 Half-Life N/A Leaked Half-Life alpha.
Version 0.61 Unknown Half-Life N/A Described in Sierra's internal notes. Also possibly seen in the YouTube favicon.png video on YouTube of Gabe Newell playing Half-Life.
Build 676 August 31, 1998 Half-Life: Day One October 24, 1996 OEM demo of Half-Life.
Build 738 November 1, 1998 Half-Life October 24, 1996 Release by CLASS group, 3 days before the final release.
Build 1672 May 23, 2001 Half-Life, Half-Life: Blue Shift October 24, 1996 Leaked build of the cancelled Half-Life Dreamcast port.
Build -7 September 23, 2004 Half-Life: Source, Counter-Strike: Source September 30, 2004 The "HL1 Ports" leak.
Build -4 September 26, 2004 Half-Life 2 September 30, 2004 The Half-Life 2 leak.
Build 2915 October 31, 2006 Source Particle Benchmark November 7, 1998 Benchmark of particle simulation of The Orange Box branch of the Source engine.

Alpha, beta and other pre-release builds of Half-Life series.


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