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Merging the articles[edit]

The page M1A1 Abrams along with all the other HECU vehicles will remain stubs unless something is done,such as merging all of them into one article. Yes others have also ased but now I think it's time to do it. If we merge them we will get rid of a lot of stubs,which I think is good for wikis in general. Please give an answer. User:Kovacslorand6,15:50,Sep,25,2010(UTC)


Tactics section mentions that "The Abrams is completely bulletproof". It is not so. Its hull seems to be invulnerable to bullets (and to any other weapons, for that matter), but its turret takes damage normally even from a crowbar (as is correctly mentioned in the article). I usually give it many hits with the crowbar, then step back and finish it with hivehand or some other handgun for which I have plenty ammo. 17:40, November 1, 2010 (UTC)