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Lambda (fan film)

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Lambda poster6.jpg

Connor Botts


Connor Botts
Matt Wiggins

Story / Screenplay

Connor Botts
Josh Karnes
Spencer Love

Based on

Half-Life 2


Connor Botts


Connor Botts


Dark Pulse Productions


45-60 minutes[1]







Lambda[2][3] is an upcoming independent fan film based on Half-Life 2 announced in July 2014.


Lambda follows the story of a character known as Dominic Ryan, a resistance fighter, played by Spencer Love, who teams up with Barney Calhoun and Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2 in an attempt to rebel the Combine forces currently dominating the Earth. The story itself is said to be set four days prior to the events of the game when Gordon Freeman is still in stasis, although it will also tie into the events beyond Gordon’s awakening from Point Insertion, up to The Uprising.

The film is being directed by Connor A. Botts and has a team of around 40 people including actors for the roles of Barney, Alyx, Dr. Breen (Michael Banks) and The G-Man (David Buttery). Gordon Freeman will also make an appearance, meeting the main character in Nova Prospekt, wearing a full HEV Suit.[3] The film will feature a 3D CGI model of the Armored Personnel Carrier made by Gianpietro Fabre, also used in an upcoming short called I'm the Freeman.[3]

Lambda is set to be around 45–60 minutes in length and has a budget of $6,000 to $18,000, although a Kickstarter campaign will be made to provide additional funding. The film will be shown at several film festivals before eventually being released on YouTube for free.



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