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Antlion caves[edit]

It is possible that a. caves were somewhere between train crush near Airex and Alyx's stash. Due to the fact that stash is highly possible is some sort of a cave, and Airex is placed in cliffs, and there is Alyx on various caves maps (and even a conscript's corpse - conscripts was working (or anything, I cant find a correct word for that) on Airex) - so, as I see it - after crushing, Alyx and Freeman confront combine soldiers\c. elite, defeat them, and then Alyx leads us to her stash through the caves. Then she leads us to cliff path and leaves us, and then we go to Airex. How about all of that? (and, emm, did I broke the rules about "no discussion about the topic in question"?.. but I just not sure if I can put that thoughts about Alyx stash and all in thr article, so it is not about "changes" yet) Brush.titizen 01:49, June 6, 2011 (UTC)