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This page mirrors email conversations made between fans and various people that contributed to the Half-Life and Portal series. The legitimacy of these messages have been verified by OverWiki staff.

Chris Jensen

On his work for Half-Life: Opposing Force

Well file this under the category "Better Late Than Never" but I wanted to let you know I have finally dug through my archives and posted almost two hours worth of the work I did for Opposing Force and Counter Strike on my Sound Cloud Page - the tracks are titled "Mishaps in the Reactor Chamber" and I think there are close to 100 if not more currently posted for your enjoyment.
Source  (January 7, 2014)

Dark Pulse Productions

On whether the film Lambda was cancelled

No it's just stuck in production hell. A lot of our battle scenes keep failing cause last minute people don't show up.
Source  (March 31, 2016)