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Re:Question about article creation[edit]

Hello and welcome! :)

Thank you for your contributions. It's refreshing to see edits of such high quality made by someone who has just joined.

Since the wiki has been tended to by a small number of people in the last eight or so years, many pages pertaining to site rules are outdated or heavily lacking in guidelines - there was no need to write everything down if editors communicated with each other directly. Until the rules are updated, I invite you to our Discord server (if you're not already there), where you can easily get your questions answered.

As for voice actors, I recall one (rather heated) argument between Marphy and I that seems to have resulted in a guideline that all voice actors deserve their own article since they are the stars of the series. The idea of a "list of minor voice actors" was rejected. Therefore, I suggest freely creating articles for voice actors and contacting Marphy for help in some extreme cases like Tom Taylorson (an article for him would have a precedent, though - Mike Patton gave his voice only to the Anger Sphere and yet there's a page for him).

Thank you for taking notice of the quality system. Indeed, Safe, Good, and Features statuses can only be added by an administrator after a review. Users that aren't part of the staff can choose the following tags when creating a new article:

  • Under construction - recently added; choose this one when your article is just a draft and lacks major, vital pieces of content, needs heavy maintenance work to be integrated into the wiki (it's unlike any other page, for example), or is still being worked on.
  • Clean up - choose this one when you know there are issues with your article (such as bad formatting, structure problems, unsourced claims, poor English), but cleaning it up wouldn't involve other users writing major portions of it themselves.
  • Cleaned up - choose this one if you're happy with your article and if you could, you'd mark it as Safe.

Take care and feel free to message me anytime. Pixeled sandvich.png18 (Commentary node transparent.png) 23:36, 8 April 2020 (MSK)

I see, thanks! I've joined the Discord server now, and will keep those guidelines in mind when creating new articles. -Koterminus (talk) 07:34, 9 April 2020 (MSK)